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Edens Cemetery

Recorded May 2005 by Stacey Davis.

Located southeast of War Eagle, in Township 18N, Range 28W, Section 12, in the SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4. The cemetery is located on Sharp Ford Rd. (County Road 752) about .1 mile west of the Spain residence (a brown house with no address visible). Location is just north of where Sharp Ford Rd. makes a near right-angle turn to the south and crosses a creek. Cemetery is just inside a pasture gate (the gate has a Cargill turkey sign on it). Barely visible from the road because of vine and plant growth along fence. Sharp Ford Rd. is off of Hwy. 303 / High Sky Inn Rd. (CR 98).

In a serious state of neglect and unprotected by a fence, the small Edens
Cemetery is located in a pasture containing turkey houses and sometimes cattle.
Most stones are lying flat on the ground.

Edens Cemetery appeared in Volume IX of Cemeteries of Benton County, page 62. It was read by Raymond Jefferies in April 1976. His reading was as follows:

EDENS, L.C.     Mason		D   May 24, 1878	   Ae ca 66 y
     Mary			D   Mar  4, 1853
     Avllern   ssw A & M
LUKER, John E.		   	    Oct 28, 1855(8)	   Sep 17, 1875
    Robert   s WP & LN		D           18--	   Unr
EDENS, Denisha		  	    May -   1843	   Jul  2, 1906
            (stone signed by A C Key)
BROWN, Maggie   ssw Denisha	    Aug 15, 1882	   Dec 18, 1900
     Austin			    Dec 21, 1873	   Dec 24, 1888
     Salley			    Apr 23, 1871	   Mar -   1874

All stones from the 1976 reading remain, though some are badly damaged. All stones have sustained some damage, whether broken or fallen over. I did not turn over the stone of Denisha Edens (lying flat on the ground) and I assume that Maggie Brown's information is recorded on the reverse side. I found one stone in the cemetery not included in the 1976 reading, that of Annie, Dau. of W.P.[probably Luker]

The oldest marked burial is that of Mary Edens, died March 4, 1853. I counted four fieldstone markers not noted in the 1976 reading.

ANNIE Dau of W.P? __
ROBERT Son of __
ALLANDER EDENS ssw Mary and Avllern
AVLLERN EDENS ssw Mary and Avllern
_ C. EDE__ [Masonic symbol on marker]

This cemetery is ENDANGERED. It is badly in need of care and restoration, and protection by a fence.



Salley Brown's marker is broken and lying face down in the dirt. Salley Brown was the eldest of three children of John and Denishia (Edens) Brown. She died a month shy of her third birthday.



Austin Brown's broken marker. Zachariah Austin Brown was the second child of John and Denishia (Edens) Brown. Born 21 Dec 1873, died 24 Dec 1888.


Denishia Edens' marker, lying flat on the ground. The 1976 reading indicated Maggie Brown's information was recorded on the same stone with Denisha. I assume it is on the reverse side, face down in the dirt. Denishia Edens was born in Georgia, the daughter of Landon C. and Mary Edens. She married John Brown in April 1870. Denishia outlived all three of her children and her husband. In April 1900 she is widowed and living near her sister Sarah (Edens) Turley in Madison County, Arkansas. Daughter Maragaret (Maggie) was enumerated with her, age 18, only a few months before she died and was laid to rest here. Six years later, her mother was buried here, sharing the same stone with Maggie.


Annie's marker, obviously that of a child (a lamb appears on the stone.) Done in the same style as Robert's marker, below. Annie's marker was not recorded in the 1976 reading. Annie's marker reads: "Annie, Dau. of W.P. ___" From the 1976 reading, I believe she would be Annie Luker, another child of W.P. and L.N. Luker. Annie's marker is next to Robert Luker's.


Robert Luker's maker, now even more illegible than in the 1976 reading.



Marker of Mary Edens, Allander Edens, and Avllern Edens, lying flat on the ground, top buried in the dirt. The closeup was taken after I brushed away the dirt at the top. I believe this Mary is the wife of Landon C. Edens. Mary was listed as his wife in 1850, and L.C. Edens is a widower in the 1860 census. I believe the two children Allander and Avllern belong to Mary and Landon, were possibly twins (due to the names) and probably died around the same time as their mother.

