World War I  Soldiers and Sailors Enlistment & Discharge Records
Montgomery County Courthouse, Mt Ida, Arkansas

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month 1918 
the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years continuous warfare.
The US lost a total of 116,516 troops including 63,114 killed away from the front. Another 204,002 soldiers were wounded.

Montgomery County Courthouse county clerk's office has the detailed armed services discharge records for service personal whose residence was in the county at time of discharge
Records of Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Vol. A. 1919-1946
available from the Family History Library.  


Book A. Found on the back wall far right. Books B & C contain WWII Discharge records. 

Bates		Levi
Bates		William
Beam		Orna J
Black		J.B.
Black		Typhus
Blauchurm	George F
Brakefield	Lewis O.
Breshears	Oscar W
Brewer		Clifford
Brook		Everett M

Caldwell	H.
Calhoun		Walter
Campbell	William B
Campbell	William L
Cearley		Lon A
Coffman		Charles H
Cogburn		Elmer L
Cowart		Owens
Crump		Lake
Crump		R.

Danley		Bert L
Davis		Earl C
Davis		Jesse
Davis		John G

Foley		William
Gilmore		Arthur N
Gilmore		Frank
Gladden		Ernest H
Gloze		Jacob M
Golden		Otis
Goodner		Elisha D
Goodner		Jeff
Graves		Vestil
Green		John M

Hamilton	Arthur C
Hamilton	John B
Hays		Lewis Lee
Head		Garland M
Herring		John H
Hogan		Ray
Hooper		Clarence
Horn		George
Howell		Harold
Howell		LeRoy E
Howerton	James	
Huffman		John
Humble		Terry Alonzo
Husley		Andrew
Irons		Albert
Irons		George Alfred
Jackson		Benjamin L
Jackson		David Lee
Jeffery		Jerry
Keenom		Porter F
Kelly		James W
Kelly 		Roy
Kennedy		Ottis G
Kilby		Alex N
Kilby		Frank
Kindrex		Henry T
Kinsey		Oscar B
Lowery		John M
McCarty		William
McGough		Benjamin H
McKinney	Robert A
Maddox		Jonah B
Matthews	Jerone H
Mass		Joseph S
Mayberry	George T
Mayberry	James W
Mobley		Emmitt Paul
Meeks		Carrol R
Miles		Calvin
Miles		Woodruff
Miller		Ted J
Moore		Roy J
Mullings	James
Pardon		Albert Sidney
Parsons		Alexander
Patts		Willis D
Penninger	Thomas L
Peterson	Andrew
Plyler		Blake
Poole		George Fulton
Powell		Drew
Qualls		Thomas O
Qualls		Willis S
Reece		Albert A
Rinhardt	John E
Robins		Claude
Robins		Jesse
Robbins		Thomas R
Robertson	James J
Ryan		Claude R
Sabrin		John M
Scott		Charlie
Scott		William N
Scott		William W
Sekavee		Karl (Chas)
Shields		Benjamin J
Simpson		Clark R
Slaughter	William O
Sloan		Salon E
Smith		Earnest S
Smith		Eliga N
Smith		Hae Perrier
Smith 		Zack T
Spurling	Andrew W
Stafford	Lewis I
Standridge	Lester
Stanley		Brack
Stanley		Claud
Steif		Robert
Stipe		Richard
Stockmam	Maxwell G
Stovall		Jeff Davis
Summit		James Jefferson

Tolleson	Tom
Thornton	Charlie
Townsend	Vander
Waldon		John M
Waggoner	Guilford L
Waggoner	Jesse J
Wascaster	Elmer Burnett
Webb		Lee
Warneke		Pleas G
Whittington	June
Wilhite		William Larsh
Wilson		Thomas H
Williams	James D
Woods		Neal J
Wright		Herbert L
Wright		Ray
Yeager		Clifford C 

The records at the Mt Ida courthouse are in four preprinted books with  hand written blank spaces filled out. The books are labeled A, B, C & D with A being the earliest and the WWI servicemen records. An example:

