Montgomery County, Arkansas

The John Henry McGough family.

On the 1910 census the McGough family were in Montgomery County, AR and this picture was taken approx. 1909 - 1910. 
Photo courtesy of Joyce Meiser. Posted April 1 2002.

Head:		John Henry McGough 		b. 29 Jul 1872 and his and his family as follows:
Wife:  		Emily Cordelia Johnson McGough 	b. July 1878
Children: 	Earnest McGough 		b. 23 May 1902
                Marget McGough (Diggs) 		b. 28 Dec. 1899
                Mary May McGough (Caldwell) 	b. 1 May 1906

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Archeological and historic sites hold clues to America's past

The Mt Ida Drugs & Soda Fountain c. 1910 view the ceiling and old pharmacy items while enjoying a milkshake, soda or rock candy, Courthouse Square is now closed down. The drug store bar was purchased from a druggist in Hot Springs and hauled on a wagon to Mount Ida by Lee Stanley and his father, Lud. The syrup pumps were marble and encased in the center of the back bar so that ice would be placed behind the pumps to keep the syrup cool. The drugstore, the bar stools and ceiling unchanged. [In 2004 the store moved into a larger space, next door and then finally closed. When did it close?


Fiddler Valley School 1916 with Elbert Kelly as the teacher.  Photo courtesy of Allen Kelly, Jan. 2016.

The two girls in front with the gingham dresses, and one has a pinafore apron, made from the same material are bound to be the sisters of the boy to the left of the window wearing the gingham shirt under his dungarees. The two girls with large hair bows in the dark dresses made from the same pattern will be sisters. Only the teacher is wearing shoes. The young lad in the front row near the teacher wearing a dress will be a boy not a girl.

FLEMMING James Fleming  9-20-2013.
I am researching the Fleming's of Montgomery County, Arkansas. I am looking for the parents of Newton Fleming who was born in 1804 in Ga. My ancestor was a W.W. Fleming who was born in 1807 in Ga. My ancestor moved to Sumner county TN. and then to Arkansas. I think Newton and W.W. Fleming were brothers, I am looking for any information on this family, and anyone researching this line. James Fleming

STANDRIDGE, Temperance M.A. (1836 - 1901) married Frances M. Bowen about 1854 in White Co. GA. Married Abraham Walker in 1875.

The Arkansas family Historian - Arkansas Genealogical Society Vol.25 No.3 Sept 1987


Sunny Conditt Williams 20 June 2009
I'm searching for descendants of William and Ally (Alia, Mahala, Mahaly)Wilkerson McKinney who were in Mt. Ida, Arkansas in 1837. William was killed during this time and Ally married James Gibbins - I cannot find any info regarding Ally's death, but I know that James and Ally had two sons. James moved to Texas and during this space of time, he married a young lady named Martha. I don't have any info regarding Ally's death/divorce/whatever happened ???
Anyone who has info on this family please let me know. My email is I am very interested in clearing up who William McKinney was and what info anyone might have on his wife Ally, her marriage to James, and if she died in Arkansas.

Sunny Williams  Nov. 11, 2003, 
William McKinney and Ally McKinney
Searching for information regarding possible murder of William McKinney concerning a land dispute in 1837; possible information in Arkansas Gazette placed by wife Ally. Would like any and all information on this family. Oldest son James Wilkerson McKinney, George P. McKinney who stayed in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, Martha Amanda who married Moses Isenhauer, Samuel Jefferson McKinney who is my g-g-grandfather, and Serena McKinney, who supposedly married David A. Woolard, who was a county clerk in Montgomery County, but we have no information on this. We had though Serena had died in 1847.....need information. Brother was Reuben McKinney who also settled in Montgomery, Hot Spring & neighboring counties.

Teri Freedman, Gilroy, CA  26 October 2007
EARNEST  RE: Montgomery County's Jeremiah Earnest (1819-1864); his son Burrel Earnest (1849-1924); grandson Burl Earnest (b. 1890); Margaret Fryar (b. 1817) and the Hambrick twins, b. 1910

Jeremiah Earnest's tragic Montgomery Co AR Civil War story has fascinated me since I stumbled across him while working on my son-in-law's genealogy (Johnny Beasley, Jr). I hope to unravel the mystery of Johnny Beasley�s 2nd great-grandmother, Bessie Hambrick (1910 OK-2001 CA): how might Bessie be related or connected to Jeremiah Earnest and the Fryar family? Bessie Hambrick married Lee Ray Mabary. Their son Oscar married Joan Howe; whose daughter Paulla married Johnny Beasley, Sr.

In the 1900 Delta Co TX, 1910 Red River Co TX, 1920 and 1930 McCurtain Co OK censuses, the Earnest � Fryar � Hambrick names are connected and seem to hint at relationships. I hope someone out there has the key to the connection! Isaac�s family also has AR connections: Isaac Hambrick is in the 1880 Monroe, Sevier AR census, b. abt 1866 AR, with his father Isaac, b. 1815 SC and mother Lutitia, b. 1844 MS.

Bessie Hambrick, one of twin daughters of Isaac Hambrick (1866 AR-MS-1920+ OK) and his first wife, Margaret E. LNU (1877-1909). Living with Isaac and wife Margaret in the 1900 Delta Co TX census is MARGARET FRYAR, widow, relationship "grandma", b. May 1816 TN.

In the 1910 Red River Co TX census, Isaac is a widower, and his youngest chn are twins Bessie and Essie, aged 5-1/2 months. In the 1920 McCurtain Co OK census, Bessie and Essie are at home with their siblings, their father, and a stepmother, Sallie, b. 1883 (same year as Burrel and Ada�s dau. �J.F.�?). Burrel Earnest (1849-1924) is also in Red River TX in 1910 and McCurtain Co OK in 1920.

Then, in the 1930 McCurtain Co OK census, Isaac and Sallie Hambrick are not to be found, Bessie was already married, and her twin Essie Hambrick appears in the household of BURL EARNEST (b. 1890), relationship NIECE. Burl Earnest was the son of Burrel Earnest and his second wife, Ada LNU, who is widowed in the 1930 census. Ada, her son Burl, and Burl�s dau. Lois are in the household (wife Lula is apparently dead by 1930), along with niece Essie Hambrick, age 20.

How were Bessie and Essie Hambrick the nieces of Burl Earnest? And how was Margaret Fryar the grandmother of anyone in the household of Isaac Hambrick in 1900?

Jim Lair 25 June 2007
LAIR/ CALDER:  Interested in communicating with anyone on the Cabler, Wehunt, Lair families of Montgomery County, Arkansas. I am a direct descendant of them. I am seeking information on the Lair family in Montgomery Co. AR. My father, George Henry Lair, was born there in 1898 as a son of Jacob N. and Ada (Cabler) Lair. She was a descendant of both the Wehunt and the Cabler family of Montgomery County, AR. Three other children were born to this family; Dora Ree Lair, Dewey Lair, and Walker Lair.

