Evans Cemetery

Photo submitted by Dennis Earle, October 2010

Listings submitted by Juli Risener Morgan

Located off of HWY 16 West from Clinton, top of the mountain, turn South onto Evans Mountain Road.

Off site link to Evans Cemetery, has some interments plus a MAP! Click here

This is only a partial list below.

Anna Treece  1912-1931
Velma Griffin 1892-1971
Osmond Griffin 1967
Captain Owen Evans  Aug. 11, 1826 - Jan. 29, 1904
Garvis M. Nicholson 1917-1919
Nancy E. Nicholson 1884-1938
Maxwell children (children of T.F. Maxwell, no dates or number of children)
Narcissa E. Cross  Apr 3, 1850 - Dec. 2, 1898
Treece baby 1931-1931