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Family Histories


The family histories found on this site have been submitted by individuals who are responsible for the content. If an email address is shown for the submitter, please feel free to contact that person direct for additional information or answers to questions on the data. Please be courteous, these histories are being shared in the hope that the information in them might be helpful to your own research efforts. Some of the information in these histories may be copyrighted and will be so marked. Please contact the owner of the copyright before distributing that information to other parties.

Off site links are also included and are marked as a link to an off site page.

Guidelines for Family History submissions:

  • The families must have a current or historical connection to Washington County or the Northwest Arkansas / Northeast Oklahoma area.
  • Histories should be in a Descendent Oriented Report format and preferably on a “Word” document. Please do not include ancestor or descendent trees or artwork. Photos should be submitted separately for inclusion in the Photo Section of this web site.
  • Living persons and generations including living individuals should not be included. Histories received that include living individuals will be edited to stop at the last generation in which there are no living members.
  • Documentation should be shown either as a footnote or in the text. If transcribed information is included such as a probate record or will, the transcriber’s information should be shown.
  • The submitter’s name and a current email or land mail address must be included with all submissions. Submitters’ names and email addresses will be included with the history, unless specifically requested to be withheld. Land addresses will not be posted or released. Washington County Arkansas Genealogical Society will maintain an off site, off line record of all submitters.
  • Contact Washington County Arkansas Genealogical Society for details on changing or editing previously posted submissions. Only the original submitter can make changes to the posted histories.
  • Happy hunting.
*     Jesse Osburn
*     Junius H. Farrar
*     Guilford Pylant
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