Low Gap Cemetery

Photo submitted by Dennis Earle, October 2010

So many lost stories are buried in this tiny remote mountain cemetery. Yet another example of all that is left of the communities that dotted the Arkansas Ozarks years ago. This is all that remains of this area of the LOW GAP Community. Fenced and in good condition, many graves are no longer marked

Off site link to Low Gap Cemetery, has 16 marked interments with photos, plus a MAP! Click here

Listings below Submitted by Juli Risener Morgan

Located off of county road 9, some miles past (north) of Gardner Cemetery.

Bessie Berry (infant of Scott and Ella)
Eliza Berry
Earnest Berry (infant of Scott and Ella)
John Berry
Mary Ann Berry        June 14, 1861-1951
Pertiman Berry        1903
Rosa Berry            1948  (daughter of Warren and Kata Mae)
Rosa Berry
Silvia Jane Berry     1936-1937 (daughter of Vester & Lillie)
Berry twins           1937  (twins of Alphie & Viola)
Berry twins           1900 (twins of Willie)
Jim Bryant            Apr 15, 1879-1939
Marie Bryant          Apr 13, 1921-Oct. 11, 1939
Cinthia Bruce  (baby of Yrbie & Mrs. Bruce)
Ernie Gardner         Dec. 21, 1907-Apr 24, 1917  (son of George & Alice)
Gardner baby          1900 (parents Mr. & Mrs. Mathew)
Katie Harris (wife of Pete) 1900
Hattie Hatfield       1934  (died in childbirth)
Mr. Moore             1938
Margarett Reynolds    1856-1937
Sanders baby (child of Jake)
Mrs. Riley Scarberry  1900
Scarberry twins       1900  (twins of Eck)
James Smith           1878-1905
Ona Wilson            1885-1935
Five children of Willie Berry (no markers)

There are around 43 graves in the cemetery, the rest are unmarked.