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Ouachita County

Early Businesses & Professionals

This is a 'work in progress'. My goal is to compile a list of early businesses and professionals in Ouachita County. I have included names of owners when known, (owners names in boldface) the location, and any tidbits I have found in the records. Often the year the business was established or the professional began practice is unknown and I have included the earliest year I have found in records where noted. If you have additions or corrections, please contact Carol Smith.

Early Businesses Professionals 1900 Business Directory

1923 Business Directory

Early Businesses

Abel & Co - Druggists, Chidester, ca. 1900

Agee, J. K. - Tinsmith, Camden, ca. 1900

Agee, J. M. - Blacksmith & Wagon Maker, Camden, 1900

Agee, P. - General Store, Lilley, ca. 1900

Agee, Phillip - tannery, mid 1800's

A&H Ready To Wear, Cullendale, Camden, ca. 1950's

Allen,Ed A. -Commission merchant and General Dealer in Plantation supplies, facing the Steamboat Landing ca. 1860

Ambrotypist & Daguerrean Artist, Camden, AR  May 1856

American Hotel kept by Mrs. M. B. Elliott (George W. Elliott in 1847)

Arkansas & Texas Consolidated Ice & Coal Co., James R. Connole, Manager

Arkansas Coal, Gas & Fire - Lester, ca. 1900

Arkansas Missouri Lumber Company, Camden, ca. 1920's

Armfield, J. L. - General Store, Buena Vista, ca. 1900

Armour Packing Company, ca. 1901

Arntman Bookstore & Billiards, Camden, ca. 1900

Arrington, Nick and Bob - early merchants - N. O. Arrington, Dry Goods, 1851

Avera, J. A. - Druggist , ca. 1861

Avery & Co., Dry Goods & Grocer, Camden, ca. 1860

Bacon, J. L. - General Store, Lunet, ca. 1900

Barnett, W. D. - Druggist

Bartlett, L. - Hotel

Beaver Lumber Company - Bearden, ca. 1900

Belk Jones Department Store, corner of Adams & Jefferson, Camden

Belzner & Co. - Saloon, Camden, ca. 1900

Bennett House - Hotel, Camden, ca. 1900

Bennett, W. W. - Dry Goods ca. 1845

Benton, J. G. - General Store, Sayre, ca. 1900

Berg Brothers - Dry Goods, Camden, ca. 1900

Berg Jewelry Store, Adams St., Camden

Birnback, Jno - Tailor, Camden, ca. 1900

Bird, Oscar - Grocery, Camden, ca. 1926-28

Blake, E. H. - Furniture Store, Stephens, ca. 1900

Block & Feibleman - Merchants, ca. 1861

Block, Solomon - confectioner, ca. 1859

Bracy, W. F. - Druggist, ca 1868

Bradley Ferry - crossed down river from Camden

Bragg, Mrs. C. T. - Hotel, Stephens, 1900

Breathurst, A. - General Store, Saw Mill - Ogemaw, ca. 1900

Brewer, E. T. J. - Barber - Camden, ca. 1900

Brewster, W. - Barber, Stephens, ca. 1900

Briton Gravel Company, Camden, ca. 1920's

Broadnax & O'Connor - Blacksmith, Camden, ca. 1900

The Brooks - Hotel - 2 story brick, owned by J. M. Brooks (By 1900 W. N. Ketchum was proprietor)

Brooks, J. M. - Dry Goods & Grocer , Camden, ca. 1860

Brown, G. W. - Ouachita Poultry Yard

Brown, Graham - Banker ca. before the Civil War

Brown & Sons, J. W. - Hardware, Machinery and Belting, ca. 1861

Brown, Jr., J. W. - Realty company ca 1903

Bry & Brothers - Wholesale Dry Goods, ca. 1861

Buchanan & Graham - Merchants, ca. 1868

Burris, H. M. - Grocer, Stephens, 1900

Bustin, J. R. & Company - Wholesale dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Court House Square, Washington Street, ca. 1871

Butler, Raymond and Hill Ezra - early partners in a mercantile business

Butter Nut Bakery - Brought to Camden in 1928 by Hugh Hopkins. Later owned by the George Petrishack from Poland and a partner.

