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October 29, 1942 Berryville Tornado
At about 10:30 on the evening of October 29, 1942 Berryville, AR was struck by an F4 tornado that killed 29 people and injured over 200. 137 buildings were destroyed and damage totaled a half million dollars. The tornado was their 3rd in 32 years.
The only stories I know of are the one set of photos of the Jessie and Obern house is that it is my great aunt and uncle's house.
686 And of course the best one is that the military photo of all the guys is of my future dad's military platoon. He met my mom who was a high school girl at the time while he was helping with the security in the aftermath of the tornado. They dated and married in March of 1943. The photo is a note from the commander of the platoon to the city of Berryville and a list of all the guys in the photo. My dad is 2nd from the right in the front row.

M. & A. Depot

Berryville Wholesale

Rollo West Home

Handby's Bungalows

School House

Berryville School

Lt. Ackher in the School Gym.

10th Grade Room
  1. Cpl Omer Mercier
  2. Cpl. Edward M. Mueller(Lover - My Husband)
  3. Lt. R. M. Akers
  4. New Yorker
  5. Jolly - Cpl. Johny B. Demark
  6. Cpl Lawrence P Graham "Winky"
  7. Sgt. Davis
  8. Sgt. Strout
  9. Cpl. Burch
  10. Cpl. Law
  11. Sgt. West
  12. Cpl. Glen Ballard
  13. Cpl. Gold George
  14. Cpl. Fred Gillis
  15. Cpl. Ready
  16. Cpl. Bradlaw
  17. Cpl. Lighting
  18. Cpl. Evermyer
  19. Cpl. Rant

Ed Mueller and Aunt Jessie Fanning, marked others unknown.

Obern and Jessie;s Wreckage.
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