Burke-Chasteen Cemetery

Located in Gulf Mountain Wildlife Management Area


Compiled by Cathy Millsap Duvall
Oct. 3, 2004

(My family knew this cemetery as the Dog-Walk cemetery. Don't know where the name Burke-Chasteen came from.)

James & Carolyn Millsap, Bob & Nan Millsap, Cindy Turnbow and Randy & Cathy Duvall cleaned and fenced this cemetery May, 2000.
There are a total of 22 graves- 17 rock stones and 5 marked head-stones.
There are three single, one double and one triple headstone.
In the Van Buren county cemetery book there are two names listed that do not have markers.

Stone 1-                      Samuel Henley
                               Dec 14,1848
                               June 5,1926
                          Gone but not forgotten

Samuel Henley is my gr-gr-grandfather. He was born in Jackson County,Arkansas. Son of Jackson
and Matilda Autrey Henley. He was married to Virginia Levina "Jenny " Bailey.
Georgia A.Henley (married George Manning)
William Franklin "Bill" Henley (married Lovada Gross)
Janette "Nettie" Henley (married Amos Burk)
James Madison "Jim" Henley (married Margaret Shoffitt)
David A. Henley
Joseph Alexander Henley (married Nettie Clifford Payne)
John H. Henley
Oscar D. Henley
Cora May Henley (married John Gross)
Leverit Cornelius Henley.

Stone 2-    
               Mother                              Father
               L. A.                                A. L.
        wife  of   A. L. Payne                      
               born                                 born
           Dec 12,  1847                        Feb  4,  1846
               died                                 died
           Jan  10,  1923                       Apr  27, 1912               
Alva Lee Payne and Louanza Lee are also my gr-gr-grandparents. They were both born in Alabama.
Alva Lee is the son of Lotentious and Ann Payne. Louanza is the daughter of Frederick Lee and Martha Bailey.
Effie Jane Payne (married John Acton)
Charley Oskar Payne married May Fannie)
Robert Bruce Payne (married Sarah Duvall)
Thomas Lee Payne
Martha Ann Payne
Samuel Arthur Payne (married Elizabeth "Bessie" Dodson)
Nettie Clifford Payne (married Joseph Alexander Henley)

 Stone  3-                  Hattie
                        Daughter   Of
                      J. R.   &    R. D.
                     born   Jan  5,  1906
                     died    June 9, 1908
                     We will  meet  again

 Stone  4-                 Infant
                         Daughter Of
                      J. R.   &    R. D.
                        Born &  Died                                    
                       Sept 20, 1910
                     We will meet again

 Stone  5-               Russell 
            A. J.         Alvin        Myrtle Hightower  
         1877-1918     1907 - 1918        1888 - 1918