Calloway, J. W. & Co., - Warehouse and Commission Merchants, Staple and Fancy Groceries, "Star" Warehouse, ca. 1817

Camark Pottery, Camden, AR - owner Samuel Jacob "Jack" Carnes, ca. 1926

Camden Bakery - White, J. H.

Camden Baker & Confectionary - W. M. Griffin 14 Feb 1856

Camden Beacon - Newspaper, Camden, ca. 1900 - W. P. Holmes, Editor

Camden Bottling Company - John Austin, manager and S. L. Gordon, proprietor , ca. 1900

Camden Broom Factory - D. W. Brummet, President

Camden Business College - established by Lavina Marshall,  was located above the Merchants & Planters Bank on the corner of Washington and Adams Street.

Camden Compress Company -J. W. Brown, President - 20,000 bales a season

Camden First National Bank, ca. 1859

Camden Foundry Company - ca. 1850's - an iron and brass foundry. They made La Grange and Jeter Plows. During the Civil War the Foundry manufactured artillery, shells, shot and harness. Very few guns were made.

Camden Furniture Company, owned by Matt Rothert, Camden, ca. 1926

Camden Hospital, ca. 1927, corner of Dolphin & Banner, Camden

Camden Ice & Refrigeration Company - J. G. Hicks, President (with a 20 ton machine)

Camden Lumber Co., Elliott,, ca. 1903

Camden Lumber Company, Jackson St., Camden, ca. 1940

Camden Machine & Supply Company, ca. 1900 , C. C. Rose, manager

Camden Manufacturing Company of D. W. Chandler & Co.

Camden Music & Machine Co., E. M. Brown, J. W. Brown and W. M. Hatley

Camden National Bank, ca. 1900 , A. A. Tufts, cashier

Camden Shingle Mill of R. D. Newton & Company

Camden Tin Factory, J. S. Knowles  24 April 1856

Camden Water , Light and Power Company, H. T. Atwater, Manager, ca. 1900

Camp, W. W. - Blacksmith - Barham, ca. 1900

Campbell, C. W. - General Store & Saw Mill, ca. 1903 - Ogemaw

Carriage Shop on the Hill, M J Wilson Co. - Benjamin D. Hill and Samuel Chase

Carson Department Store, Camden, ca. 1920's

Cash, William A. "Gus" - Mr. Cash and his wife the former Alice Smith) began a small dairy business in 1919. The dairy is famous for having the first milking machines in the county. They started the dairy with 75 head of jersey cattle and 2 delivery trucks. The dairy was successful until the 1933 tornado that destroyed the home and many other important buildings. The road where the dairy was located has since been renamed Cash Road.

Central Hotel - Bearden, ca. 1900

Chandler, D. W. - Grocers and Agents for the Ouachita Consolidated Line of Steamboats, ca. 1861

Chase & Wilson Carriage Factory, Camden, ca. 1858 (formerly Chase & Hill ca. 1853) Samuel Case

Chidester Livery Stable, Jefferson St., Camden - Frank B. Chidester, owner - present location of Farmer's Bank & Trust, ca. late 1800's

Chidester, Rapley & Company, stagecoach lines, owned by Col. John T. Chidester, Camden, ca.1850's

City Barber Shop, D. C. Gatlin, owner, Camden, ca. 1900

Clement, W. A. - Barber - Bearden, ca. 1900

Clifford, Henry- Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Brandies, Wines on Washington Street, Camden, ca. 1871

Clifford House - 1-8-1872 Hotel

Clifford's Saloon, Camden, ca. 1871

Clifton, Edward - Machine Shop

Clifton, Nathan - Carpenter and Contractor, ca 1860

Coca Cola Bottling Company, E. Jefferson St., Camden, ca. early 1900's

Collier, J. P. - Butcher, Stephens, ca. 1900

Commercial Hotel 1859, located on Polk Street opposite B. D. Chase & Bros. Carriage Works, near steam boat landing.