John G. Watkins 5 June 2007
Does anyone know any thing about the Montezuma Mine, Its history and owners? In addition, why a Charlie Dunn would leave the mine to Emma (Mayberry) Watkins. Emma was the daughter of Eliza T. Watkins. Eliza T. Watkins was the sister of William I. Watkins my 2nd great grandfather.

The 1972 edition of the RECORD Garland County Historical Society Page 114,  3rd Paragraph Mills Township
Charlie Dunn owned the Montezuma Mine and left the property to Emma (Mayberry) Watkins. A family cemetery on the property is where rest Fred and Eliza T. (Watkins) Mayberry; his brother Sam Mayberry and James Dunn. Sam and Susie Mayberry had two children: Robert who died unmarried, and Lola who married Freeman Pool, a son of M.V. Pool of Buckville, AR. Their two daughters are Elaine and Billy Sue Pool.

Ruby Bates 17 May 2007
BATES - SINGLETON. I am searching for information on Arizona Drucilla Singleton b. Feb. 5   1881. Drucilla age 19 married Joseph Tedford Bates, age 24, July 7, 1898 in Montgomery County, Arkansas, Book c, page 397. They had four daughters and three sons: Cordelia Jane, born August 20,1900 in Mt Ida, Artie Irene, Ruby Katherine in born in Siloam Spring,  Joseph Edmon, born Feb. 24, 1902 in Mt. Ida.  Thelma Octava, Elonzo Vander, and Stephen Taylor all born in Mena. The family lived in Mt. Ida, Arkansas and are on the 1920 census.

Drucilla Singleton, born in 1881, the daughter of D.F. Singleton and Nancy Jane Wilhite who were married April 4, 1877, in Montgomery Co., Arkansas.  D.F. and Nancy Jane had thirteen children including a son, Albert "Perry" Singleton.

Doctor Franklin Singleton was born Feb 8, 1837, and was the son of Vaden Singleton and Dorcas Stevens. Nancy Jane Wilhite was the daughter of Julius Wilhite and Mary "Polly" Fryar. Vaden's brother was Bartley Singleton.

Connie Brannon Kitchen 14 March 2007
BRANNON, TARKINGTON, QUALLS: I just started my family search. I just found out that my grandmother Elizabeth Tarkington Brannon's (married to Reverend William Curtis Brannon), grandfather was probably Andrew Tarkington, Sr. who was married two times; once to a woman (probably of some Indian descent) named "Qualls". I don't know much else at this point. My father grew up in the Damascus, Arkansas area. My grandfather was a Primitive Baptist Preacher. Any direction or help will be greatly appreciated. We are particularly interested in any additional information on the Indian heritage information connected to our family also. We have been told that the "Qualls" family member may have been full blooded Cherokee or other Indian heritage.

Diann Cunningham  17 Feb. 2007
SPENCER: I have found in census records my great, great grandfather Levi Spencer moved from Tennessee to Montgomery Co., where he died around 1875. His wife was Elizabeth Ann Monroe, who was also from Tennessee. She died in 1862 in Montgomery Co. Their daughter Mary E. Spencer married Andrew Jackson McDaniel, who lived outside Malvern in Hot Spring Co.. Their son Andrew Jefferson McDaniel. He married Sarah Delilah Reynolds who was from Deroche, Hot Spring Co., but her family was said to have lived in Montgomery Co. As far as I know, all of my family members were farmers who lived outside of towns. I know nothing about Elizabeth Ann Monroe�s family or Levi Spencer�s either. I am looking for that link that will help me go back another generation. Do any of these names sound familiar?

Melinda Lee Riden-Jardine  12 January 2007
KIRK - LEDBETTER: If anyone is searching Colombus Powhatten Kirk and Susie Jane Ledbetter, and would like to share information.

John Grover Watkins  5 January 2007
WATKINS:  Does any one know anything about these articles and where the Mills Township originated?
There are two pages here from The Mills Township, found in the 1972 edition of the RECORD Garland County Historical Society, page 113 and 114, one is about Eliza T. Watkins my 2nd Great-Aunt b: 08/27/1840 d: 02/17/1906, a sister to William I. Watkins, my 2nd Great-Grand-Father b.30 Apr 1826, d.11 Dec 1852-Hamilton County (Sequachie Valley) Tennessee, and her nephew Charles Jeremiah Watkins my Great-Grand-Father, called Jerry b.17 Oct 1847, d.22 Jun 1922, and the other about her husband Frederick M. Mayberry, my 2nd Great-Uncle by marriage b.1848, d.18 Aug. 1876 whose sister was Ruanna (Mayberry) Watkins my Great-Grand-Mother b.25 Feb 1852, d.11 Feb 1920.

The Mills Township 2nd paragraph page 114:
Eliza T. Watkins who was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and when at the age 19 at the close of the Civil War, came to Hot Springs in the company of five young men who were her cousins and a nephew Jerry Watkins.

The Mills Township 1st paragraph page 113:
Frederick M. Mayberry married Eliza T. Watkins, an aunt of Jerry Watkins who married Fred's sister Ruanna. Mayberry Cemetery was moved from Lake Ouachita to Murphy Cemetery, spouse 1st to Frederick M. Mayberry, 2nd to Peter Henner

