Submitted by Dennis Earl , however the photos are the courtesy of and taken by Mrs. D. G.

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Gee Infant, one lone Grave

Inscriptions reads: “Thes Infents Name Is Gee”

One of three Gee family graves on top of Pine Mountain in Rupert, North of Highway 16
Burials were around 1880 or so. Decimal Coordinates: N 35.63661 W 92.68850 (Listed in 1993 Cemetery book in back as place of burial or unknown graves)
No Access! Private Property.

From my research the three graves are Mother and two children. Mother was gored by a Bull and died, I think the children died of sickness. They are not located together but spread out over 100 yards or less. Speculation was that there was bad weather, storms, flooding or snow ice to cause them to be laid to rest here. However, having visited this one grave, the steep slope all around would not allow easy carrying of a body or coffin in mud, ice or snow. I think the family was homesteading here, yet BLM records show this was all government land until a Gee son bought land East south east of this location. Building a cabin on open land and farming was common in those days.

See the Gee family file at the Van Buren County Historical Society

Infant Gee Grave overview, looking west