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Surname Migration Time frame in Co. Locale Researcher
Adams        Tom William Cotton Jr.
Adams     Cedar Glades / Buckville SKM
Adams TN >AR 1880 to current Mont. & Garland Co. Glenda Suit
Aldridge unsure 1880-1905 Leverney Twp, Story Olena Peninger Lively
Anigel       E. Jackson
Amerson GA, AL, TN, AR 1800's -now btw Pencil Bluff & Mt. Ida Susan Lloyd
Apple  TN - AR 1890-1900 Mount Ida, Little Fir Shara Hatcher
Avant   1870s-now   Sharon Minton Hill 
Avant AL>AR>TX>AR c.1876-1880+   Carol C. Smith
Ayers  Mississippi >Arkansas 1837-1916 Womble & Black Springs Ginny Ayers Spann
Baggs unsure 1830 - 1855    Sulphur Springs Bob
Baker AL >MS>AR 1850+ Mt Ida Ken Baker
Barber KY, IL, AR 1847 - now Sims Karla Moreland
Barber  KY, IL, AR 1847 - now Sims Michael Mudd
Bates              Diane Jones 
Bates    1850s -1950s Caddo Gap Sammie Williams Pettitt
Bates    1813 - now   Rita
Bates  SC, GA, AR 1850? - 1880? Caddo Gap Suzanne M. Gwyn
Baxter   1849 -   Tom William Cotton Jr. 
Beck VA USA AR 1800 To present Montgomery  Co. Harold Cowart
Bell AR > OK 1920 Oden Barbara Graham
Birmingham     Caddo Gap Donna Byrd
Black  ENG >SC> GA > AR  abt 1830 > now Black Springs, Red Bird, Gaston Eunice McCammon
Bland unknown 1899 Sweet Home Barry Sharpe
Bobo  GA> AR> TX            1890- now Mont. Co. Carolyn Shannon Genzel
Bogle  TN >AR >TX 1850-1866 Mont. Co. Amy Dyer
Boswell       Charles E. Carroll 
Bowers  AL>TN>AR>TX>AR 1889 - 1906  South Fork Township Roy
Bradshaw        Mont. Co. Joyce Richardson
Burden 1880 to current Mont. & Garland Co. Glenda Suit
Breashears/ Breshears/ Brashears SC or NC>TN>AR 1769-present Mont. Co. / Polk Co. /Yell Co. Dana Breashears Sharpton
Brooks, also Jones, Pepper, Sells, Wilson, Montgomery NC>GA>AR>MO>AR>WA,  Post 1865 Gap, Some Nevada Co., Lee Co., Randolph Randy Brooks
Cabler TN > AR 1840s-1880s   Nova Lemons
Campbell GA > AR 1841> Hot Springs Co. Evelyn Pehl Reininger
Carlisle SC> AL>AR 1890-1920 Mt. Ida Mary McGarr
Carrier IO, AR 1914-1930 Oden Bettie Dowler
Carter  VA> GA >TN >AR     Caddo Gap B. Carter
Casey   1800 - now   Rita
Chambers       E. Jackson
Chapman A.L, AR 1860+ Oden Allen Kelly
Chapmond       Eunice Chapmond Kilgore
Chapmond       Lois O. Bess
Coffman TN, GA, MO, TN, AR 1846-now   Cathy
Cogburn Greene Co. TN >AR 1858 Black Springs Ray
Cogburn  GA, AR, OK 1870-1900 Montgomery Co. AR Billy Mcbride Jr
Collier  KY >AR 1812 + Collier Springs Lois White
Coomer unknown 1900s Pencil Bluff Debby Killebrew
Cook AL, AR 1880-1920 Leverney Twp, Story Olena Peninger Lively
Copeland    1870 -1900   Bev
Cotton   1866 -   Tom William Cotton Jr.
