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Ouachita & Calhoun Landowners Whose Lands Were Taken for the Naval Ordnance Plant (Shumaker, AR) in 1944

Copied by Carolyn Cox / Notes in italics added by CC.


(After a lengthy land description)  Your Petitioner further states that the hereinafter-named parties are the ostensible owners of the lands above described, and in addition to the parties named as defendants in the original petition, said ostensible owners are named as parties defendant herein: 


Ables, Aubrey

Ainsworth, Julia Estate, c/o Walter Albert

Allen, O. Estate, c/o Exie Allen

Anderson, A.E.

Anthony, Garland

Anthony Bros. 

Anthony-Jones Lumber Company

Anthony, Oliver

Arnold, Edith I. and Hugh Doyle

Arnold, J.G. and Mary     Joseph Green & Mary Pennington Arnold

Ashley, A.J.

Atterberry. D.O.     Dossie Otis

Avera, Mattie

Barner. N.N.      Non Nicholson

Barner, Rosemary, Bernice, Hays, Mucie, Orland, Joseph, Oscar, Pearl and Ernest

Barner, R.F.      Roland Franklin

Barner, E.J.       Earnest Jean

Barner, Oscar

Barth, Russell

Bass, Oliver P.      Oliver Porter

Bearden, Spec. School

Beaver, W.O.      William Otis

Berg, H.L. and Leo Estate      Henry

Berg, Leo

Bird, Virgil

Bird & Wilson

Blakely, Themon

Bohana, John

Bowers, George

Branson, C.E.

Bridges, Peter M.

Brooks, W.F.

Brown, Gennie and Eloana

Brown, E.M. and H.Lee Mason

Brown, Chloe Calaway

Bryant, O.S.      Oris Sim

Bumpass, Harry Ray

Burgett, T.C. and Effie     Thomas C. & Effie Mae Hubbard Burgett

Burton, Altie

Byars, B.J.     Benjamin Joab

Byars, C.P.    Charles Pinkney

Byars, Mabel and C.E.     Charles Emmett & Mabel Goodman Byars

Byars, W.R         William Rufus

Byrd, Dr. E.J.       Edward Jones

Calaway, Agee Estate

Calaway, Allison A.      Allison Arlington

Calaway, F.F.     Flantis Fortesque

Calaway, J.W.     Jesse Wilson

Calaway, Minnie P.     Minnie Pearl James Calaway

Calaway, Mittie E.       Mittie Pearl, dtr of Minnie Pearl

Calaway, S.I.     Spencer Irksen/Erksen

Calaway, L.      Lonie William

Calaway, M.K., Jr     Martin Kinney

Caldwell, Arch and Sylvester

Carden, O.E.

Carlisle, Dorothy

Carnes, Jack

Carroll, Harris

Cawthon, C.A.      Carl Aubrey

Chambliss, Boss Estate     James Harrison, Jr

Chambliss, D.J.      Drill Joyce

Chambliss, E.M.     Edward Mahand

Chambliss, J.A.      James Alvah

Chambliss, J.H. Estate     James Harrison

Chambliss, J.W. Estate     James William Winfield

Chambliss, Ray

Chambliss, R.D.     Robert Douglas

Chambliss, T.N.      Thomas Nunley

Childers, D.T.      David Thomas

City of Camden

Clay, George      George Henry

Clemens, Herschel and Guy

Coan, J.W., et al

Cook, W.W.

Cook, Jim Estate

Copeland, E.W.      Edgar Wilson

Coston, Bert Estate

Coston, Dock

Coston, Mack      George Mack

Coston, Ott      James Arthur

Cottrell, Emma

Cottrell, P.C. Estate      Ponder

Covington, C.T.      Charles Thomas

Cox, J.L. Estate      Jesse Lee

Cox, Jack      John Carlton

Cranford, Richard

Davis, Albert

Davis, Alford

Defense Plant Corp.

Dewar, Trudie      Gertrude Campbell Dewar

Dickenson, M.A.      Mary A.

Dickinson, O.D. and Ruby

Dumas, W.M. Estate

Duncan, J.H.

Dunn, C.R. Estate      Clide Raiford

Dunn, R.E.L.       Robert Edmond Lee

Dunn, R.W. and Katy Lou      Robert Weldon & Katy Lou Robinson Dunn

Eagle, C.B.      Cawthon

Eagle Mfg. Co.

Easter, Telves and Ronnie

Edwards, T.L. and Ethel

Elliott, Maude

Evans Cemetery

Evans, Ed.      May be Evans Rd; smudged

Evans, C.W. Estate

Evans, Ira L.      Ira Lee

Evans, James C.      James Clifford

Evans, J.H.       James Henry

Evans, John

Evans, Sam

Evans, Sarah

Farm Security Adm.

Fell, A.W.      Anthony

Ferguson, Israel and Viola

Finks, Pearl

Ford, Dallas

Ford, L.E.

