The United States Federal Census 1860

Montgomery County Arkansas

Slave Schedule

Source: 1860 Arkansas Slave Schedules M-653 Roll #54
SCHEDULE 2. Slave Inhabitants in Gap Township in the County of Montgomery,     
State of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the 12th day of July 1860. J.H. May,
Ass't Marshal.                                                        
	Owner 	No of Slaves    Age  Sex   Color   Fugitives        
   C. W.(?E.L) Tweddle  1       25      F       B 	1
   Joseph Gladden       1       17      M       M 	1

   Fielding Strawn      1	14 	F	B      In trust for minor heirs

   Robert Burke		1	22	F	B
                        1	 5	F	B
			1	6/12	M	B

   Balaam Strawn	1	42	M	B
			1	38	F	M
			1	32	F	B
			1	30	M	B	
			1	20	M	B
			1	18	M	B
			1	16	F	M
			1	14	M	B
			1	10	M	B
			1	 8	M	B
			1	 6	F	B
			1	 6	F	M
			1	 4	F	B
			1	 3	F	B
			1	4/12	F	B	
			1	 7	M	M	
   Ga'n for Silas Crowley and John W. Crowley and heirs
			1	24	M	B
			1	13	M	B
			1	 5	M	B

   George W Gray	1	40	M	B
			1	12	M	B

No of   male slaves 15
No of female slaves 13	
	Owner 	No of Slaves    Age  Sex   Color         
   S.W. Fitzgerald      1       21      M       B 
			1	13	M	M	1
			1	 6	M	B 
   Thomas G. Shipp	as trustee for Goldens heirs
			1	16	F	B	

   John Shipp		1	23	M	B
			1	23	F	B
			1	14	F	B

No of   male slaves 4
No of female slaves 3	
SCHEDULE 2. Slave Inhabitants in South Fork Township in the County of Montgomery,     
State of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the 4th day of June 1860. J.H. May,
Ass't Marshal.   
	Owner 	No of Slaves    Age  Sex   Color 
   Daniel Mayberry    	1       26      F       B 
			1	13	M	B
			1	 7	M	B	1
			1	 5	M	B
			1	 3	M	B
    Thomas Williams	1	30	F	B
			1	18	M	B

    John Campbell 	1	19	M	B

    James A. Stall	1	40	F	B
			1	22	M	B
			1	24	F	B
			1	17	F	B
			1	20	F	B
			1	10	F	B	1
			1	 _	M	B
			1	 _	F	M

    Nancy Carroll	1	32	M	B	1
			1	26	F	M	1
			1	 6	F	M	1
			1	 4	M	M	1
			1	 1	M	M	1
    Russell Cockburn	1	30	F	B
			1	 4	F	M

    Sarah Cockburn	1	29	F	B         (Kiz)
			1	15	F	M	1 (Jane)
			1	12	M	M	1 (Joseph)
   James A. Stall admin 1	16	M	M	
    John K. Farris 	1	 8	F	M	1

    John K. Buckners	1	18	F	B	1
			1	 4	M	B
No of   male slaves 15
No of female slaves 18	
	Owner 	No of Slaves    Age  Sex   Color 
   H.B. Greenwood    	1       29      F       B 
			1	26	M	B
			1	26	M	B
			1	19	F	B
			1	18	F	B
			1	18	M	M
			1	3	M	M
   John A. Freeman	1	36	F	B
			1	18	F	B
			1	14	M	B

   Cornelius Cain	1	18	M	B
			1	12	F	B
   Jeff Cunningham	1	46	F	B
			1	45	M	B
			1	20	M	M
			1	12	F	B
			1	10	M	B
			1	 8	M	B
			1	 4	M	B

   A Baldwin 		1	24	F	B
			1	 5	M	M	1
			1	 1	M	M	1

No of   male slaves 13
No of female slaves  9	
	Owner 	No of Slaves    Age  Sex   Color 
   Joseph Reid    	1       15      F       B 

No of female slaves 1	                                                                            
Total number of female slaves: 44
Total number of male slaves : 47

Reference: 1860 Arkansas Slave Schedules M-653 Roll #54

Census	Slaves 	Total pop. 	% of slaves

1850  	66 	1,958   	3.37
1860 	92 	3,633 		2.5%

Slave Schedules

 The new Arkansas state constitution abolished slavery March 16 1864.