Confectionery & Candy Manufactory Under the Hill, A. Stapp, Camden, 18 April 1856

Constitution Eagle, Newspaper owned by Dr. Hobson, ca. 1865-1867

Copeland's Department Store - former local business that operated for 55 years. Originally owned and operated by E. W. Copeland and R. T. Lockett. Located on Jefferson Street (Farmer's Bank & Trust is located on the town lot presently). The store later moved onto Washington Street (presently across the road from where Bank's Jewelers has it's business). Operated from 1911-1966.

Cotton Belt Lumber Co., Bearden, ca. 1903

Cotton Belt Railroad Depot, Washington St., Camden, ca. 1903

Crowell & Co. , E. C. - Shoe Dealers ca 1903

Culp & Floz, General Store, Eagle Mills - ca. 1900

Dan Cook's Office Products/Printers, Camden ca. 1954

Dandy, H. F. - Carpenter, Stephens, ca. 1900

Darby, Mrs. L. H. - Milliner

Delmonico Restaurant, Camden, ca. 1900 - J. C. Taylor, Owner

Dews, J. - Wholesale Lumber, Camden, ca. 1900

Dickinson, Mrs. M. A. - Milliner - Bearden, ca. 1900

Diffee & Son - Grist Mill, Lunet, ca. 1900

Dixie Barber Shop,Camden, ca. 1921

Dixie Drug, ca. 1936

Dodge, John - Jeweler - ca. 1861

Dowdell Opera House, Camden, ca. 1900

Dunn, J. A. - Camden, ca. 1900 - Saloon

Eagle Lumber Co., - Saw Mill - Eagle Mills, ca. 1903

Eason, B. - Grocer, Bearden, ca. 1900

Edwards, H. - Grocer, Stephens, ca. 1900

Edwards-Umstead Motor Company - Dodge Dealership, ca. 1927

Elliott Brothers - Grocers, Stephens, ca. 1900

Elliott, M. A. - Druggist, Camden, ca. 1900

Etter, Charles - Tavern and the American House (Inn) under the hill, ca. 1845

Evans, W. M. - Veterinary- Camden, ca. 1900

Fancher & Gaylord, New Goods,successor of Vaughan & Co. (Ed Fancher early merchant)

Fellows & Co., Dry Goods and Groceries, opposite the Steamboat Landing ca. 1860

Felsenthal & Company, Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Elliott Block, ca. 1868

Felton, Dan & Beern - Merchant, ca. 1868

Ferguson & Co., Dry Goods & Grocer, ca. 1860

Feaster, Charles - Restaurant, Camden, ca. 1900

Fort, H. F. - Grocer, Camden, ca. 1900

Foster, A. - Grocer, Stephens, ca. 1900

Freeman-Smith Lumber Company, Millville, Arkansas (near Bearden), ca. 1903

Freidheim, Aaron - Dry Goods and Groceries, Washington Street, ca. 1868

French Creek Lumber Company, Chidester, ca. 1903

Fugitt, B. M. & Company, -Variety Store on the hill, opposite the Journal Office, ca. 1871

Fultz, D. W. - Grocer, Bearden, ca. 1900

Furr, D. O. - Grocer, ca. 1868

Futtrell, W. D. - Grocer, Stephens, ca. 1900

F. W. Woolworth Store, Washington St., Camden, ca. 1935

Gammill, J. H. - Store, near Millville, ca. early 1900's (near Bearden)

Gardner & Company, Druggist, Stephens, ca. 1900

Gatlin, J. C. - Druggist - Bearden, ca. 1900

Gatlin, W. - General Store, Bearden, ca. 1900

Gatling Brothers - men's clothing store early 1900's

Gaughan, D. L. - General Store, Van Duzer, ca. 1900

Generally, Mrs. E. - Hotel - Ogemaw, ca. 1900

George & Toney, Dry Goods, Groceries, opposite the Court House, Camden, ca. 1871

George, H. K. & Co. - Merchants, ca. 1868

Gholson, R. A. - Confectioner, Camden, ca. 1900

Gilchrist Bag Company, Camden

Glass Hat - a bar during the 1940's was housed on Adams Avenue on a second floor of one of the businesses. It was across from Watt's Department Store

