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Hot Springs High School 1961 Old Gold Yearbook
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Under Construction (partial listing)

This page has just been added. More of the 1961 annual will be added as time allows.

If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly or you find errors.  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to thank Ken Lambert and Don Short for scanning this yearbook and allowing us to use their scans. They have scanned most of the Old Gold Yearbooks and these scanned files on CD-Rom may be viewed at the Melting Pot library.

The Senior Officers were Phillip Lucas (president), Floyd Hays (vice president), Roberta Wulff (secretary), and Alyce Davidson (treasurer).

Adkins, James Richard

Albright, Joyce

Allison, Diane

Atchley, Douglas

Atkinson, Acey Warren

Avant, Delores Ann

Baber, Jerry

Back, James Dale "Jimmy" (2)

Bailey, Shirley Ann

Baldwin, Donald Edwin

Barrett, Jimmy

Bearfield, Marilyn

Beason, Judy

Belding, Judy

Bentz, Barbara Jo

Biggs, Jerri Mae

Birmingham, Charles

Blake, Patty

Bondurant, Richard Steele

Boone, Ebbie L., Jr.

Borman, Claudia Sue

Botter, Bert

Bowen, James Larry

Boyd, Charles

Brackin, Smith

Brammer, Dian

Brawner, Joe D.

Breazeal, Stanley

Breckenridge, Carma

Bright, Carolyn La Nae

Bryant, Sarah Louise

Carpenter, Carol

Cassady, Robert Raymond

Castle, Richard L.

Castleberry, Don

Cates, Marcia

Caudell, Allene    Elizabeth Allene Caudell was born July 31, 1943, and was married to James Dacus. She died January 17, 2014.    Elizabeth Allene Caudell Dacus Obituary

Chambers, Mary Alyce

Cheek, John

Chitwood, Linda Gay

Chitwood, Micheal

Clark, Linda Sue

Cochran, George Edward

Cockrell, Linda

Coffey, Donna (2)

Cogburn, Don

Cole, William B.

Collier, Richard Allen

Confer, Angela

Conner, Howard

Cook, Gene

Cooley, Sandra

Coons, Pat

Coulter, William Edward

Cox, Margie

Craig, John Gerald "Jerry"

Crawford, Don P.

Dacus, Mike

Davidson, Alyce Dayne    Treasurer

Denison, Everett

Denton, Hiram

Dobry, Mitchell

Dorough, Donald Ray

Douglas, James

Dowling, Trelleya

Edmiaston, Aubrey Jean

Edwards, Ronnie

Elfter, Thomas Perry

Ellis, John

Ellis, Mike Reed

Erich, Carol

Feezell, Cindy

Ferari, Richard

Fickle, Jay T.

Flowers, Albert

Forsyth, Lucy Fay

Francis, Lana Kathryn

Fuller, Judy Elaine

Gardner, Sandra

Garner, Donna

Garner, Joyce Ellen

Garrett, Nelda Jo

Garrett, Tommy

Gentry, Sonny

Gideon, Jess A.

Glasgow, Robert R.

Glover, Richard Dale

Glover, Sue Kathleen

Golden, Donnie

Goldman, Daniel C.

Gordon, Paulette

Graham, Anita

Graves, Charles Tony

Graves, Margaret Hope

Graves, Ronald

Greeson, Jackie

Groom, Retha Earline

Gross, Carroll

Guest, Vivienne

Gunter, Vicki Ann

Hand, Jeanene

Hannah, Lou Annette

Hardage, Pat

Hardin, Barbara

Hardin, Betty

Hardister, J. D.

Harris, W. B., III

Hays, Floyd Jefferson, Jr.    Vice President (2)    Floyd Jefferson Hays Jr. was born May 22, 1943, and died November 9, 2014.    Floyd Jefferson Hays Jr. Obituary

Henderson, Myron R.