Cowart SC GA MS> AL> AR 1800s > now  Black Springs / Norman Harold Cowart
Cox NC, SC, GA, AR 1848 -1920 Black Springs / Big Fork Francy Thompson
Cox        Tona Cox-Leon
Cox GA, AR 1845-1919 Big Fork/ Norman/ Black Springs Olena Peninger Lively
Crabb MS or AL>?>AR>TX 1860-1872 Johnson & Montgomery Co. June Morton
Crow TX > AR 1850-now Montgomery Co. Joy Sherman Walston
Crowley  AR     Caddo Gap B. Carter
Cunningham       Charles E. Carroll
Cunningham AL >AR 1880 to current Mont. & Garland Co. Glenda Suit
Danley  Wayne Co.TN > 1876-1891 Gibbs now Rocky Cathy Youngblood
Denny Arkansas to California off and on from 1930-1950 Story Tina
Dickson NJ>KS>AR>OR Post 1915 Gap Randy Brooks
Dillard GA, SC, AL, AR     Lois O. Bess
Dobbs  GA> AR> TX            1860 - now Montgomery Co. Carolyn Shannon Genzel
Dollar   c.1898 Montgomery Co. Bill Dollar
Earnest/Ernest AL & TN   Montgomery Co. Ellie Handley
Ellett       Mike Wood
Ellington VA, TN, AR 1850's-1900's   Sandra Ellington-Freeman
Ellington     Caddo Gap Donna Byrd
Ellison  Ark >TX  1840-1890 ? Jane Knight
Farr   1850 - 1880   Barbara Lancaster
Farmer        Caddo Gap Melissa Farmer
Ferguson   1870 - now   Pam Ferguson
Fields TN>?>AR>TX
1860-1872 Johnson & Montgomery Co. June Morton
Fisher       SKM
Forga   Ky>Mo>Ar  1870 -Now  Montgomery Co. Rada Forga-Jackson
Fountain SC>GA> AR>TX  1831- now Montgomery Co. Carolyn Shannon Genzel
Fowler    1850 -1880   Davine Glasscock
1880 to current Mont. & Garland Co. Glenda Suit
Fry, James W. Tn., Mo., Arkansas 1846 Cherry Hill, Polk Co. "now", but part of Montgomery Co. until 1858 Stacey L. Brough
Fry       Caddo Gap Imogene Davis
Fryar MS, AR  1848 - now Oden Bettie Dowler
Gaddis Ga/Ala/Ark 1870's, 1880's  Mazarn Township  Carl Gaddis
Garner  AR TX OK    Mont. Co. Joyce Richardson
Garrett   1848 - now Mt. Ida James Garrett
Gaston   1901-1977 Norman Ken Gaston
Gibbs   1880 - 2000 Mount Ida Michele Gibbs
Gilbert   1800 - now   Rita
Gladden    1850s -1950s Caddo Gap Sammie Williams Pettitt
Golden GA, AL, AR  1870- now  Hopper / rural areas Karen Wilkerson
Goodman KY>AL>AR>OK 1880 census Sulpher Springs Mitzi Fortune
Goodner       Diane Jones
Gordon Mississippi >AR    Gap and Caddo Gap Shirley Perez
Gortemiller Ger, MO, AR     Bettie Dowler
Goss SC>GA>AR 1820s-1850s   Christine Pullman 
 Gray  MO     Big Fir, Sulphur Springs Shannon Dennis  (Gray)
AL & TN 1850-1860 Montgomery Co. Ellie Handley
Hardy         Jan McBride
Harman   1880 to current Mont. & Garland Co. Glenda Suit
Harris MS to AR and then some went to OK 1850-1930 Montgomery Co Louise Schultz
Haskins    1850s -1950s Caddo Gap Sammie Williams Pettitt
Hathcock  from NC 1840s-1870s Gap Twp Judith HAMMOND Bowman Rhodes
Heath, Sarah Jane Tn., Arkansas 1850 Heath Valley Stacey L. Brough