Ford, Tinie

Freeman, E.J.      Elijah J.

Freeman, Seymore

Furlow-Abbott Co.

Furlow, H.L.      Herman Larkin

Furlow, W.L.      William Larkin

Galbreath, Ed and Rosa Lee

Gammill, J.J.        Joseph Jeffers

Gammill, William H. and Mamie      William H. & Mamie Johnson Gammill

Garley, R.S.

Gatling, J.A. Estate

Gatling, Mrs. Ola      Ola Walker Gatling

Gaughan, J.E., B.T. Laney, Jr. and J.W. Coan, c/o B.T. Fooks     Ben Travis Laney; Benjamin Tindle Fooks


Gilbert, Ed     Edward C.

Gill, John

Givens, Paul

Goodwin, Hinda

Goodwin, R.L.      Robert Lucian

Goza, S.C.      Sidney Clifford

Graham, Jeff Estate

Grater, Vashitie

Gray, John, et al

Green, Cato

Green, John Anderson

Green, Robert

Green, Sallie and Jessie

Griffith, Maybelle

Grigsby, Grady, H.J. and Mamie Sutton

Grisham, Loy      Loyd Lavis

Grisham, Hattie      Hattie Green Grisham

Grisham, Walter

Hamilton, Grant and Pearl

Harbour, E.M. and Hoy      Mitchell Elmore Harbour & son Hoy

Hardiman, Robert L.

Harper, Garland

Harrell, Ewell      Houston Ewell

Harrell, Haywood       Floyd Hayward

Harrell, H.H.and Hattie      Harvey Hinson & Harriett Johnson Harrell

Harrell, W.T.      William Thomas

Harris, Joe

Harrison, Henry

Hathcock, Mary

Hathcock, Mary E. and Mose Proffitt      Mary Emma Proffitt Hathcock

Hawkins, James

Hayes, Mertie and W.L.

Haynie & Westfall

Hays, J.H.

Hazlett, Dora

Heltzell, Tilden

Hempstead, Barney

Hildreth, Mary Frances

Hill, Catherine

Hirsch, Henry and I. Estate

Hollingsworth, Alberta

Hollis, Fred

Holmes, Cleve

Holton, Ruth

Horton, Tollie

Hurst, J.C.      John C.

International Paper Co.

Inzer, W.D.

Jackson, John Estate

Jackson, Lovic and Frances     Lovic Richard & Frances Vaughan Jackson

Jackson, Noah

James, A.S.      Arthur St Clair 

James, G.C., G.N., J.M., M.B., and W.A.    Garland Cosmo, Geo Nathaniel, John Nunnally, Mose Bland, Wm Aubrey, sons of Francis Marion James         


James, G.J., et al        Gideon Johnson

James, G.N.      George Nathaniel

James, L.A. Estate      Lawrence A.

James, R.I.      Robert Ivan

James, Robert

Johnson, Artie

Johnson, Cicero

Johnson, Freddie       Freddie Bill

Johnson, Harvey

Johnson, H.C.     

Johnson, H.S.      Hugh Sanborn

Johnson, Nancy, Jesse Ollie

Johnson, Wiley

Johnson, W.R.      William Robert

Johnston, Len

Jones, C.E.      Charles Emmett

Jones, E.

Jones, F.O.      Frederick Oscar

Jones, W.S.      Willie Stewart

Jordan, Ellen and Mildred Gatling

Kelly, Fred

Keystone Lumber Co.

King, Garfield

Langford, Will and Herbert Miles

Lasiter, B.B. Estate

Levy, Mrs. Blanche

Leake, Will

Leysath, E.J.

Lindsey, A.C. and Blanche      Almeth Clayton & Blanche Reddin Lindsey

Lindsey, A.G. and Nellie       Arthur Grover & Millie Brown Lindsey

Lindsey, E.P.       Edmund Pink

Lindsey, Doyle

Lindsey, Dumas

Lindsey, F.E.     Fernando E.

Lindsey, G.A.       George Albert

Lindsey, L.O.      Leonard Alington

Lindsey, Lucien      Lucien Orlando

Lindsey, Louie and Aubrey

Lindsey, Millard L.

Lindsey, M.L.        Marion Lafayette

Lindsey, R.L.      Robert Edward Lee

Lindsey, W.W.       William Walter

Linebarier, Lou Estate

Link, E.

Loda, Mrs. D.

Lucas, A.W.

Lyell, J.S.

Lyon, R.N., Jr      Risley Newton

Mason, H. Lee and E.W. Brown

Massey, Robert Estate

Marks, Q.D. Estate      Quitman Davis

Martin, Mack

Mays, Elmer and Clara    Elmer Gardner & Clara Belle Silliman Mays

Meadows, Marshall

Meek, A.N. Estate

Merritt, Charles Estate

Merritt, Benjamin

Misenheimer, J.A.