[The bible record below must have been recorded by a Mrs. Ralph Wilson (nee Clara Butterfield). I believe she recorded an error in the bible records by stating Martha Rogers m. 1st Jerry Watkins. Martha first husband was William I. Watkins. Charles Jeremiah Watkins (called Jerry) was her son.] The 1972 edition of the RECORD Garland County Historical Society
Page 113 Paragraph One.: A note found in the back of the Watkins Family Bible states � �Fred Mayberry had brothers and sisters: Victoria McClard, Ruanna, Mrs. Jerry Watkins; Amanda McDowell who had 12 children; Betty William; Jan Caldwell; Dave and Jerry Watkins, who married Fred's sister Ruanna.
Paragraph Three: For the sake of preservation, here is a bit of history as remembered by Mrs. Ralph Wilson (nee Clara Butterfield).
Page 114 paragraph Two: Emma Mayberry was the daughter of Fred Mayberry and Eliza T. Watkins who was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and when at the age 19 at the close of the Civil War, came to Hot Springs in company of five young men who were her cousins and a nephew Jerry Watkins. After becoming the bride of Fred Mayberry, she lived on a farm on the north side of the Ouachita River about across from the present resort of Derby Point, Lake Ouachita.
Page 114 Paragraph Four: Watkins Family Bible with notes by Mrs. Wilson: Note Martha Rogers m. 1st Jerry Watkins and had a son Jeremiah. She married 2nd a Mr. Witt and had a son Jerry who lived in Mt. Ida, AR.
Elizabeth Rogers b. 1798 d. Sept. 22 1891, age 93 (mother of Martha?)
Wm I. Watkins, d. Dec. 11, 1852, age 26 -7-11
Elijah Watkins died Oct. 9, 1875
Jeremiah Watkins d. June 22, 1922, m. 1st Sept. 11, 1866 Miss S. E. Henigar, who died Nov. 20, 1866, m. 2nd Feb. 27, 1868 Miss Ruhanna Mayberry b. Feb. 25, 1852 d. Feb. 11, 1920, dau. of David Mayberry. Issue 12:
1. Charles Jeremiah b. Sept 9. 1869 d. Apr 11. 1871
2. Mary Alice b. Dec. 9 1871 m. Jan 20. 1892 Dr. J.D. Wingfield, issue: a son Jodie and a daughter Mrs. Clara Mobley, a teacher in Hot Springs.
3. Lucy Lillian b. Apr. 5, 1873 d. May 2, 1874.
4. Mattie May b. Apr. 30, 1875 m. Hopkins Speer, son Jeff; dau. Eva m. Edwin McGill.
5. Emma Lee b. Aug. 22, 1877, d. July 29, 1878.
6. John G. b. Aug. 15 1879 became a doctor, studied in London, England and practiced in Little Rock, AR, specializing in eye, ear, nose and throat, He had two daughters: who become a nurse and Grace who became a doctor; and two sons John and Charles, who both became doctors.
7. Robert, b. Nov. 15, 1888 (not remembered by Mrs., Wilson).
8. Cordelia b. Mar 24, 1884, d. May 10, 1891.
9. Wm. Ross d. Oct. 21 1886, d. Nov. 11, 1887.
10. Grover b. Sept. 21, 1888 d. June 5, 1853 m. June 10, 1923 Alice May.

Additional info: The 1976 edition of The Record, Garland County Historical Society Page 189 1st half of Paragraph One
Frederick M. (Fred) Mayberry, b. 1848, d. Aug. 18, 1876, age 29 yrs. 7 mos., age 20 on 23 Feb. 1868, m. Eliza T. Watkins, age 23 by A.F. Smith, J. P. She m. 2nd Dec. 12, Peter Henner. age 60. Her stone next to Fred at Mayberry. Cemetery was moved from under Lake Ouachita to Murphy Cemetery: b: Aug. 27, 1840, d: Feb. 17, 1906 (see 1972 RECORD, page 113).

Jim Lair 9 Nov. 2006
LAIR, CABLER: My grandfather and grandmother, Jacob N. and Ada (Cabler) Lair were married in Montgomery County, Arkansas. They had four children: Dewey Lair; George Henry Lair; Walker Lair; and Dora Ree Lair. Ada Cabler was also related to the Wehunts of the county in that her mother was a Wehunt. Also, my great grandfather, David Lair was buried in the Black Springs area. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any information on these three surnames from Montgomery County. I will also share any information I have on these families.

Jane Bryant 15 Oct 2006
GIBBS, BREWER, LACKEY: I'm searching for information about my great grandmother Nancy Elizabeth BREWER. She was born 13 June 1856 in Waynesboro, TN. She married William "Billie" GIBBS in Montgomery County, AR. She died in Antlers, OK 22 Dec 1945. Her mother was Louisa Jane LACKEY, her father was Henry J BREWER. Henry Brewer died when Nancy was young and her mother married Leonard DANLEY. The family moved to Montgomery County, AR. They settled in Rocky. Louisa Brewer Danley, Leonard Danley and their son James Danley are buried at Rocky Cemetary, Sims, Montgomery County, AR. Nancy E. Gibbs is buried at Lone Valley Cemetary Montgomery County. If you have any information about my ancestors please contact me.

Lois wrote. "I have been working on the Martin and Mary Belle (Anderson) Collier families for many years. A cousin and I have decided to put together a book on the Colliers and extended lines. This is a big project and it is taking a lot of work and we need any and all help we can get. We are looking for stories, pictures, wills, marriage records, court records, etc. Anything that will add to the book. Also, we will be in Arkansas the early part of October to do some more research and to go to the graves of Martin and Mary Belle Collier. Does anyone know of anyone still living in the Montgomery County or surrounding areas that are from this line? If so, we would love to meet with these people. Last week, it was our belief that we could account for all ten of the Collier children. Recently I received an email from a lady telling me that she believes that Martin and Mary Belle are her gg-grandmother's parents. We have a name for the tenth child but haven't been able to prove it or to find out anything about her. I am so grateful for any help I can get. Also, the lines I am researching in Montgomery County are: Collier, Anderson, Newcomb, Markham, Meredith, and Whisenhunt."
Lois White  & Cindi  

Joan E. Hammer Formby 19 Aug. 2006
Seeking obituary for Nettie C. House White Johnson, who died in Montgomery County, Ark., in 1955, and is buried in Grenade Cemetery. Thanks for any assistance.

Shirley Wilson 13 July 2006
BLACKBURN: I am looking for info. on Robert Lee Blackburn, born in AR. in 1871. His parents passed when he was approx. 8 or 9 years old and he and one brother lived with a Shuffield [not sure of the spelling]. No one knows why or what happened. Robert married Martha Clearly and they are buried at Reed Cemetery. Robert died Sep. 8 1949. His parents are John and Susan Blackburn, we would like to know what happened to them. They lived in or around Crystal Springs. Any help would be helpful.

Pam Hawley  19 June 2006
BARNES: A stranger from Oklahoma recently found the family bible of my gggrandfather, Isaac H. Barnes, at a yard sale and returned it to me. According to the bible, Isaac died in Womble, AR, and his wife Anna died in Hartley, AR.  Womble, AR was also called Norman. Was the name of Hartley changed too? We can't figure out where Hartley, AR is? Map

I checked the cemetery book. 5 Barnes listed.
Isaac Henry & Annie Barnes
Kathryn Barnes
Harold M. Barnes
Donald B. Barnes

Ferguson Cemetery
Hwy 27 north of Norman, turn right on US Forest Rd #177 (Crystal Rec. Area Rd.).
Turn left at the first road and go � mile. It is on a hill behind stock pond, near power line right of way.

Barnes, Annie  1857 - 1932
Barnes, Isaac Henry  Jun 20 1850 - Jun 2, 1924

Warren Walker  May 19 2006
WALKER  family.
Walker SC>AL>AR 1850s, Civil TWP: Sulphur Spring Township.

CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE: Arkansas COUNTY: Montgomery DIVISION: Sulpher Spring Township 
REEL NO: M432-28 PAGE NO: 396A
REFERENCE: 18th day of Sept. 1850 by G. Whittington (Handwritten Page Numbers 783 & 795):
11 46 46 Walker Wm. G. 		47 M farmer 	S.C.
12 46 46 Walker Margaret 	43 F 		S.C.
13 46 46 Walker Bailis 		21 M farmer 	Ala. 	1829
14 46 46 Walker Peter 		17 M farmer 	Ala. 	1833
15 46 46 Walker Martha 		16 F Ala. 		1834
16 46 46 Walker Caroline 	14 F Ala. 		1836
17 46 46 Walker William 	11 M Ala. 		1839 
18 46 46 Walker John 		 9 M Ala. 		1841

Donna Brummet    April 5 2006
BLACKBURN: I am looking for any information on George (6-27-1883 to 6-18-1923) and Nellie (5-26-1890 to 5-2-1965) Blackburn. They are my Great Grandparents. George died before my grandmother was born in Dec. 1923. We don't know a lot about George's family and I'm trying to help my Grandma find anything we can.  George is buried in Little Fur Cemetary in Mont. Co. His parents were John W. Blackburn and Susan Barnes. Siblings were: Lee Blackburn, Betty Goodner, Cynthia Foster, and Tennessee Johnson. Any info would be most welcome. 

Linda Beggs McAdoo  Jan. 1 2006
SCHRIMSHIRE / MITCHEL: Martha Schrimshire Mitchell. Looking for information on Martha Schrimshire who married Spence Mitchell, he is in Montgomery County in 1900 but with a different wife.

R. Reeves   9 Dec. 2005
TROUT: I am searching for information mainly on Harriett Knox Howell McConnell Trout. She is my gggrandmother. After James Arthur McConnell died in the Civil War she married Lorenzo D. Trout and had 2 more children. She had 9 from her union with McConnell. Any information on her ancestry would be appreciated. She was born in GA. And on the 1850 census from Montgomery Co., Sulphur Springs there is a Howell Family listed. Harriett is 21 at this date and there is a Mary Ann Howell, age 37, bp. GA listed. Also there is a Michael, 62 and Mary, 55, birthplace both NC but have 2 children listed, a Melinda, 15 and Martin V.B., age 13, listed as birthplace GA. Could Mary Ann be her mother and a daughter-in-law to Michael and Mary or could Michael and Mary be Harriett's parents. Questions?????

Becky Romero   27 Oct. 2005
HOLLIDAY: I am looking for information on family history and I am hoping someone can help me either by telling me where I might find info on Fannie Wardlow and where to go look it up or does anyone have some information.  Fannie Wardlow came from Chickasaw Co., Miss. to Montgomery Co., AR around 1876 with either Gardners or Hollidays.  She married Jacob Parker Holliday 1876-1877 in Oden, Montgomery Co., AR, had several children. Fannie Wardlow was born November 1855, Chickasaw Co., MS. That is all the info we have on Fannie Wardlow. We do not know if Wardlow is her maiden or married name.  Can you help me by telling me where to go and look for  or would you have any info on her. All the family I have in contact with concerning Holliday has the same amount info on her. She is a mystery to all. Thank you. Any info will be appreciated.

Glenda Rhynehart 4 Oct. 2005
: I've been doing research on Jasper Ervin Smith (my grandfather). Jasper was born at Sand Mountain, AL. Approximately 1890 his mother and father, Mary Catherine "Kate" (Butler) and James "Jim" Washington Smith moved to Oden, AR. I am trying to find any information on James "Jim" Washington Smith. Would appreciate any information you might be able to locate. I do know that both Jim and Kate are buried in Oden and some of their relatives may still reside there.

1900 census
1920 census - Polk TWP in the census is in the Oden area. Family 21
Smith James W 	Hd 60 AL
Kitty 		wf 57 MS
Minnie 		 d 18 AR
Cora 		 d 16 AR
Ward Hester 	ss 11 AR
Vera 		sd  5 AR

Oden Cemetery - The cemetery books lists them but it looks like I missed them all. They must be in the same area.
James Washington Smith - Dec. 24 1859 - Sep. 20 1937.
Katherine Elizabeth Smith - Dec. 1 1862 - Sep. 2 1932
Ward, Delia May - Sep. 31 1890 - 1918
Ward James N. -No dates
Ward, Edgar - No dates
Ward, Claudie -No dates.

Interface to the Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patents from the Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office
SMITH, JAMES W Montgomery 33 1S 26W 160 1899/04/17

An article in Montgomery County: Our Heritage Vol. II: 2 pages with photos written by Katherin Elizabeth Fisher Whitmire, Pocatello, ID
Jasper Ervin Smith b. Sept. 24 1878 in Tate Co. Mississippi. Jasper married Beulah Ann Parker. Beulah's father was a sister to the wife of Albert S. Butler.  Mrs Whitmire also did a write up on Elias Bennett Butler. His daughter, Kate, married James Washington Smith. Albert and Kate Butler were brother and sister.  On the Dawes Rolls. They lived in Hog Jaw. Jim homesteaded 160 acres one-half mile sw of Oden. Jasper m. in Fannin Co. TX in 1906. Delia Smith Ward died in Oden Aug. 31 1918. m. James Napolean Ward about 1908 in Mena.

Annis Hill Sept. 12 2005
VINES: Looking for information on the family of John C Vines, b. 1861 AL, wife, Lester O [Maddox] b. 1863 AL, children Fred, Octavia M , Leola A, Elbert, Herbert, Mattie, Effie, Thurman and Sterling. They came from the Birmingham AL area [Toad Vine]. Was told they came there to get they're sons out of the mines in AL.  I believe Lester's mother was Elizabeth Bonner/Barner Maddox. Some of the Vines and Eliz Maddox are buried at Lone Valley Cemetery in Montgomery Co. AR.  They names I am researching for this area are; HILL, POSEY, VINES, MADDOX, BONNER/BARNER, TACKETT,.......does anyone have info on Elizabeth Bonner/Barner MADDOX's parents?

Sue Lambert   10 Jun 2005 
PARSON : I am looking for information on the Frances C. PARSON family listed in the 1900 Census of Montgomery County, Cedar Glades Twp., p. 40
1900 Census, Arkansas, Montgomery, Cedar Glades Twp, p. 40

Parson Frances  C. 	H       F May 1857     43    Wd   AL  AL  AL          
       Hubert    	S       M Jun 1880     19     S   AL  GA  AL        
       Sallie   E.  	D       F Oct 1882     17     S   AL  GA  AL     
       Lauretta J. 	D       F Jan 1885     15     S   AL  GA  AL
       Margrett G.  	D       F Sep 1886     13     S   AL  GA  AL
       Julius   	S 	M Aug 1888     11     S   AL  GA  AL

I would like any information about who the deceased father of this family was.  I am assisting J. Butterfield Keller with research on her great grandmother, Loretta Jane Parson (wife of Thomas Winfred Martin).