Goldtest Ice Cream Co., E. Washington St., Camden, ca. 1930

Gooderson Grocery and Doggery

Gordon, C. S. - Confectioner, Camden, ca. 1900

Gordon, D. W. - Grocer, Camden, ca. 1900

Grant, Green  Livery Stables

Grapette Co.,- owner - Benjamin Tyndle (B. T.) Fooks, E. Grinstead St., Camden - ca. 1926

Grayson, J. C. - General Store, Barham, ca. 1900

Grayson, J. T. - Grist Mill, Chidester, ca. 1900

Grayson & Reeder, Sawmill, Stephens, ca. 1903

Graves, William - Sawmill, Buena Vista, ca. 1900

Green, A. L. - General Store, Chidester, ca. 1900

Green, Jim - Grocer , ca. 1868

Griffin, W. A. & Co., Wholesale and retail Dealers in Wines and Brandies, Washington Street, Camden, ca. 1871

Griffin, William - Baker, ca. 1868

Hale & Mendenhall - Contractors & Builders, Camden, ca. 1900

Hale, M. D. - Saw Mill - Lufra, ca. 1900

Hale's Drug Store, Stephens, 1890's

Haley - Variety Store - ca. 1868

Hardy, O. D. , Druggist ca 1903

Harper (Physician) owned a drug store next door to the Sanitary Cafe during the 1940's. Building presently houses Bank's Sewing Center (owner Don Banks)

Harper & Belkey, wholesale liquors, wines and cigars, Camden, ca. 1900

Harrell Field - Airport, ca. 1941

Harris, E. J. - Confectioner, Camden, ca. 1900

Harvey's Grocery, near Camden, ca. 1941

Harwell & Ponder, Druggists, ca. 1861

Hattox Saloon, ca. 1860

Hawkins & Stubbs, Tonsolrial Artist, Camden Arkansas

Heilbronn, M. H. - Baker and Confectioner, one door above Kershaw & Winter, Washington St., Camden, ca. 1871

Henry, J. T. & Co. - General Store, Eagle Mills, ca. 1900

Hill, E. & Co. ca 1854 (this is owned by Ezra Hill)

Hill, J. & Co. - Dry Goods & Grocer - Camden, ca. 1860

Hill, Tyra & Goddard - Merchant, ca. 1868

Hodges, Dick - Baker & Dry Goods & Grocer - Camden, ca. 1860 - Dick Hodges was assisted by his slave Walker

Hodnett, Green & Kellam - Dry Goods, ca. 1861

Holleman & Gee Grocery, northeast corner of Adams & Jefferson, Camden, ca. late 1800's

Hollis & Co., Dry Goods & Grocer, ca. 1860

Holton & Lester, General Store, Stephens, ca. 1900

Hotel Bearden - Bearden, ca. 1900

Howard, W. B. - General Store, Sayre, ca. 1900

Hudson, Jimmy - Merchant, ca. 1868

Huey, A. S. & Co. - Grocers ca. 1861

Hurley Company, Inc. and Hurley Press, Camden

Ingram, E. T. - Grocer - Bearden, ca. 1900

International Paper Company,Camden, (Cullendale) First rolls of paper manufactured on February 9, 1928

Iron Mountain Railway, Camden

Jackson, T. L. & Company - Dry Goods, Camden, Ca. 1900

Jacobs, H. - Dry Good, Camden, ca. 1900

James Brothers ( Francis Marion, George & Valentine Washington James )  - General Store, Millville, ca. 1874

James, V. W. - Grist Mill and Cotton Gin, Millville, ca. 1900

Jarinkes & Arendt - Merchant Tailors, Camden, ca. 1900

The Jewel - coffee house and billiards, Elliot & Portis

Johnson, J. F. - Grocer & Dry Goods, Camden, ca. 1860

Johnson, W. M. - Saw Mill, Tremont, ca. 1900

Jones, J. W. & P. C. - Shingle Mill - Ogemaw, ca. 1900

Jordan, A. T. - Meats(Butcher) Bearden, ca. 1900

Jordan, J. H. - Jeweler - Bearden, ca. 1900

Jordan's Restaurant, ca. 1940's (Later known as Snappy Service)

Juniel, J. W. - Grist Mill - Bearden, ca. 1900

Kellam, Frank - Dealer in all kinds of Garden Seeds, Country Produce, Washington St., Camden, ca. 1871

Kellam, George & Co., - warehouse, ca. 1868

Keller & Tamm Mfg. Co. established 1844, W. Downs Manager Camden Branch, Oak & Hickory spokes with main office in St. Louis, Mo.

