Rushing Cemetery

The six names just below, Contributed by Linda Maxey Prater

Maxey, Georgia Ann (Shipp)(Tankisly or Tankersley) 03-06-1886 --- 04-15-1950

Maxey, James Richard – 06-18-1861 --- 03-08-1929

Maxey, Thomas Albert – 12-15-1909 --- 01-1966

Tankersley, Rhoda Elizabeth – 08-30-1885 --- about 1901

Sullivan, Nancy Jane (Holder)(Maxey) 04-12-1840 --- 03-20-1920

Sullivan, Daniel 06-12-1813 --- 01-14-1902

Daniel is the only one that has a marker of these above.
These two below contributed by Dennis Earl

Berry, James Hiram. - 1847 - 1936

Shot the outlaw Bill Dark when he was about 17 years old on the North Fork of the Little Red River 3 miles up river from present day Shirley, at the mouth of Tick Creek in 1864. Jimmy Driftwood recorded “The Ballad of Jim Berry”, It tells the story.....

See our page on The Legend of Jim Berry

Berry, Josephine Wilson. - 1856 - 1911
Jim Berry's 3rd wife and Mother of his Children. Jim was married 4 times. He was windowed by the first 3 all before 1915, he was survived by the 4th, a widow named Betty Bloodworth when he passed on in 1936.