Barb B. Apr. 26 2005
BAGGS: Looking for information on Ann Baggs-Belcher. She was one of the children of the "first set of children" of William Britton Baggs and Ellender Oller. She was born about 1856. Other children's names were Lum, Boss, Wills and John Henry. They were in Montgomery County, AR in the mid to late 1800's. Any info is appreciated. Also looking for information on Richard Belcher, believed to have been in Montgomery County, AR around the same time.

Barb McNabb  Apr. 21 2005
Henry Jefferson Reed, b. 1871; Quillia York Reed, b. 1880
    Ovia, (F) , b. 1909 d. c.1943
    Monroe/Rolando, (M) b 1915
    Elsie/Elzia, (M), b. 1912
    Herl/Harold, (M), b. 1918 delivered by Dr Robbins.
This family was part of the migration to Lee County, AR from Montgomery County.  Jefferson Reed was born in Story, Montgomery County. Lived in Mount Ida and Oden. Left Montgomery County for Lee County, Texas township before 1930. SS information shows they were in Osceola, AR. in 1937. Ovia must have married as she is not in the 1930 census. My brother said you could see the Mississippi River from their farm. They were flooded and taken down to Memphis by boat. While there Jefferson Reed was struck by a hit and run driver. He received a head injury that later took his life. My mother, Donia Handley Jeans was the oldest and only child of Quillia's to live from her first marriage to Henry C. Hanley. In Donia's journals she says the boys, her half-brothers, took care of Jefferson's funeral arrangements. Later Monroe would move his family to Lake Providence, La and owned land on LA Hwy 134. Quillia lived near Monroe when she met and married Shelia Dye. At some point they lived in Red Bay, AL. Quillia's last letter to my mother was from a hospital in Jackson, MS where Quillia was receiving cancer treatments. She died December 1957. Her York family was buried at Hall Cemetery in Langley. She was the oldest daughter of Zachary Taylor and Eula Lloyd York. I don't have the burial of either Henry J. or Quillia. My mother said she was buried next to Shelia Dye. Her wish was to be buried at Hall Cemetery next to her parents. (Notes found in her Bible.) Barbara Jeans McNabb, granddaughter of Anna Quillia York, Handley, Reed, Dye.

Elfreida Hinshaw  Oct. 12 2004
SAVALL: I am searching for any and all information for John and Margaret Savall.  Both are buried at Buckville Cemetery.  I am the great great granddaughter of John and Margaret.  I know John married someone by the name of Wright after the death of Margaret.  My great grandfather's name was Allie Raymond Savall.  He is supposed to be on the census for either Cedar Glades or Mountain in 1910.  I would like a copy of the census page for Allie and family.  Also any and all info available for Allie and family. I still have cousins near Hot Springs but they have no information other than above. Thank you, in advance for anything you can do. Elfreida Hinshaw daughter of Verna Velma Savell Blocker 

John Carey Aug. 21 2004
: Am looking for information on Shields and Porter families in Montgomery County approximately 1860-1900. Understand that William and Martha are on 1880 census with son W. T. and stepson John Porter and that Martha is on 1900 census as a widow. Also understand there is a newspaper article of William dying in a tornado in 1882. Would like to obtain copy/site of article. Any additional leads/sites on families would be appreciated.

Mary Rogers Aug. 20 2004
DENTON: I am looking for information on my 2xgreat-grandfather, who bought land in Montgomery Co. Ark. in 1838 &1839. I don't know where he died or where he is buried and I don't know his wife's maiden name. He was born in Tennessee about 1806. His name is Isaac Clarke Denton. I would appreciate any help. 

Jackie Niemeyer  Aug. 13 2004
FRENCH: I am looking for information on the FRENCH family that was on the 1850 Montgomery Co., AR census, Gap Township page 392A. Parents were B. and Ann FRENCH. Two of the children I would like to know where they were in 1860 and who they married. One was Hulda J. FRENCH age16 born ILL in 1850 and the other is Thursday H. FRENCH age 12 born MO. What was Thursday's middle name? Did the H stand for Helen or something else? Any help would be appreciated on this family. I found a marriage for the Hulda J. French in 1853 in Hot Springs Co., AR to an Elijah Mayfield, but so far no marriage yet for Thursday H. French. I am trying to find out if she is the same as my Helen French who married Reece Hale Henry in Sevier Co., AR in 1863. In  1860 my Helen was living with a John Kesterson family in Sevier Co., but I find no Helen French in AR or MO on the 1850 census. If Thursday's middle name was Helen she may have preferred to go by it??

Barb Lancaster
July 20 2004
, James H. and Elizabeth (Spruill) Farr of Caddo Gap around 1853-1880. Originally came from DeKalb Co GA where they were married in 1844. Children married into the ROWTON, KELLEY, JORDAN, HATTON, and CROSS families. James H. died in 1876. Elizabeth lived with daughter and son-in-law Rowton in Scott Co AR. Where is she buried? Where did children move to? 

Kathy Stucker June 11 2004
RYAR: Mary Ann Stucker married Isaac Fryar, and their son Isaac Jr married  Nancy Goodner. Those lines tie to all early families in Montgomery County. Does anyone have info on Mary Ann's father Garrett Stucker/Stunker/Struker of NC/TN? My husband's family came to Amer in 1700s and most Stuckers are traced back to them. Are we related to our neighbors altho we have only been here 25 yrs?
Kathryn Moore Stucker
Pine Ridge, AR

Michael Woods     March 7 2004
: Montgomery County, AR play a big part of my ancestors' lines. The records I have compiled deal with the Woods, Scott and Earp line who at one time lived in Montgomery Co., AR.  My ggg grandfather James Woods had married Anne Earp in TN and in 1852 they moved into Montgomery Co., AR from Bedford Co., TN. James died abt. 1854 in Montgomery Co. and his wife Anne remarried after his death to John Scott.  She is buried in the Scott Cemetery about three miles west of Black Springs.  My g grandfather John Woods was also born in Montgomery Co. in 1859 (he later married Louisa Jane Ray in TX).  Anne died in the county in 1902.  She had several children with my ggg grandfather and more children when married to John Scott.  Two of Anne's boys had enlisted into the Caddo's Rifles during the Civil War and they were half brothers to my gg grandfather who married in Clark Co. and moved from Montgomery Co. to TX in 1860. The migration of my family line begins with Ireland then to VA>NC>TN>AR and beyond. 

