The Arnhart Cemetery is located about 2.2 miles off of State Highway #16 at Copeland, turn right on County Road #166 toward the Chimes Community. It is located on the property of the heirs of the late Tollie Bixler. This site is also known as the old homestead of Jacob and Martin Benjamin Arnhart beginning in 1850, it is in Section 14, Township 12, Range 16 West.
This photo and information is from The Arnhart Family Web Site


Originally Complied by: Bryce Emerson, Finish Ingraham, James Dunn, viola dunn & Maxine Kelley, Revised 04/28/99 by the Arnhart Cemetery Association.

Arnhart, 3 graves marked with the name ARNHART on cement marker, these would be children of the Jacob Arnhart and Jane Hensley Arnhart family.
George W. Arnhart,
Abosolm Henry Arnhart,
Martin Benjamin Arnhart

Emerson, Amanda Wife of H.C. Lum Emerson no dates (Enclosed in a 2 foot high rock wall with, M.E. Emerson, Richard (Dick) Emerson and 2 unknown Emerson graves.

Albert Lott, died 1915, Son of Thomas Lott marked with L. on fieldstone.

Twin infant daughters of Thomas Lott buried in a single grave marked with L. on fieldstone.

Infant daughter of Thomas Lott, no date/unmarked.

James N. Lott, b. Jan 10, 1887 d. July 18, 1900 son of James C & Edy Evaline Barnes Lott.

Julia A. Lott, b.Feb 24, 1880 d.Mar 25, 1880 daughter of James C and Edy Evaline Barnes Lott.

James C. Lott, b. 1842 Alabama, Company D. 10th Missouri Calvary (Union) son of James Lott and Nancy Arnold Lott.

Edy Evaline Barnes Lott, wife of James C. Lott, daughter of Asa Barnes and Mary J. Griffin Barnes.

John Lott, b. Jan 7, 1826, d. Oct 10, 1899 (has a duble marker) Nancy Arnold Lott, b. Mar 4, 1823 d.Sept 8, 1897.

3 field stones marked with initial L.

George Eskridge, b. 1825 d.1879. He has a board marker nailed to a large cedar tree, George is the great grandfather of Virgil Eskridge of Red Bluff, Ca.

G.L. (General) McCutcheon, b. June 25, 1873 d.Jan 12, 1927, father of Shelby McCutcheon and Doskey McCutcheon Couch, grandfather of W.J.(Jim) McCutcheon.

McCutcheon, Infant Son of G.L. McCutcheon and Mary E. Barnes McCutcheon.

Hodges, Infant Child of Eder and Mary Lott Hodges.

Margaret Elvira Lanning Moody Gooden Copeland, grandmother of the Alvis Gibby family has a cement marker.

Copland, Infant child of Margaret and Burgess - no marker.

H.P.(Hixcey) Pruett, marked with filedstone
H.P. Pruit b. abt 1803.
Found this name to be spelled two different ways.

L.(Levi) Purett marked with fildstone L. Pruett b. abt 1799 d. July 18, 1874
(Hixcey and Levi are the great grandparents of Loydale Richardson, of Bay City, Texas. Loydale is a descendant of the Jacob and Clarissa Sanders Hensley Arnhart family, and the John F. Nunn family of Van Buren County.

One field stone marked J.P.

One field stone marked T.P.

3 field stones marked with initial P

1 field stone marked with initial Y

1 field stone marked with initial H (barely legible)

Rankin no marker

Ruben Millsaps, name carved on a fieldstone.
(could be the son of Thomas or Benjamin Millsaps)

Asa Barnes, b. 1851 d.1877 - no marker.
I think he is buried in this cemetery as his wife, Grandma Barnes was buried there.
Information on grandma Barnes is from Charlotte Ott.

Martha H. Griffin Barnes - no marker

Effie Cooper, infant daughter Carroll Cooper - no marker

Alvie Cooper, infant son Carroll Cooper - no marker

1 single field stone laying outside the new fence next to a large tree with the initial M, may be Moody or McCutcheon.

The Association is actively seeking addition information from any family that may have information that will help us to update this index. This is only a partial list of the families known to have lived in that area during the period of it's activity.