Footstone for the above marker, broken, lying on the ground, and out of place.



John Luker's marker, broken in half and lying flat on the ground.



Marker of L.C. Edens, showing Masonic symbol, broken and lying on the ground. This marker is the most badly damaged. The only thing legible now is "_C. EDE__" If the other half of the marker is here, I did not see it. Landon C. Edens was a veteran of the Civil War. He was born in Tennessee, and later lived in Walker County, Georgia, before coming to Arkansas.

This view shows a footstone lying beside L.C. Edens' marker. I believe it says M.B. and may belong to Maggie Brown.


The remains of the iron fence which once surrounded the cemetery, now deteriorated and fallen down. Other posts lie on the ground.


Additional Research

The additional research is a work in progress, and represents my notes and findings in the process on documenting the histories of those buried here. Research is divided into the EDENS family section and the LUKER family section.


Descendants of Landon C. EDENS
	1  	Landon C. EDENS	1812 - 1878
..		+Mary	1814 - 1853
........	2  	Elizabeth EDENS	1836 -
........	2  	William EDENS	1838 -
........	2  	Tazwell EDENS	1840 -
........	2  	Mary EDENS	1842 -
........	2  	Austin EDENS	1844 -
........	2  	Denishia EDENS	1843 - 1906
............		+John BROWN	1852 - 1882
...................	3  	Salley BROWN	1871 - 1874
...................	3  	Zachariah Austin BROWN	1873 - 1888
...................	3  	Margaret A. "Maggie" BROWN   1882 - 1900
........	2  	Sarah EDENS	1849 - 1920
............		+William TURLEY	
...................	3  	Kate TURLEY	1882 -
.......................		+George N. PHILLIPS	1876 -
.............................	4  	Eunice V. PHILLIPS	1900 -
.............................	4  	Eulalah PHILLIPS	1903 -
.............................	4  	Grief O. PHILLIPS	1906 -
.............................	4  	Shirley F. PHILLIPS	1909 -
........	2  	Allander EDENS	1850 - 1853
........	2  	Avllern EDENS	1850 - 1853

Benton County Land Patent
John Edens
15 Nov 1854
40 acres in Section 12, Township 18N, Range 28W

Washington County Land Patent
Landon C. Edens
15 June 1855
40 acres in Section 13, Township 18N, Range 28W

Benton County Deed Book D, pg. 148
March 3, 1857
Note: I haven't looked at this deed yet; this is from the index. It does show more connection between Willis Luker & the Edens family. 1840 Walker Co. GA, Dist. 956, pg. 66 L.C. Edon 2 WM under 5 1 WM 20 and under 30 1 WF under 5 1 WF 15 and under 20 1 WF 20 and under 30 1850 Washington Co. AR, Brush Creek Twp., pg. 346-347 56/56 L.C. Eaton 37 M Farmer TN Mary 35 F TN Elizabeth 14 F GA [page 347 begins here] William Eaton 12 M GA Tazwell 10 M GA Mary 8 F GA Austin 6 M GA Denitia 4 F GA Sarah 1 F AR Value of real estate 250. 57/57 John Eaton 28 M Farmer TN Elizabeth 26 F KY William 10 M AR Narcissa 8 F AR Martha 6 F AR Richard 4 M AR Elizabeth 2 F AR Lorina 1 F AR 1860 Benton Co. AR, War Eagle & Walnut Twp., pg. 168, P.O. Two Mills 1086/1080 L.C. Edens 49 M Farmer TN Miley 23 F MO Denitha 16 F GA Sarah 11 F AR Eliza 2 F AR Value of Real Estate 360, Value of Personal Estate 4000. 1870 Benton Co. AR, White River Twp., pg. 389, P.O. Cross Hollows 140/138 Eden, Landon 59 M W Farmer TN Eliza 10 F W AR Value of Real Estate, 2000. Value of Personal Estate 500. 141/139 Brown, John 20 M W farmer MO Dinisha 20 F W keeping house GA John Brown and Denisha married within the year, in April. John Brown cannot write. Denisha can neither read nor write. 1880 Benton Co. AR, War Eagle Twp., pg. 24D SD2, ED12 210/229 Brown, John WM 28 Farmer MO IL AR Denetia WF 36 wife Keeping house GA TN TN Zackariah A. WM 6 son at home AR MO GA Gater?, Sarah WF 26 sil at home AR TN TN 1900 Madison Co. AR, California Twp., SD 3, ED 69, pg. 15A 264/270 Brown, Denicia head WF Jan 18?? 45 GA GA GA Margaret A. dau WF Aug 1882 17 AR AR GA Denicia is a widow. She is a farmer. She is the mother of 3 children, 1 living. 265/271 Turley, Sarah head WF Mar 1848 52 AR AR GA Phillips, George N. sonil WM June 1876 23 AR TN AL Phillips, Katie dau WF Mar 1882 18 AR AR AR Sarah is a widow. She is the mother of 1 child, 1 living. George and Katie are married; Katie is the mother of 0 children, 0 living. Sarah and George are farmers.