This is to certify that Carrol R. Meeks 1484,500 Private 1st Class Co. 227 MPC.  The United States Army, as a testimonial of honest and faithful service is hereby Honorably Discharges from the military service of the United States by reason of Govt. Authority Cir. 106 WD 1918. Given under my hand at Camp Bowie, Texas this 15th day of July 1919.  T.A. Logan Col. Field Artillery, USA. Demobilization Office Camp Bowie, Commanding.
Was born in Sextan? in the State of Texas. When enlisted 19½ years of age, and by occupation a farmer. He had blue eyes, white hair, fair complexion and was 5 feet and 8 inches in height
Enlisted July 17th 1917 at San Augustine, TX
Issued: 1 overcoat, 2 pr socks, 1 suit of underwear, 1 pr gloves.  R.G. Vaughan
Battle or Skirmishes. Champagne Forest, France Oct. 10 -27 1918. AEF June 26 - July 6 1919

An example:
This is to certify that Jim H. Crump 37069929 Grade Private (S.S.).  Inducted Sept 12, 1941 at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas. 
Character: Excellent
Wounds received: None
8th Infantry
When inducted he was 22 years of age and by occupation a truck driver. He had brown eyes, brown hair and a ruddy complexion and was 5 feet and 11 inches in height. Was born at Black Springs. The United States Army, as a testimonial of honest and faithful service is hereby Honorably Discharges from the military service of the United States by reason of Govt. Authority Section 111, RR 615-360 at Camp Roberts 27th day of December 1941. 

Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Howard, Montgomery, Pike, Polk, and Sevier Counties

Induction / discharge records 

The Arkansas Historical Commission have World War One draft registration records and discharge records for Arkansas on microfilmWWI ended 9 November 1918. Need to know county person was living in at time of enlistment or induction.  Includes place and age or date of birth, residence, assignments, appointments, wounds, and date of demobilization. They do reply to written requests. One question about one specific person may be answered-if, the material is indexed. There will be a charge for the lookup and copy.  Their list of servicemen is different from the above and includes additional names. Below is from the AHC.

Etna and Willis Willhite 1918.

Willis Willhite and Etna Fryar were married in 16 January 1918 in her parent's house in Hog Jaw in a double wedding ceremony with his sister.  John C. Willhite and his brother Willis Willhite were residing in Montgomery Co. AR in 1918 at time of their induction and returned to Oden after discharge but their discharge cards are at the AHC in Little Rock but not at Mount Ida.  Why? Willis was inducted at Mt Ida on April 12 1918 and served in the 162 Dep Brig to 24 April 1918 and transferred to 157 Dep Brig to May 11 1918; Co. F. 113 Inf. to discharge with no injuries, wounds or disabilities. Discharged May 29 1919 as a Private First Class of Nov 1 1918.

Other documents a returned serviceman might have:
Induction Certificate
Enlistment Record
Postcards from France
Army Discharge Record
Army Discharge
The Presidential Memorial Certificate

Order of Induction into Military Service 
of the United States

The President of the United States,
To Henry Lloyd (Christian Name) Whitehouse (Surname) 
Order Number 869 Serial Number 865
Greeting: Having submitted yourself to a local board com-
posed of your neighbors for the purpose of determining the place
and time in which you can best serve the United States in the
present emergency, you are hereby notified that you have now been
selected for immediate military service. 
You will, therefore, report to the local board named below at Red Cross Building, Womble, at 5.P m., on the 26th day of May,1918,
for military duty. 
From and after the day and hour just named you will be a soldier in the military service of the United States. 

W.A. Brakefield 
Member of Local Board for Montgomery County Report to Local Board for Montgomery County. 
Mt. Ida

Date May 17-1918
Form 1028. P.M.G.O. (See Sec. 157, S.S.R.) 3--5115

.WWI Induction record.    Order of Induction 1918. WWI dog tags were round.

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