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of Summers, AR
Date of birth: June 24, 1844 in Jamestown, “Fonters” Co. TN

Name of father:  Edward Choat of NC, son of Christopher Choate
 (106 years old) and Nancy Choate of TN

Name of mother:  Priscilla Moberry, daughter of Jacob
Moberry of TN

Military service: with Cap Frizzell, Col. William Penn
Adair, Jacob
 Scales.  Served 3-1/2 years
Political party: Democrat

Wife & date of marriage: Mary E. Arnold, married July 16, 1864,
 daughter of Willis Arnold & Mary Pistol of TN

 Sarah Faner Choate Wright of Summers, AR
 Henry P. Choate, Summers, AR
 W.E. Choate, Summers, AR