Willis P. Luker (1825-1904) and his wife Elizabeth Emeline married about 1845. I first find them in a census in 1850 in Walker County, Georgia. This is the same county Landon C. Edens and family were found in 1840. Several of L.C Edens' children were born in Georgia. Walker County is located on Georgia's northern border, adjacent to Tennessee. Both W.P. Luker and L.C. Edens were born in Tennessee. Both named a child "Austin." Both families moved from Walker Co. Georgia to Washington Co. AR. Willis P. Luker has Sallie Edens living with his family in 1870. I haven't established a definite family connection between the two as yet.

1850 Walker Co. GA, Mack Cour Twp., pg. 466

Willis P. Luker 	25	M	[farmer]	TN
Elizabeth		25	F			GA
Joseph A.		4	M			GA
Robert K.		3	M			GA
Nancy A.		1	F			GA

1860 Washington Co. AR, Prairie Twp., pg. 163, P.O. Fayetteville

Willice Luker		35	M	Farm laborer	TN
Elizabeth		34	F			GA
Austin			14	M			GA
Martha			8	F			GA
Margarett		5	F			AR
John			4	M			AR
Sarah			1	F			AR

Value of Real Estate, blank.  Value of Personal Estate, 150. Note: this
census indicates that Willis Luker came to AR 1852-1855.

1870 Washington Co. AR, Prairie Twp., pg. 188, P.O. Fayetteville

Luker, W.P.		46	M	Farmer		TN
Emaline		        45	F	K.H.		GA
Joseph			22	M	at home	        GA
Martha			16	F	“   “		GA
John			13	M	“   “		AR
Willis			10	M	“   “ 		AR
Charlie			2	M	“   “ 		AR
Eadens, Sallie		20	F	K.H.		AR

Value of Real Estate, blank.  Value of Personal Estate, 200.  

1880 Benton Co. AR, War Eagle Twp., SD2, ED 12, pg. 26B

Luker, W.P. 	WM	55		farmer			TN	TN	TN
Emeline	        WF	55	wife	keeping house		GA	VA	SC
__ F.		WM	18?	son	work on farm		AR	TN	GA
____		WM	??	son	work on farm		AR	TN	GA

Unfortunately, this page was filmed with tape on it, so the image is not
completely readable. 

1900 Benton Co. AR, Esculapia Twp., Rogers town, SD 3, ED 11, pg. 5B

Luker, Willis P.	head	WM	July 1825	74	TN	TN	TN
Emeline		        wife	WF	Aug 1825	74	GA	VA	SC
Cook, Columbus	        grson	WM	Aug 1887	22	AR	AR	GA

Willis and Emeline have been married 50 years.  Emeline is the mother of 9
children, 4 living.  Columbus Cook is a day laborer.  William Luker owns a
house, free of mortgage.

