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French & Indian War Soldiers

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BAILEY, Edmond (VA,NC), battle of Fort Duquesne, July 9,1755 Lloyd Bailey

BEEBE, Jonathan, 1st Lt, 22nd Ct. Regt. (CT) Glenn A. Simonds

BENJAMIN, Samuel Clark (NJ): Dennis Lorensen

BOWEN, Anthony: Suel A Bowen

BOWEN, John (NH): Suel A Bowen

BOWEN, Peter (NH): Suel A Bowen

BURNETT, William (MA): Dennis Lorensen

BYERLY, Andrew (PA): Charles J. Peterson

CALKINS,Israel Calkins of Waterbury, CT Glenn A. Simonds

COONS/COUTS/KAUTZ, Christopher (Shennandoah Valley): Barbara Couts

GOSS, Benjamin Sr.: William E. Goss

HARE, Michael (PA):

HAMPTON, Ezekiel (VA) Lloyd Bailey

HATCH, William Hatch (CT/NY/PA): Russ Hatch

JEROME, John (NY/MA): Thomas Sackett

LAMAR, James (GA): Tricia Morell

McINTEE, Patrick: Mary Burtch

MORRISON, James (PA): Jim Morrison

MORRISON, Joseph (PA): Jim Morrison

NOBLET (Noblitt), Thomas (PA) Robert Vance Woods

RESSEGUIE: James Resseque

SHANNON, John (PA): Tricia Morell

SUTTON, Jeremiah (NJ): Thomas Morell

WELCH, Benjamin (ME): Mary M Ramirez

WHITE, George (NC): Jonathan M White

WINCHESTER, William (MD): Michael Holodinski

WOOD, Stephen (CT): Jim McHargue

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