The slave schedules for Arkansas do not give the names of the slaves. It gives the name of the slave owner, number of slaves, age, sex and color of the slave (when the slave is black enter B, when he or she is mulatto, insert M). Column six is fugitives. The number of slaves who having absconded within the year, have not been recovered. Wondering if the census taker was marking something else.

Slaves owners in Mountain Township, Hot Springs Co. in 1840 included Bledose, Cain, Covey Greenwood, Denton, Parker and Robertson. In 1840 in Caddo Cove Township Taylor Polk owned seven slaves and was head of a household of seventeen.  In 1850 there was sixty-six slaves in Montgomery County, AR and only one free colored person, William Hodge, age 55, a trader b. in NC and living with the Blakely family in Mountain Township.  By 1860 there were ninety-one slaves, no free colored persons and 3,541 whites.  In 1870 there were 2,866 white persons in the county and 113 black. Some of these individuals above lived through the Civil War to become named citizens in Montgomery County, Arkansas and may have taken the name of the owner.  The 1850s ledger of James A. Stall's merchant store in Mt Ida records the names of the following slaves buying small items for  their owners or themselves e.g. tobacco or cloth for themselves.

Dave and Jacob Carroll
Bob and Pompey Cook
Jack Irons
Essex, Emerson and Aaron Shipp

Courthouse records including probate records, land records, and wills might contain bills of sale (list the name and value of slave and the name of the buyer), title bond, tax lists, early circuit court records (slave surnames of Anderson and Griffin appear) and marriage books might shed light on a few slave names. 
The Pike Co. ARGenWeb Project did examples of slave records. Now found at Pike County Archives and History Society Pike County, Arkansas

Loose Probate Records
Clark T. Cockburn died in 1856. Sarah, widow of Clark, and Dennis Carroll, her father were appointed Adm'rx. Some of the slaves her father had given her were incorrectly included in the appraisement of her deceased husband's estate. 

Mrs Elmira H. Crowley, a widowed daughter of Balaam Strawn and her Crowley sons, moved to Montgomery Co. from MS with Balaam Strawn. Balaam had control of her funds and slaves. Silas A Crowley d. while in Co. H. 4th AR Inf. CSA. Elmira d. Dec. 1860. Balaam d. 2 Feb. 1865. John in Co. C 4th AR Inf. CSA also died before the war ended.

Fielding Strawn adm'r of the Wm. R. Beaty estate. Fielding had married Elender Beaty, widow of Wm. On 12 Oct 1862 Fannie, a Negro slave girl "was set free."

William Owens Robbins b. in GA. settled at Caddo Gap in 1849 was an extensive slave and stock trader.

Marriage Books
Surnames of colored bride and grooms in Montgomery Co. AR between 1900-1925. In Arkansas prior to 1865 marriage records for "white" individuals and "colored" individuals were kept in separate volumes.


Cemetery Records
Little Georgia Cemetery Relocated to Brooks Cemetery. This very old cemetery for blacks contains about 100 graves.

There is a cemetery in Montgomery Co., AR called "Black Cemetery". Go west from the Junction of the State Roads, #8 and 240, Cross the Caddo River Bridge, go 100 yards, turn left on a dirt road and go mile. Section 25 TS R24W.  There are 54 unmarked graves and 43 marked graves. Surnames include Carter, Dillard, Gray, Hill, Hopper, Knox, Montgomery, Moon, Polk, Russell, Sims and Todd.

1870 Black population of Montgomery County, AR
The 1870 Federal Census included the names of all of the black citizens for the first time.

Scipio A. Jordan 

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