Kathy Whitmire      March 6 2004
SMITH / BUTLER: James Washington Smith and Katherine Elizabeth Butler married in Sarah in ,Tate Co., Ms.  They went to Montgomery Co. AR. after their 1st. son was born in 1878. From there they traveled to Texas, where their 2nd. son was born on the Red River, then James decided they didn't like Texas, so they went back to Montgomery Co., AR, to Oden where they homesteaded. They were there the rest of their lives. I'm not sure of the year they arrived back in Oden, AR., but was probably around 1890, they had two or  three children born before they got back to AR but they had died before arrival in AR.  They then had a daughter born 1893 in Oden, AR.  In all there were 11 children born to them, my mother being the youngest.
    Katherine Butler's father was Elias Bennett Butler and her mother was Eliza ______, no maiden name known for sure, as of yet, also said to be of Cherokee descent.  I have lots on BUTLERS, but not for James any help you might have will greatly be appreciated. James Washington Smith b. 1859 in Sand Mountain, Alabama, he was said to be of Cherokee Indian descent, need parents of James Washington Smith

Bill Hancock   Feb.  7 2004
RAMSEY, Daniel or Allice: I am looking for any information on the RAMSEY family that lived in Norman and Hopper around 1920 to 1930. These people are the brother and sister of my Grandfather William Lee Ramsey. Also, if anyone has any information on the Ramsey Cemetery, I would appreciate them contacting me. 

Debi Griffin Campbell or  Dec. 2  2003
MONTGOMERY. I am searching for information on my ancestor, Hugh L. MONTGOMERY, b. 1788 in North Carolina; married between 1810-1815 (I think), probably in North Carolina, then moved to Clark county, Arkansas, before finally settling in Montgomery Co., AR. He was married to Sarah Lenore BLAKE. I know he died after March 1, 1855 (land patent date). I need to know exact dates of death and where they are buried.

Hugh and Sarah had many children, but I have not been able to put names to all of them. I think Robert MONTGOMERY, b. abt 1817 in AR or TN, is one of their older children. I know they had a daughter Elizabeth (b. abt 1828 in TN), Hugh L. Blake MONTGOMERY (b. abt 1829-1832 in Cumberland Gap, Claiborne co., TN), and Armilda Jane MONTGOMERY (my ancestor, b. 1834, Cumberland Gap, TN, d. 5 Sep 1913 in Quinlan, Hunt, TX; Armilda was married to Rufus Taylor LIGHTFOOT on 20 Nov 1849 in Clark co., AR). 

I believe Thomas N. MONTGOMERY and James H. MONTGOMERY (who lived in Montgomery Co.) were also sons of Hugh and Sarah but need proof. Is anyone else researching these families? I would love to hear from you. 

Carole Hays  November 22, 2003 
 Church, Parsons: John Marion Church m. Emily Jane Parsons on September 14, 1882, in Montgomery Co., AR. Their children included Barbara Allen (b. 1883), Tennie (b. 1885), David Franklin (b. 1888), Mary Francis (b.1889), and Oscar Rolet Lee (b. 1891). Barbara, my grandmother, told of helping her daddy as he operated a ferry on (I assume) the Caddo River, as my grandmother was born in Caddo Gap. Does anyone have any information on ferry's that were operated on the Caddo River during the 1880s or 1890s? I welcome correspondence with any other descendents of this Church / Parsons family.

Jonathan Hugen  Oct. 22 2003
HUGEN: My father's family lived in the Montgomery Co. area. Their last name was Hugen. My father was Sam and he was raised near the Bear Den Mountain area in the area in the 1930s. His father was Frank and his mother named Helene (Pffiefer) Hugen. He had two brothers named Henry and John. My Dad was born in Oden. He had three sisters named Nova, Helen and Beverley. My Grandparents Frank and Helene were from Germany. 

Charlotte Manuel  Sept. 11 2003
: I am looking for info on James Wiley Spradling born 1866 and died 1918, buried in Gaston Cemetery near Black Springs, Montgomery Co., AR. His wife was T. Parthenia GASTON b. 1872 and died 1933.  She is also buried in the Gaston Cemetery. Her parents were R.M. GASTON and Nancy ??The family included these children: William Walter Spradling; Lucinda C.; John Robert; Janie; Alice; Ida; Susan; James Luther; Ada Lee; Emma; and Eva.
At least some of the family was reportedly engaged in the making of moonshine. In fact, oldest son William was shot during a raid on the family still and died in jail in neighboring Polk Co, (Mena).

Amy Curl     Sept. 3 2003
KINNEY/CURL am researching the McKinney's and Curl's from Montgomery Co. John Lewis McKinney, wife Mary Suit McKinney Married Feb. 18, 1900 in Mt. Ida. Their children are Ollie Joe, Elbert James, Iva Lorene, Carrie Caledonia, Elmer Leonard, Era Evelyn, Elsie Cleo, Charlie Lonnie, Ester Almedia, Alvie Theodore, and Hattie Irene. Era Evelyn married Audie Franklin Curl on Nov. 15, 1930 in Montgomery Co., Arkansas. Their children were Darrel J., SJ, Norman, Carlin, Erma, and Wanda. 

Kathleen Bryant     Aug. 8 2003
SNODGRASS / ALLEN: Searching for ancestors of Miss V. F. ALLEN who married Elijah Snodgrass on 9 Aug 1874 at residence of J. T. Cain in Sulphur Springs Township, Montgomery Co., AR.  I had previously been told her last name was Ferguson. V. F. (Virginia Florence) and Elijah were my husband's great-grandparents.

J. Morton     Aug. 8 2003
: Seeking information on Jacob FIELDS who married Rebecca Clemintine CRABB, a widow with 2 children, Robert and Rebecca Clemintine (Becky). This family has been found in 1870 Montgomery Co., Arkansas Census, Post Office - Cedar Glades, Arkansas; Sulfur Springs Township. They were living next door to James D. FIELDS whom I believe to be a relative to Jacob's. 
    Jacob and James D. both enlisted in the 7th Arkansas Calvary, Company K in 1863.
Jacob and wife "Jane", believe this to be Rebecca Clemintine, moved to Hall Co., Texas and were found with family in the 1880 Hall Co. Census. Jacob and Rebecca (Jane) had the following children: Albert b 1869, James Arthur b 1872 , Charlotte b 1875, John b 1879, Ed b. about 1882, Evie b. about 1884.
    Jacob born about. 1833 in Tennessee and Rebecca born about 1844 in Alabama or Mississippi.
Seeking information on Jacob and Rebecca there children and parentage.

John G. Watkins Jr.      Dec 29. 2002
WATKINS: I am looking for information on Harold Watkins of Mt. Ida, Mont. Co., Ark.  He was a grandson of Wm. I. Watkins and a State rep, a lobbyist from the NE corner of the state, gave him a history of his line of the Watkins family, this has been lost, however.

Jean     Dec 9. 2002
BROWN / JOHNSON: Looking for information on family of Emaline Sallie Brown Johnson. Parents were: William and Francis Brown. She was married to Sylvester J. Johnson with  several children. Believed to have been living with her daughter Elizabeth  Beloate before her  death. She had a sister who was married to a Gladden. I have only the very  basic info and would like to find where her brothers and sisters and parents  are located. She was born in 1840? in AR. 