Luker, Charles		head	WM	Sept 1867	32	AR	TN	GA
Allace			wife	WF 	Sept 1871	28	AR	TN	AR
Willis V.		son	WM	May 1889	11	AR	AR	AR
Pearl M.		dau	WF	Feb 1891	9	AR	AR	AR
Faty C.			son	WM	June 1894	5	AR	AR	AR
Alma			dau	WF	Nov 1896	4	AR	AR	AR
Avery D.		son	WM	Feb 1898	1	AR	AR	AR

Charles and Allace have been married 14 years.  Allace is the mother of 5
children, 5 living.  Charles is a farm laborer.  He rents his house.

1900 Benton Co. AR, War Eagle Twp., SD 3, ED 4, pg.  141B - 142A

Luker, Joseph A. 	head	WM	Oct 1846	53	GA	TN	GA	
Nancy E.		wife	WF	Oct 1869	30	LA	AR	TN
Thos. A.		son	WM	Mar 1879	20	AR	GA	AR
Hosie? F.		son	WM	May 1882	18	AR	GA	AR
Lemuel M.		son	WM	July 1884	15	AR	GA	AR
Jas. C.			son	WM	Aug 1889	10	AR	GA	LA
Ida M.			dau	WF	Dec 1891	8	AR	GA	LA
Geo. F.			son	WM	Apr 1844	6	AR	GA	LA
[page 142A begins here]
Luker, Rosa E.		dau	WF	Oct 1897	2	AR	GA	LA

Joseph A. Luker is a farmer.  Thos., Hosie, and Lemuel are farm laborers.
Joseph and Nancy have been married 12 years.  Nancy is the mother of 4
children, 4 living.  Nancy is clearly a second wife. 

Luker, Willis P.	head	WM	June 1861	38	AR	TN	GA
Lula			wife	WF	Dec 1865	34	MO	KY	KY
Wm A.			son	WM	Feb 1882	18	AR	AR	MO
Henry W.		son	WM	July 1883	16	AR	AR	MO
Charles N.		son	WM	Oct 1885	14	AR	AR	MO
Virgil G.		son	WM	Oct 1887	12	AR	AR	MO
Bertha E.		dau	WF	Sept 1889	10	AR	AR	MO
Dossie			son	WM	Apr 1893	7	AR	AR	MO
Gracie			dau	WF	Dec 1895	4	AR	AR	MO
Ernest			son	WM	May 1900	1/12	AR	AR	MO

Willis P. Luker is a farmer.  Wm. A., Henry, Charles, and Virgil are farm
laborers.  Willis and Lula have been married 19 years.  Lula is the mother of
8 children, 8 living.	

1910 Benton Co. AR, Esculapia Twp., Rogers Town,  SD 3, ED 20, pg. 29B

Lucker, Willis P.	head	M	W	48	AR	TN	TN
Lula H.		        wife	F	W	48	MO	KY	KY
Walter			son	M	W	24	AR	AR	MO
Charlie			son	M	W	22	AR	AR	MO
Virgil			son	M	W	20	AR	AR	MO
Doss			son	M	W	17	AR	AR	MO
Grace			dau	F	W	13	AR	AR	MO
Earnest			son	M	W	10	AR	AR	MO

Willis and Lula have been married 28 years.  Lula is the mother of 8 children,
7 living. Willis P. Luker’s occupation is farm laborer, working out.  Charlie
is a laborer, street work.  Virgil and Doss are laborers, but I cannot make
out their industry.  

1910 Benton Co. AR, Esculapia Twp., Rogers Town, SD 3, ED 20, pg. 28B

Lucker, Lem		head	M	W	23		AR	AR	AR
Etta R.			wife	F	W	19		MO	MO	MO
Willie			dau	F	W	3		AR	AR	MO
Fred			son	M	W	1 11/12	        AR	AR	MO
Fay			dau	F	W	5/12		AR	AR	MO

Lem is a farm laborer, working out.  Lem and Etta have been married 5 years.
Etta is the mother of 3 children, 3 living.

Willis P. Luker (1825-1904) is buried in Rogers Cemetery
Willis Polk Luker (1861 -1939) is buried in Rogers Cemetery
Austin E. Luker (b 1827 TN) of Pope Co. AR may be a relative
James H. Luker (b 1832 TN) of Pope Co. AR may be a relative
Joshua Luker (b 1833 GA) of Washington Co. AR may be a relative

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