Mitchell, Johnie

Mitchell, Fred

Mitchell, J.W.

Mizell, A.J.

Mizell, C.A.      Clarence

Mizell, H.W.      Herchel W.

Molette, Willie

Moon, J.O.      John O’Neal

Moore, Andrew and Beatrice

Moore, Juanita

Murphree, Mrs. J.Q.

Murphy, Lois

Murry, J.G.

McKnight, Paul H.

McKnight & Rosen

McLendon, C.E. Estate      Charles

McLeod, Helen

Nelson, A.H. and Myrtle

Nelson, Lena

Noah, W.A.       William Arthur

Oliver, Allen

Oliver, Marvin E.

Owens, Henrietta       Nancy Henrietta James Owens

Owens, Willie P.

Parham, Ray (sold to Carroll Harris)

Parker, Pauline R.

Paulman, Artie      Artie Ausbon

Pedron, Amos and Levonia

Penny, Malvern and Deanie

Peterman, C.D.      Clarence

Proffitt, Mose

Proffitt, Norman

Reynolds, J.D. Co.

Riedelbouch, Fred P.

Ritchie, B.M.      Benton Means

Ritchie, George L. Estate

Ritchie, Susie G and Ella J. Gordon

Ritchie, Susie G. and Mildred G. Horne

Roark, Truman

Robertson & Berg

Robertson, Carl H.

Robertson, S.B.

Robinson, Tennie

Rockwell Mfg. Co.

Rumph, G.S.      Garland

Russell, G.W.      George Ware

Russell, J.C. Estate       James

Sanders, C.J.       Curvis James

Sanders, H.E. Estate       Herman Eldridge

Sanders, J.L.       James Lawson

Sanders, R.M.      Roy Mack

Sandy, Golden

Saxon, C.L.

School District #51

Scott, Bernice L.

Scott, Dan

Scott, George

Shaw, Eula C., Clarice Shaw Hall and Calvin Shaw     Eula Culp Shaw; John Calvin

Shoemaker, A.G.      Anthony Galveston

Short, J.L.

Sims, E.M.      Elbert Monticue

Silliman, Emma and Mamie       Emma White Silliman & dtr Mamie

Silliman, Fannie Estate      Frances C. McKay Silliman, wife of John J.

Silliman, George H.      George Hollis

Silliman, G.H.      George Howard

Silliman, Joe F.     Joseph Franklin

Silliman, O.H.      Oscar

Sloan, T.A.      Thomas Alexander

Smead, H.P.

Smith, Rancy and Phillips

Snellgrove, C.H. and Myrtle     Charles H. & Myrtle Nina Thomason Byars Snellgrove

Solomon, O.

Southern Lumber Co.

Spells, G.W.

Stafford, J.R.      Jewell Ray

State of Arkansas

Stephens, Virgil M. and Myrtle

Stokes, Joe I.

Stover, Floyd, et al

Strickland, Clarence

Stringfellow, C.B.      Clayborn Bruce

Sullivan, Ed Estate

Sullivan, J.M.      James Monroe

Sullivan, J.O.      Jesse Obediah

Sullivan, Lee W.      Lee Walker

Sullivan, Tom J.      Thomas Jefferson

Tatum, H.C.      Henry

Thompson, Clemmie and Lella

Tracy, J.M.

Tuberville, C.R.      Charles Roe

Turner, Coot

Tyson, S.T.      Samuel

Vaughan, B.B      Benjamin Bradley

Vaughan, B.F.      Benjamin Franklin

Vaughan, J.B.       John Bradley or John Brooks

Vaughan, J.H. Estate      Joseph Henson

Vaughan, O.F.       Odie Franks

Venable, Word Estate

Venable, F.R.

Wade, M.L.

Wallick, G.A.

Walker, W.J.

Washington, Leo

Watts & Bros.

Westfall, O.E.      Okey E.

White, J.S. Estate      John S.

Wilkins, Alex Estate

Wilkins, W. Harvey and Ruth      William Harvey & Ruth Angeline Hill Reaves Wilkins

Williams, Grant Estate

Williams, J.H.

Williams, James Estate

Williams, Marie Proffitt and Wesley

Williams, S.A.

Williamson, T.J.

Wilson, Linnie E.      Lennie E. Dickinson Wilson

Wilson, Thomas and James

Wood, Moses

Wright, L.G.

Yeager, Guy

Zimmerman, Bert L.


            Wherefore, your Petitioner prays that it be granted the relief prayed in its original petition as to the lands specifically described in this amendment as to the estate sought to be taken herein as set forth in said amendment and that it have immediate possession of said lands as the same are specifically described herein.


                                                       Respectfully submitted,

                                                       United States of America


                                                       Clinton R. Barry, United States Attorney

                                                       John E. Harris, Spec Asst to the Attorney General

                                                       By: Laurence E. Lister, Special Attorney

                                                       November 15, 1944