Brickey Cemetery

Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Located 1/4 mile north of Highway 95 on the Hardin Lay place. - MAP-

Note: Winston Chandler is the one responsible for adding new names to the Cemetery. From the looks of old stone there are more buried there but just no names. The agreement with the land owners is that no more stone can be placed in the cemetery. The cemetery is probably a lot bigger but we took what we could get and let it go at that.
The cemetery had a road to it but the owners refused to make that part of the deal. The only way to get to the cemetery is to walk up a very steep hill which will be impossible for most people. You can imagine how hard it is to maintain. Winston Chandler used his own money to fight for this cemetery.

There are unmarked graves as well as these:
Minerva (Brickey) Chandler 1845 - 1884
Brickey, Jarrett (James) 1797 - 1861
Brickey, Syntha 1801 - 1906  (note:  she was full Cherokee, born in Kentucky)
Brickey, Jarrett 1797 - 1861
Eades, Jacob (Jake)  1828 - 1918
Eades, Mary 1834 - 1889
Emmerson, Piney
Brickey, Nathaniel Green 1837 - 1867
Brickey, Jesse C. 1828 - 1864 Submitted by Danny & Donna
Brickey, Samuel 1839 - 1862 Submitted by Danny & Donna