Kennedy, J. W. - Grocer, Camden, ca. 1900

Kershaw, J. H. - Dry Goods and Grocery Merchant, Washington St., Camden, ca. 1871

Kilmer, E. P. - Lunch Room, Camden, ca. 1900

Kingwell, J. W. - Cabinets and Upholstery lines, moss shuck, hair and spring mattresses and burial cases, ca. 1858

Klock & Co. - Owned by P. Z. Klock, T. N. Lightfoot and E. N. Sifford ,- Contractors, sash,  door, and blind factory, ca. 1859

Knowles, J. S. - Tin shop, ca. 1800's (manufacturer of articles made of tin and copper)

Lagrone, R. J. - General Store - Louann ca. 1900

Lazarus, John - Merchant, ca. 1861

Lazrus House - Hotel, Camden, ca. 1900

Leak, Charles & Goddard - Merchants, ca. 1868

Leake-Ingram Library, Camden

Lee Hop - Laundry, Camden, ca. 1900

Lee, Tom - Cobbler, ca. 1868

Legg, J. N. & Co - Dry Goods, Camden, ca. 1900

Lerenducer, J. A. & Co., - Grocers - Lilley, ca. 1900

Lester Mill Company - Saw Mill, ca. 1903, Lester, Ouachita Co., Arkansas

Levy, S. - Auctioneer, dealer in Dry Goods, Furniture, Washington Street, Camden, ca. 1871

Lide, Orlando L. - Merchant -late 1800's - Lide & Brothers

Lightfoot, Tin - Sash, door, and blind factory, ca 1860's

Lindsey, A. P. - P. M., ca. 1901 - Bearden

Lindsey, E. H. - Justice of the Peace, Bearden, ca. 1900

Lockhart, J. D. - Druggist, Camden, ca. 1900

Lockett & Copeland Dry Goods, Camden, ca. 1930's

Lone Pine Ferry, crossed the river above Sandy Beach near the present HWY 7 Bridge, Camden

Macklin, J. D. - Barber, Camden, ca. 1900

Malco Theatre, Adams Ave., Camden, opened 07-06-1950

Mann Chevrolet Company, ca. 1927

Marshall, R. L. -Merchant, ca. 1868

Martin, Mrs. May V. - Dressmaker, Camden, ca. 1900

Matlock, Gey - Merchant, ca. 1868

Matlock, John - Faming Implements 1856 and cotton warehouse owner

McCullough Livery, corner of Jefferson & Madison, Camden, ca. 1920's

McCollum, Goddard & Co. - Dry Goods & Grocer, Camden, ca. 1860

McCollum, Peter - General Store - ca. 1845

McGill, M. W. - General Store - Lunet, ca. 1900

McIntyre, M. & M - Saloon, Camden, ca. 1900, M. Carr, manager

McKee, J. R. & Co - The Southerland House

McKenzie, J. M. - blacksmith, Lunet, ca. 1900

McRae, W. E. and Company - General Store, Camden, Ca. 1900

McVicar & Houston, Billiard Hall, Camden, ca. 1900

Medlock, J. H. & Company, General Store, Stephens, ca. 1900

Mendenhall, J. D. - Dry Goods & Grocer, Camden, ca. 1860

Merchants & Planters Bank, Camden - Directors J. G. Scales, Peter McCollum, L. E. Case, C. M. Hervey, John Matlock, President, John Brown, Secretary & Treasury - Jan 1 1855

Meredith, T. H. - Hotel, Ogemaw, ca. 1900

Merrill & McGill Mills, Camden, ca. 1866 - woolen mill

Missouri Mill Company - Sawmill, ca. 1903, Sayre, Ouachita County, Arkansas

Mitchell & Goodgame, Sawmill and General Store, Bearden, ca. 1903

Morgan, A. L. - Rexall Drug Store, on the NW corner of Washington & Adams, Camden ca. 1900 (Later known as Patrick-Smead Drug Store)