Hensley, Mary Love (2)

Herrington, Joe

Hesselbein, Patsy

Hickox, Morris

Hill, Charles Edward

Hill, Larry

Hill, Nancy Ann

Hix, Betty

Hobgood, Annette

Hogaboom, Lindrell

Holt, Sharon

Horne, Patsy Jane

Houghton, Kathryn Ella (2)

Housley, Jeanne Elizabeth

Huggs, Linda

Hughen, Raymond

Hughes, Billy

Hunter, Dwight Earl

Hurst, Arnold

Husbands, Jimmy C.

Huxtable, Nina Jean

Hyde, Patricia A.

Ingram, Sharon Anne

Jackson, Betty

Jackson, Woodrow

James, William Benard

Jenkins, Margaret

Jennings, Dolores

Jines, Winona Sue

Johnson, Faye

Jones, Nancy

Jones, Patricia Eileen

Jordan, Sophie

Joyce, Janice Antoinette (2)

Kahn, Roger

Kallsnick, Sue Carol

Kemp, Leslie C.

Kidd, John Robert

Kilby, Howard Lee (2)

Kimball, Charmayne B.

King, Gloria Jean (2)

Kolean, Jan

Kolster, Donnie

Kupersmith, Shelly

Kurinec, Frank (2)

Lamb, Janice Charolette

Lammer, Kenneth D.

Langston, Frankie

Lawhorne, Ronnie

Leipper, Robert

Lewis, Jimmy

Lindsey, Lynda

Lockwood, Helen

Lollis, Mollie

Lovelady, Ernest

Lowder, Phillip Lee

Lowrey, Sallye Frances (2)

Loyd, Martha Lynn

Lucas, Phillip    President

Lyell, Van

Lynch, Mary

Lynch, Warren A.

Magby, Betty

Manatt, Robert Eugene

Manning, Harold

Marrall, Patricia Ann    Patricia Ann was born December 21, 1943, and was married to Gordon French. She died January 8, 2014.   Patricia Ann Marrall French Obituary

McAdams, Joe Bob

McCauley, Bob

McCauley, Patty

McClard, Joe Davis    Joe McClard was born July 11, 1943, and died October 9, 2013. Joe McClard Obituary

McCormick, Rudy

McCutcheon, Tommy

McElvaine, Jean Lela

McGuire, Ronnie

McKinney, Phyllis Rhea

McMoran, Billy

McWha, Mike

Merritt, Pat

Metcalf, Jackie

Moore, Ruth Diane

Moran, Mary Inas

Morrison, Marilyn

Mosier, Tony

Mullican, Mickey

Musil, Rosalyn Carole (2)

Myers, Lynn Suzette (2)

Nangle, M. Eileen

Neal, Linda

New, Adonna Kaye (2)

O'Neal, Pat

Outler, Susan

Owens, Jackie

Palmer, Preston Buddy

Parker, Larry J.

Parnell, Claudia

Paslay, Doris

Patterson, Helen

Patton, Patricia Ruth

Pattyn, Becky

Payte, Vicky

Phillips, Karen Teresa

Phillips, Paula Sue

Pickering, Rhoda Laverne

Pinson, Rosemary

Pogue, Donnie

Powell, Danny

Puckett, Jennetta

~ to be continued ~

Sears, Ann

Seaton, Guy R., III (2)

Shields, Jerilynne

Shillito, Ray

Shreve, Mary

Sigman, John Herbert

Simkins, Shirley

Simmons, Tommy

Sims, Carolyn Dickey

Small, Carolyn Sue

Small, Paul

Smith, Anne Gill

Smith, Don R.

Smith, Kathy    Kathryn Smith was born August 4, 1942, and died August 4, 2014.    Kathryn Smith Campbell Rider Obituary

Smith, Vicki Sharon

Snowden, Dubby

Snyder, Mike

Standafer, Patricia

~ to be continued ~

Vann, Josephine (2)

Wulff, Roberta    Secretary