Foster Cemetery 1941

Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Van Buren County Democrat

Friday, May 23, 1941

Decoration Services At Foster Cemetery Well Attended

The program at Foster Cemetery last Sunday afternoon was well rendered. A. L. Hall made the opening address. Quartettes were arranged by Everett Griggs, A. S. Jones, Orville Stroud and Art Cooper. Edd Galloway of Hill Crest Mission at Rupert preached an interesting sermon.

The Foster Cemetery was so named for James B. Foster who lived near the cemetery and owned the land on which it is located. Lefler and Lindsey became owners of the farm and it was not until then that a deed was made to the cemetery plot, which was made to the Scotland Methodist Church. The Foster Cemetery is among the oldest cemeteries in the surrounding country.

Some few years before the Civil War a family named Craig were moving through from some point East across the country to the West. There were eight in the family and they camped near the present site of the cemetery. All were taken ill with fever and the entire family died.

They were the first to be buried in this cemetery. Craig Township was named for this family whose death overtook and blighted their prospects of happiness in a pioneer home in the West.

The program committee for the third Sunday in May 1942 is Mrs. Stella Simpson, Neff O'Neal, Mrs. Imogene Casinger and A. S. Jones.