Morgan, Frank - Livery Stables

Morgan, H. P. & Co. - Grocers - Stephens

Morgan, J. M. - Hardware, Camden, ca. 1930's

Morgan, Lee - Dealer in Groceries and Plantation supplies, next door to Clifford's Saloon, Camden, ca. 1871

Morgan & Lindsey, corner of Adams & Jefferson, Camden

Myar, H. W. - General Store, Camden, ca. 1900

Naval Ammunition Depot, ca. 1944 , purpose was to produce rockets for the Armed Forces

Neimeyer Lumber Company

Newhouse & Brothers, Dealers in Dry Goods & Groceries, Washington St., Camden, ca. 1871

Newton Hotel, Camden, ca. 1930's

Norman, E. S. - General Store, Bearden, ca. 1900

Nunn, Ira - Commission Merchant, ca. 1861

Oakland Farm- owner Judge Frank Tate, Ouachita County

O. K. Supermarket, Cullendale, Camden ca. 1940's

Onalaska General Store, Lilley, ca. 1900

Onalaska Lumber Co., Onalaska, (near Lilley ) Ouachita Co., Arkansas, ca. 1903

Ouachita House kept by Mrs. Robinson (in 1859 Stone & Pope operated the stage office out of this business)

The Ouachita - Hotel - 3 story owned by Buchanan, W. G.

Ouachita County Hospital, hilltop of California Ave., Camden, ca. 1952 - Land donated by Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Berg and Mr. & Mrs. G. S. Rumph

Ouachita Herald, Newspaper, founded by Joshua Ruth, Camden, ca. March 19, 1846

Ouachita Hotel, Adams St., Camden, ca 1900 - Alex Dryburg, manager

Ouachita Lumber Company, Ogemaw, ca. 1903

Ouachita Telephone Co., R. A. Puryear ca 1903

Ouachita Valley Bank, corner of Washington & Adams, ca. 1890, W. K. Ramsey, cashier

Ouachita Valley Poultry Farm - Camden, ca. 1900 - George W. Brown, proprietor

Overton, Jesse - Gunsmith 1860's

Pace & Shippey, Wholesale and Retail Druggists, Washington Street, Camden, ca. 1871

Packard, Ewell Wilbur - Dean of the Camden News circa 1910. He formerly was an employee of the Eagle Democrat and is believed to be the first linotype operator.

Parker & Waters Foundry & Machine Shop, ca. 1901

Parker, John Nunn - Sawmill & Cotton Gin, northside of Chidester Hwy about 3 miles west of Camden, ca. early 1900's

Parker, W. L. - Dry Goods, Stephens, ca. 1900

Parr, J. S. - General Store, ca. 1900 - Liberty

Parr, J. W. - General Store, ca. 1900 - Liberty

Parr, William - Grocer, ca. 1845

Parr, W. P. & Company - Grocers, Stephens, ca. 1900

Paschal's Saloon on Adams St.

Patrick & Smead Drug Store, owned by Duard J. Patrick and Bill Smead, ca. 1925..originally on the NW corner of Washington & Adams Streets. Patrick bought Smead out and it operated as Patrick's Drug Store during the 30's and early 40's. In 1946 Mr. Patrick relocated to the former location of the Sanitary Cafe on the North Side of Washington Street.

Pen, W. & Company- Grocers, Stephens, ca. 1900

Phillips, C. E. - Banker - Washington St., Camden, ca. 1871

Phoenix Tin-Ware Manufactory, Washing St. 1854 owned by W. R. (Pap) Simmons

Pickett & Boddie - Grocers, Camden, ca. 1900

Pierce, L. R. - Grocer, Stephens, ca. 1900

Pippen, E. S. - Racket Store, Camden, ca. 1900

Pippen, E. S. - Window Shades, Wall Paper, Matting and Rugs ca 1903

Planters Hotel - J. D. Rimes Owner ca. 1845

Pope & Mitchell, Livery and Sales Stable, opposite Post Office on Washington St., Camden, ca. 1871