Linda Beggs McAdoo Nov. 26 2002
COX: Looking for information on Joseph Hiram Cox b. 1844 d. 1907 buried in Barber Cemetery, Sims, Arkansas. He was married to Georgiann Mitchell in 1888. I have found him on the census records in Montgomery County but cannot find him prior to coming to Montgomery County, if anyone has any information please email me. Thanks. Also researching the Baggs, Beggs of Montgomery County.  Did you see the Baggs page?

Pam Bell Nov. 25 2002
BELL: I am searching for information on Tom J. BELL. He was born in Georgia, migrated to Montgomery Co., ca 1870-1880. Married Julia Cabler. Tom J. and Julia had a daughter, Cumine, who married Will McClean. I believe they had a daughter who died in childhood. Were there other children? He died in 1926 and is buried in Black Springs Cemetery. He is a brother to my husband's grandfather, William H. BELL. William H. BELL settled in Clark County. There was another brother, Frank or John, and it is believed he may have settled in Pike Co. I cannot find who their parents were. If anyone is researching this line, or knows someone I may contact, I would appreciate hearing from you. 

Brenda St.Peter  Oct 25, 2002 
LOLLEY : I am leaving this final posting in hopes that someday, someone will be able to get me over this brick wall. I just received the land patent application of Gilbert L. Lolley from AR in 1906.  There was no indication of whom his parents might be (a great disappointment for us).  Again, he claims that both he and his parents were born in AL.  This document places his birth around the year 1850.  So, he was born between 1849 and 1860 (I am beginning to wonder if he knew when he was born).  He was married to a women named Sarah and appears on the 1880 Jefferson Co, Al census with daughter Mary.  He migrated to Arkansas between 1880-1900.  He appears on the 1900 Sebastian Co, AR census with wife Louisa Ann Roy (from Shelby Co, Alabama) and daughters Mattie age 15 and Minnie age 13 who are born in AL, and a son Henry age 7 born on Indian Territory (now Oklahoma).  He applies for a land patent in 1806 in Montgomery Co., AR.  He appears on 1910 Montgomery Co., AR census with wife Almira "Mira" Ethel Cripps Ulrey and three sons.  I descend from his wife Almira.

The 1860 census in Tusculoosa Co., AL lists a Gilliard Lawley age 1 who is with a family consisting of Joseph age 30, Anna age 25, and a brother Henry.  There is women there by the name of Elizabeth Eddins.  I have often wondered if the census taker might have mistaken the name Gilbert for Gilliard.  If anyone might know of this family or descendants, I would be most Interested. I would like to make some connection as to Gilberts paternity or siblings. I deeply appreciate any help in this matter and will most willingly help with any information.  I have my great grandmothers photo album but no names to go with the pictures.  If anyone has photos that they would like to compare I would be happy to scan them and send. Thank you and I hope to find a connection soon. Best wishes to you in your search. Brenda

Cynthia A. Carr 22 Oct. 2002
I live in Montgomery County, Arkansas and have been researching my family history for a couple of years. A few of the surnames: 
Carr (who married Coomer)
Laramore (Larimore, Larrimore, etc who married Baker
Wood (Woods who married Baker, Pendergrass, Hawkins, Whisenhunt, Higgins, Brewer, Wheeler, etc)
Crump (who married Wilhite, Baker)
Bybee (who married Amerson, Emerson)
and the line of my step-father Barnett.
If there is anyone needing the information I have, please let me know.  I did notice that the information on Grace T. Barber who married Lee B. Baker...Lee's name was Bertie Lee Baker.  I know this because he was my father's uncle. There is more information on Granville Summitt's line as well.  I have a connection to Summitt's through my Pendergrass line.

Barbara McNabb  19 Oct. 2002
Henry Jefferson Reed and wife Aquilia (Quillie) Ann York. Living in Montgomery County near Story and Sims when they married. Sometime around 1908. First child Ovia (f) born March 2, 1909. Quillie was living in the home of her brother Barner York prior to the marriage. Quillie had previously been married to Henry Columbus Handley of Pike County. Her only surviving child Donia Lee Handley was raised by Handley and his parents.
Quillie and Jefferson Reed lived in Pencil Bluff, Oden and Mount Ida. They had 3 sons, Elzia born 31 Oct 1912, Monroe 12 Sept 1915, Herl (Harold) Silvester, born 25 Jan 1918 in Oden. Monroe was born in Mount Ida. The family moves to Osceola, Arkansas. Jefferson Reed and Quillie are flooded from their home in Osceola and taken by boat down river to Memphis. Oral history is that Jefferson is struck by a hit and run driver and eventually dies from the injury. Monroe Reed moves from Osceola to Lake Providence, La by 1950. Quillie lives near Monroe in Osceola. Quillie marries a Shelia Dye and lives in Red Bay, AL prior to her death in Jackson, Mississippi 12 Dec 1957. I find this family in the 1920 Federal Census in Montgomery County and 3 of their children. I am searching for a marriage date for Quillie and Henry J. Reed. Donia Lee Handley, first child of Quillie is my mother. Quilie and Henry J. Reed were my grandparents. 

Jane Knight Oct. 2 2002
Surnames: Harris, Ellison, Howard.
Seeking information on John ELLISON who owned land in Montgomery Co. in 1888. Was this John Ellison married to Catherine Harris?

Palmer Lee Pace Sept. 19 2002
Looking for any information on Rebecca Jane Pate's parents. My Great Grandmother was Rebecca Jane PATE. I'm especially interested in her mother's maiden name.  I was told by mother that she was a DILBECK but have had no luck in that connection.  For a long time I thought she was the daughter of Cleburn B. PATE and Edah Caroline ??? - but now I believe she was the daughter of CCogburn1.jpg (99805 bytes)leburn's brother Theodore Clay PATE & Hannah E. ??? I would appreciate any corrections or additions. 

Photo taken about 1901:
James David Cogburn  born May 14, 1872 
Rebecca Jane Pate  born March 11, 1876 
Children Left to right: 
     ??? Cogburn
Cecile Cogburn
- died soon after picture was taken
Annie Elizabeth Cogburn  Born April 01, 1895 - My grandmother - married George Franklin Chaney born November 09, 1891

Generation No. 1


1.  JAMES1 PATE, was born 1818 in Kentucky, and died April 20, 1907 in Montgomery Co., Arkansas.  He married ROSANNA J. BROWN December 19, 1839 in Muhlenburg, Ky..  She was born February 06, 1818 in Kentucky, and died November 18, 1893 in Montgomery Co., Arkansas.


