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The Southern Memorial Association received the following information by email in November of 2012:

The page stated that you are seeking information on the men buried in the cemetery, and I believe I can shed light onto one of them.

He is listed on this page as "R.C. Hutchenson". It should actually be "Hutcheson". R.C. stands for Richard; his middle name is most likely Capers, as his sister named her eldest son Richard Capers, but this has not been confirmed for this Richard. He is the son of another Richard C. Hutcheson, a native of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and Nancy Isabella Wolf, daughter of Michael Wolf, and sister of Major Jacob Wolf, the owner of the famed Wolf House, the oldest standing structure in Arkansas which is now a national landmark.

Now, "our" Richard C. Hutcheson is known to have died in the Civil War. He was serving in the Arkansas 14th Infantry (Powers'), though most of their early regimental records are lost and therefore he does not have a Civil War Service record. We do, however, have the letters of the surgeon of the 14th, a man named Dr. John Madison Casey. During the Civil War, he was courting Richard's 1st cousin, Mollie Cummins Wolf, daughter of Major Jacob Wolf. Those letters have since been published; you can find the book here:

In 2 of these letters, while serving in the 14th, he mentions Mollie's cousin, Richard Hutcheson. In the first, he states that Richard is very ill. In the second, he mentions that Richard's brother, John, is ill as well and is fearful of meeting his brother's fate, because Richard had died. Richard is not mentioned anywhere else, but we know from these letters that he died while serving with the 14th, Dr. Casey's and his brother John Hutcheson's unit. I believe the "R.C. Hutchenson" buried in this cemetery to be our Richard. It was not uncommon for their last name to be misspelled. In my research, I have seen it as Hutchison, Hutchisson, Hutchinson, Hutchenson, and even Hutchecon; in some of his brother's service record their name is mis-transcribed as Hutchenson, as I believe to be the case here. I have scoured Arkansas 1860 Census records for any other Richard, Robert, Riley, or just "R" and "R.C." Hutcheson's, Hutchinson's, and Hutchenson's to see if another man could potentially be this "R.C. Hutchenson" but have not found any other matches, so in conclusion I believe this man to be our Richard C. Hutcheson.

Feel free to mention any of this information in any records you have regarding the cemetery. For more on Richard C. Hutcheson, you'll find him in the 1850 Census and 1860 Census in North Fork, Izard, Arkansas (Richard "Hutcherson" and R.C. "Hutchison", respectively). Please let me know if you believe my conclusion to be a sound one.


Nathan Marks