Port of Camden, ca. 1823

Porter, J. A. - General Store - Ogemaw, ca. 1900

Powell & Co., Dry Goods & Grocer, Camden, ca. 1860

Proctor & Co., Dry Goods & Grocer, Camden, ca. 1860

Proctor Funeral Home, Camden

Proctor Furniture Store, Camden, ca. 1900 owned by J. A. Proctor

Puryear & Ritchie, fire and accident insurance

Randall, C. H. - Grocer, Camden, ca. 1900

Razorback Drive In, Camden, ca. 1968

Reed, D. W. - Blacksmith, Bearden, ca. 1900

Reeves, O. C. and Son, Camden - General Store, ca. 1900 - Dry Goods & Groceries ca 1903

Reeves & McCarver - Livery, Camden, ca. 1900

Richie, Louis - Dry Goods, Camden, ca. 1900

Riley, J. T. - Grocer, ca. 1845

Ritchie Grocery Company, Camden, ca. 1861 ( In 1900 George L. Ritchie, owned a General Store)

Roberts, Polk - Furniture Store, Camden, ca. 1900

Rosenburg - Merchant, ca. 1868

Ross & Hildebrand - General Store, Buena Vista, ca. 1900

Ross, Henry - Merchant, ca. 1868

Ross, W. F. - General Store - Buena Vista, ca. 1900

Rowland Cotton Warehouse, Camden, ca. 1917

Rumph, George D. and Gee, Charles D.  Dealers in General Merchandise

Rushing & Company - General Store and Saw Mill, Chidester, ca. 1900

Russell & Co.,Merchants, ca. 1868

Rux & Minteau - Merchants, ca. 1868

Saddlery, Peter McCollum & Co.

Sanitary Cafe - located on Washington Street (presently where the Book & Frame Shop operates). Began operation in the 1940's and through the war years. Owned by O. C. Oliphant and his brother Bob Oliphant helped operate it. It was open 24 hours a day. Above the cafe construction workers on the Naval Ammunition Depot were housed.

Savers, F. M. - Tailor

Sawyer, B. - Dry Goods, Camden, ca. 1900

Sayre Lumber Company, General Store and Saw Mill, Sayre, ca. 1900

Scales, J. G. - Fancy & Staple Dry Goods 1856

Schafer, E. A.  - Wholesale and retail lumber dealer

Schilling, Furniture Store owned by Max Schilling

School of Shorthand & typewriting, Miss Etta Crow

W. Sells & Co., Camden 24 April 1856

Shackleford, James - owned a grist mill ca 1850 (10 miles west of Camden)

Shackleford, Mrs. S. E. - Hotel, Ogemaw, ca. 1900

Shores, Henry - shoe and boot maker, ca 1800's

Sigenfield, S. C. - Carpenter, Millville, ca. 1900

Silliman & Green - Dry Goods & Grocer, Camden, ca. 1860 (John Silliman)

Simmons, W. R. - Tin shop, ca. 1800's (manufacturer of articles made of tin and copper)

Smith & Brothers - General Store, Stephens, ca. 1900

Smith, Dutchman - Blacksmith ca. 1868

Smith, L. D. - Hardware, Stephens, ca. 1914

Smith, W. A. - Grocer, Lilley, ca. 1900; Grist Mill and Cotton Gin - Louann, ca. 1900

Smith, W. R. - Butcher, Camden , ca. 1900

Smith's Men's Store - circa early 1900's

Snider, A. J. - Photographer, Washington St., Camden, ca. 1902

South Arkansas Journal, News Books and Job Printing Establishment, Washington St., Camden, ca. 1871

Southerland House - Hotel , ca. 1859 ran by N W. Hobson - listed 1-8-1872 as run by Frank Ritchie

Southern Tool Company, Camden

Southwest Technical Institute (now Southern Arkansas University-Tech)

Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, 214 Jefferson St., Camden, ca. 1948

Southwestern Telegraph & Telephone Company, ca. 1900 , Camden, J. S. Roberts, Manager

Spain Barber Shop, Adams Ave., Camden, ca. 1950

Spurrier, J. W. - Saw Mill, Camden, ca. 1903

Stapp, A. J. - candy and ice cream ca. before the Civil War

Star Agency, owned by H. B. Robertson, - paint and body shop, garage, ca. 1927

Star Bar & Grill, located next door to the Camden Business College mentioned above.