5.  THEODORE CLAY2 PATE,  (JAMES1) was born 1853 in Arkansas, and died 1916.  He married HANNAH E. ???.  She was born 1852, and died August 2nd 1933 in Polk Co. AR.


10.  REBECCA JANE3 PATE (THEODORE CLAY2, JAMES1) was born March 11, 1876 in Arkansas, and died November 02, 1927 in Polk Co. Arkansas.  She was enumerated in the 1880 census of Montgomery Co AR (Page 381, ED 111, page 20, Gap Twp, site 147/147) as the 4 year old dau of Clay and Hannah E. Pate, BUT the surname was spelled PAYTE. She married REV. JAMES DAVID COGBURN August 06, 1893 in Montgomery Co., Arkansas, son of GEORGE COGBURN and MATILDA ???.  He was born May 14, 1872 in Arkansas, and died March 20, 1952 in Polk Co. Arkansas.

Suzanne M. Gwyn (BATES) Aug 18 2002
I am researching my Bates/Jordon family.  I can place them in Montgomery County Arkansas from 1872 thru 1880.  I have William G. Bates born in Georgia 1847.  His parents are both from South Carolina.  He married Arnettis E. Mcduffie Jordon born 1856 in Alabama in 10/02/1872 at the residence of A. D. Jordon. I assume her father as I don't know yet.  Arnettis father is from South Carolina and Mother is from Georgia. They had children:  Andrew J Bates b. 1873, William A. Bates b. 1875 and James Mcduffie Bates b. 03/11/1878 (my great grandfather), Son Bates born in 1880. (I don't have a name) They moved to Wood County, Texas in 1880.  William G. is listed as a farmer.   Not sure however, think Arnettis died because William remarried to a Jackie M. Mitchell in 1898 and had one child Charlie Bates born 06/1899 in Wood County, Texas.  William's oldest son Andrew J. Bates married a Lizzie Mitchell (daughter of Jackie) in Wood County, Texas in 1894.  Son James Mcduffie Bates married Laura Sevilla Catlett in Quitman, Wood County, Texas 1904.  They are my Great Grandparents.  James "Mack" Bates worked on the railroad in Upshur County, Texas where he became very sick and was thought to have almost died. This is where he met Laura she worked in a store with her sister.  She nursed him back to health and they were married in a covered wagon.  After they married he became a sharecoppers moving across the state of Texas and finally moved to Glendale, Arizona in 1935.  He died in 1949 at the age of  71 due to heart problems and several operations.  Laura lived to be 96 years old. 

Looking for any info on William G. Bates: Like did he have family in Montgomery County with him?  Was he part of the Civil War?  Was he a farmer in Arkansas? 1870 Census does anyone have access to this as I do not. 

Looking for any info on Arnettis E. Mcduffie Jordon: Like is A. D. Jordon her father and where they lived in Montgomery County Arkansas.  Who was her family - mother, brothers and sisters etc...How long were they there. 

Looking for anyone related to these families.  Love to share other info I have. Other email address

Diana July 1 2002

I am looking for an Arvie Greenlee, born around 1892. She married Marion Clay Whisenant. Both from the Montgomery County area.

John Watkins  May 31 2002
Year 1976 Seventeenth Edition by Garland County Historical Society
 page 189 shows an Eliza T. Watkins 

b: 08/27/1840
d: 02/17/1906

Buried: Cemetery stone next to Fred at Mayberry Cemetery was moved from Lake Ouachita to Murphy Cemetery

Spouses: 1st to Frederick M. �Fred� Mayberry 02/23/1868
2nd to Peter Henner 12/12/1905

Eliza T. Watkins was an aunt to Charles Jeremiah, John Allen and Elijah Ross Watkins raised in Mt. Ida Arkansas. Her brother had to be William I. Watkins. These three brothers father. Does anybody have any information on her or her family?

John Watkins  Jr. Mar. 20 2002
Does any one have any information on Reubin Watkins? He may be a twin brother to William I. Watkins born on the very same day and year, both from Hamilton County Tennessee. William I. Watkins is the father of
Charles Jeremiah Watkins
John Allen Watkins and,
Elijah Ross Watkins from Mt. Ida Arkansas�

Descendants of Reubin WATKINS

1 Reubin WATKINS b: 1 April 30, 1826 KY; d: Aft. 1850 Hamilton Co, TN, census  

1830 Knox Co, TN, census a Reubin Watkins next to Samuel & William Watkins who had to be mine and who had just married sisters of SC Moore/Byerley lines.

.. +Elizabeth MONTGOMERY b: ABT 1806 VA; (I presume " Mont " to be abbrev. for "Montgomery." d: Aft. 1850 on Ham. CO, TN, census Mother: Mary

. 2 William I. WATKINS b: in IL Civil War regiment d: Aft. 1870 in Rapides Parish, LA, census

..... +Mary Frances MORRIS b: Aft. 1846 m: July 3, 1866 Alexandria , Rapides Parish LA Father: Ammon Perry Morris Mother: Mary Ann Watkins

.... 3 Lula Rebecca WATKINS b: July 11, 1869 Rapids Parish, LA d: July 10, 1955 West Monroe , LA

........ +John Wesley BAYNE b: 1850 m: April 10, 1889 LA d: 1935 Monroe , LA Father: Henry Hooten Bayne Mother: Nancy Gresham

.... 3 Lynn WATKINS d: March 17, 1916 St. Clair Co, IL: Lebanon Advertiser

.... 3 Leon S. WATKINS b: Aft. 1866

.... 3 Loretta WATKINS

........ +William K. BUTCHER b: 1882 Lafayette , LA d: San Antonio , TX Father: George Washington Butcher Mother: Julia Kaufman

.... 3 unk WATKINS

........ +Andrew JOHNSON 

Cathy Youngblood    Jan. 28 2002

The TUCKER family gen. is on Family tree maker, CDs. This info is for the person researching the Tuckers. They came from TN.  Can send the info.  I tried to E-mail but it failed. I am assuming the ancestor was Jessee Monroe Tucker who married a relative of mine, Bell Danley. In 2nd. book of Montgomery Co. History under Leonard Danley.

Laurie McCune    Jan. 23 2002
Looking for info and willing to share what little that I have on: 
ANDERSON, John Thomas, b. Dec 1876 Mt. Ida, Montgomery Co., AR
ANDERSON, Alfred N. and WHEELER, Susan m. Sep 1872 , Montgomery Co., AR.

Denise Phillips      15 Jan 2002
I am trying to find any info on the family of  Roy Lee Diffy,
born October,1880, in Caddo Gap.  I am searching for my father in law, William Robert Phillips, who is his illegitimate son.  Any records you have would be greatly appreciated. 

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J.B. Douglas family of Mt. Ida.

Jeff Brown and daughters, Mt. Ida, 1945. Lida, Dora and Lela.

Nancy Chambers
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