Heath       Caddo Gap Imogene Davis
Heffington  AL> AR 1855 - 1865 Mt Ida Fern Davidson
Hendricks AR/TX 1820 to 1870    Sabrina
Henson   b.1881 Washita Jack Summit
Henson 1880 to current Mont. & Garland Co. Glenda Suit
Hickey   1885- 1902 Oden Barbara Graham
Highsmith VA NC GA AL AR> IL 1800s>now  Black Springs / Norman Harold Cowart
Hill   1870s- now   Sharon Minton Hill
Hill NC/ SC/ TN/ AL/ AR       1870 > now Avant/ Buckville/ Oden
Horrell VA >KY >AR >TX abt.1830-1857 ?Caddo Jana Donaghe
House        Carolyn Long
House GA > AL >AR 1857-now Cynthia Forde
Housley later to Atoka Co. OK 1890s Cedar Glades Jean Johnson
Howard   1900s Mt. Ida Sandy Fischer
Howell VA/ NC/ SC/ GA/ AL/ AR     1850s -1880s Sims
Howerton          SKM
Hugen    Germany >AR 1930s Oden Jonathan Hugen 
Hulsey GA to AR  >1850-1860 Lou Barr
Ingrams ?KS or MO c. 1885   Linda Schneider
Irons   TN to AR 1800-1900 Montgomery, Saline, Hot Springs Co. R. Taylor
Jernigan       E. Jackson
Jackson IT 1880+ Mt. Ida Ken Baker
James     1800 - now   Rita
Jeter   St Paul, AR & Kansas 1920s > 1960s Norman Randall Simpson
Johnston   TN>AR        1903 >1960 Womble Twp., Norman Dave Johnston
Johnston TN>AR        1870 >1950 Norman Ken Rice
Johnston TN>AR 1860 >1938 Sulphur Twp.    Cynthia Forde
Jones GA > AR     Lois O. Bess
Jones  GA > AR 1850 to 1980 Marzan /Gap Lou Burr
Jones  NC>  GA > AR 1850 to 1875 Ev
Ark to California
1860 - 1935 Montgomery Co. Candie Elliott
Karr/Carr SC, AR 1870 - now Mt. Ida Bettie Dowler
Kelly S.C, AR 1860+ Oden Allen Kelly
Kelly   1850 - 1880    Barbara Lancaster
Kellys Spartanburg, SC  between 1870 and 1880    Ralph Williamson
Keown SC, KY, MO, OK, AR 1905-1930  Waters Bettie Dowler
Ark to California
1860 - 1935 Montgomery Co. Candie Elliott
Kinsey SC>GA>AR  1853-now     Diane Smith
Kirby TN >AL > AR 1838-1860 Caddo, Big Fork Nathelle Stollens
Kirk      Pencil Bluff Mike Wood
Kiser TN>MO>AR abt 1815 - now Alf, Sulphur  Springs Eunice McCammon
Kizziar AR> Wise Co. TX 1850 - 1876
Knox 1880 to current Mont. & Garland Co. Glenda Suit
Knight SC> AL>AR 1890-1920 Mt. Ida Mary McGarr
Lair   1890s   Jim Lair
Lamb   1870s-now   Sharon Minton Hill 
Larmon       Caddo Gap Imogene Davis
Ledbetter     Pencil Bluff Mike Wood
Lemmons TN>AR  1840s-1880s   Nova Lemons
Leonard SC, GA, AR 1869-1930 Oden, Pencil Bluff Ernest Leonard  
Lewis Marion Co. > Montgomery > Polk 1870-1900 South Fork, Big Fork Terry Fogleson
Liles  unsure 1920s? Oden Bonney Liles Koski
Lindsey GA >AR 1900-1927 Norman Lou Morton Ellis
Lively Unsure 1859-1971 Big Fork/ Norman/ Black Springs Olena Peninger Lively


  1866-?      Bev 
Long   1880-now   Kyle Long 
Lolley AL>AR 1880-1920 Womble TWP Brenda St.Peter

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