Starrett, T. C. - Lumber Company, Camden, ca. 1900

States Rights Eagle, Newspaper, founded by Hobson & Eagle, Camden, ca 1857-1861

Stearn & Brothers Meat Market - Dealers in Hides, Wool and Furs, ca. 1873

Stephens Barber Shop, Stephens, ca. 1930

Stewart, Webb - Provisioner

Stiner, J. F. - Saddle and Harness Manufacturer, Washington St., Camden, ca. 1871

Stinger, J. W. - General Store, Bearden, ca. 1900

Stinnett, R. J. - Proprietary Medicines, Lunet, ca. 1900

Stinson, G. H. - Watchmaker and Jeweler (Later Stinson's Jewelry Store), Washington St., ca. 1847

Stokes, W. T - General Store

Stone & Pope's Livery ca 1860 on Washington Street

Stroope, C. S. - Stroope's Baker - started in 1932 is still in operation today and located at 110 Washington Street, Camden, AR

Stubbs, B. J. - Barber, Camden, ca. 1900

SUR WAY Grocery, Camden, ca. 1940

Sweatman, J. H. - Blacksmith - Liberty, ca. 1900

Tate, J. H. - Barber, ca. 1900 - Ogemaw

Tate, R. J. - Saw Mill and General Store at Lunet, ca. 1903

Taylor & Co., Dry Goods and Grocer , ca. 1860

Terminal Hotel, Camden, ca. 1900 - E. R. Kilmer, proprietor

Thall, L. - Grocer, ca. 1868

Thomas, Miss S. A. E. - Milliner - ca. before the Civil War

Thompson's Wagon Works, Camden, ca. 1870

Thomson's, Tom D. Store, Seminary - near Stephens, ca. 1856

Toney & Hodnett, crockery and glassware 1856

Tonny, Stone & Co. - Dry Goods, ca. 1861

Townhouse Motel, corner of Harrison & Jefferson, Camden

Treadaway, E. P. & T. J. - Brick Manufacturers and contractors, Washington St., Camden, ca. 1871

Tufts & Keath, Cotton Gin, Camden, ca. 1900

Valley Home Plantation - owner, Jessie T. McMahan, ca. 1800's

Vaughan, Anna, - Restaurant, Camden, ca. 1900

Vaughan, James - Saloon, Camden, ca. 1900

Vaughan, J. F. - Blacksmith Shop rear of Journal Office, Camden, ca. 1871

Vickers & Co., - Hardware , ca. 1868

Wagoner - Millinery, ca. 1868

Walker Brothers Lumber Company - owned by Walker, J. T. and Walker, F. G.

Watts Department Store formerly M. P. Watts & Brother ca. 1887-1992

Weatherbuster Corporation, manufacturers, Camden

Wells Fargo & Company Express, Adams Ave., Camden

West, Ben F., dealer in guns, ammunition, second had goods and all kinds of sewing machine implements.

West Brothers Department Store, Camden, ca. 1936

White, W - watchmaker and jeweler 1854

White & Scales

Whitehead, C. W. - Shoemaker, Bearden, ca. 1900

Wholesale Druggists, John L. Logan & Nat T. Ponder

Wiggington, T. L. - General Store, Bearden, ca. 1900

Williams & Logan - Commission Merchant - ca. 1861

Williams, Harry - Racket Store & Sewing Machines, Camden, ca. 1900

Williams Roofing Company, Camden ca. 1940

Wilmoth & Cheek - new saddler shop - 1856

Wilson, Prince & Co. - Carriage, wagon and blacksmith shop, ca. 1854 and later known as M. J. Wilson & Company.

Woodland Livery Stable - owned by E. N. Woodland

Word, Nat & Larry Alfred - owned a brickyard ca. 1860

Word, N. S. & Co., - Ford Dealership ca. 1927

Worms, R - mercantile business

Wright, J. - General Store, - Buena Vista, ca. 1900

Wright, J. P. - The Lumber Man

Wright, H. W. - Grist Mill & Cotton Gin, Buena Vista, ca. 1900

**Note: Special thanks to Teresa Harris for her contributions of information for this page.


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