Co. I. 33rd Arkansas Infantry, C.S.A.

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Benefit records usually contain more biographical data than service records

33rd Arkansas Regiment was commanded by Colonel Grinstead and Brigadier Commander Tapin of Churchill's Divison of the Southern armies

Captain Francis Erwin, was injured at the Battle of Elkhorn, 7 March 1862 while in command of the Co. C. the "Caddo Rifles", so resigned his commission. He went back to Montgomery County, Arkansas and raised Company I. the majority enlisting at Caddo Gap June 24, 1862. They were mustered into the 33rd Arkansas Infantry at Arkansas Post July 3, 1862. Another list

Amerson, Amos D.
Arrington, William
Bates, James M.
Benight, George
Biddy, James M.     Private/Lieutenant
original filed under James H. Biddie
Brewer, Frederick*
Canford, William J.
original filed under Cranford, Wesley
Carrol, William D.    Private/Corporal
Chambers, George W.
Christopher, Barnett A.*
Cockburn, D.D.   
original filed under Cockburn, Dennis F.
Colwell, William G.    Corporal/Private
Cordle, J.C.
Corley, Isaac M
Cox, Moses C.    Private/Sergeant
Cox. William J.    Corporal/Sergeant
Crow J.N.
Curley Jon F.    3Lieutenant / Brevet 2Lieutenant
Daves, Alexander
Dean, William J.
Deavers, Ruben L
Dilbeck, Benson, G.
Dodgen, E.W.
also see 4th ARK Vol.
Erwin, Francis J.    Captain/Captain
Ewing, Henderson
Farr, Thomas     Sergeant/Sergeant
Fowler, Mathan M.
Floyd, Nathan B.
Fryar, Henry
Fryar, James
Fryar James S.     Sergeant/Private
also see 4th ARK Vol.
Fryar, John
Gladden, Robert E.    Private/Sergeant
Golden, Benjamin W.
Goodner, Henry S.     Sergeant/ 1 Sergeant
Hall, John A.
Hendrix, Benjamin F.
Hopper, Richard    
also see 4th ARK Vol.
Hooper, John D.    
original filed under Hopper, John D.
Howard, Andrew J.
Huddleston, John A
Hughen, George Washington
Irons, James J.
Irons, John
Irons, Thomas
Ives, E.E.
Jones, James F.
Jones, Solomon
Kimbrough, John W.
Kirby, George W.
Lackey, James
Lewellan, Isaac
McConnell, James*
McConnell, Miller
Merideth, Henry
Merideth, George D
Merideth, Thomas C.*
Moncrief, J.M.
Moore, James
Moore, John L.
Morgan, William C.     Private/Corporal
Morisett, James D.
   see also E. Battery
Nelson, Archibald
Newcomb, Cynas

Pettitt, George W.
Pettitt, Peter W.
Pierce, Ruben H.*
Pope, Charles
Pope, James
Powell, Joseph Godene
Pugh, Henry M
Rankins,  Marlen J.S.     Private/Corporal
Reed, John, H.
Reed, John B.     Corporal/Private
Ridge, Amos
Ridge Green B.
Risenhoover, Joseph
Risenhoover, Robert P.
Robbins, Andrew J.     Private/ Bat. I. Lieutenant
Robbins, Johnson, J.  
original filed under Robins, Jefferson F.
Robbins, McAfugh     Private/Corporal   
orginal filed under Robbin, McFew.
Roland, William A.
Rowton, Quintus C.    Private/Sergeant
Rowton, William R.
Salyers, M.V.     2 Lieutenant/ 2 Lieutenant
Salyers, Martin P.     2 Lieutenant/ 2 Lieutenant
Salyers, Philip    Private/Corporal
Sanders, Elisha H.   
also see Etters Battery
Scott, Thomas J.
Scott, William M.
Scroggins, Chelsey
Shed, Joseph S.   Corporal/Private
original filed under Shed, James
Shed, Lorenzo
Shed, Thompson
Sims, Lorenzo
Sims, James M.
Smith, Andrew J.
Smith, Samuel M.   Private/Sergeant
Smith, Thomas O.
Stewart, Thomas P.
Stewart, Willis
Stovale, James H.
Swindle, Abeslom
original filed under Swindel, Absalom S.
Tallant, Richard C.
Thompson, Emore
Todd, John E.     Private/Sergeant
Todd, William J.
Trout, Joseph
Voyles, Jacob C.
Voyles, J.E.
Voyles, Newton, J.
Walker, James
Wallace, Drewe A.
Wallace, Grandeson
Wallace, Samuel S.
Webb, Nathan
West, John H.
Wheeler, Riley
White, George W.
White, John B.
Whisenant, Joseph
Whisenhunt, Ely M
Whittington, Hiram A.   Lieutenant
Wilson, Archibald
Wilson, Thomas P.
Wimberley, John
Wimberley, Mark M.
Wimberley, M.H.

Note: Rank private on enrollment and discharge unless noted.
*Died in the war.

Co. I. 33rd Arkansas Infantry Grinstead's Regiment, Tappan's Brigade, Churchill's Division formed at Camden  July 3 1862 and their route took them to Prairie Grove  Dec 7 1862- retreated south to Little Rock, Monroe, LA Aug. 1863; and to Delhi, back to Arkansas then to Shreveport, LA; Manfield and Pleasant Hill and they participated in the battles of:
Prairie Grove, Helena, Prairie DeAnn April 1864, Poison Spring, Marks Mill and Jenkins Ferry April 30, 1864 where the Colonel died (Grinstead).

Co. I. 33rd Arkansas Infantry
Discharged by furnishing a substitute before 31 Oct 1862.
Colwell, William G. Pvt  - age 28.
Maberry, James W. Pvt  - age 26. 
McKinney, George P. Pvt  - age 30.
Smith, Sammuel M. Sgt  - age 30.

Many avoided military service by taking advantage of the section of the Enrollment Act of 1863 allowing draftees to pay $300 to a substitute who served for them. By 1864 the fee had climbed to over $1000.

The Enrollment Act, enacted to the need to swell the ranks of the Union army, subjected all males between the ages of twenty and forty-five to the draft. Men who were mentally or physically impaired, the only son of a widow, the son of infirm parents, or a widower with dependent children were exempt. The act divided the United States into enrollment districts along the lines of congressional districts.

All eligible males were enrolled and grouped into one of two classes. Class one grouped men between the ages of twenty and thirty-five years and unmarried men between thirty-five and forty-five. Class two included all other persons subject to do military duty. Enrollees had their names placed on consolidated lists where their name, place of residence, age as of July 1, 1863, race, occupation, marital status, place of birth, and, perhaps, remarks were recorded. A draft enrollment is one of the few places an individual may be located if he does not have a service record. The consolidated lists show these men as having been enrolled but give no clue as to why they did not serve. The answer should lie with records in the congressional district in which the individual lived.

Reference: Index to Compiled Service Record of Confederate Soldiers who served in Organizations from the State of Arkansas. National Archives Mirco-copy #376. These are index cards  contain only the soldiers name, company, unit and rank on enrollment and rank on discharge.

Montgomery Country: Our Heritage Vol. 1 Pages 340-352 Civil war Section
Montgomery Country: Our Heritage Vol. 2 Page 1115 A list of veterans, 33rd AR, appeared in The Review-Democrat Womble, Arkansas, Dec. 4, 1924.

Ruben L. DeVer - Private 33rd Arkansas Infantry Company I
Enlisted June 24, 1862, aged 24 years, at Montgomery Co. Ark.
Born 1838 near Bradley Co. Tennessee
Absent sick Oct 1862

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