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August 8, 2010

at 2 pm at

Shiloh Museum

Genealogy Jeopardy


Barbara Lewis coordinator

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Research Hints

WCAGS Members Share Some Hints on Researching:

1) Join local Genealogical or historical Societies –they often offer periodicals that can be chocked full of information or just fun to read.

2) Check local histories in the libraries. Examples here would be “The Story of Winslow’s Maud Duncan” by Robert Winn and “One Hundred Years of Fayetteville 1828-1928” by William Campbell

3) Family Histories-If any of your family members have any of this histories-latch onto them!! Right or Wrong Information, they can be great sources to work from.

4) Genealogical Magazines published monthly or bi-monthly. Examples would be “Family Chronicle,” “Everton’s Genealogical Helper, “Ancestry Magazine,” or “Family Tree Magazine.”

5) Check out maps and atlases. Make copies of the area where your family lived. Keep these in a notebook to observe and learn about county lines changes and migration patterns.

6) Family Photos-if you have a chance to obtain any family photos, make copies. You can be creative by sharing these with family members in the shape of a birthday card with a picture of their ancestors on it. Add the photos to your family tree!

7) If you have any books your ancestors owned, like a childhood story book or a college textbook, this can help you flesh out what your ancestor was like a little more than just a name and date.

8) Books that contain information about the land your ancestors lived on-learn how to do range, township and section, also plot maps!

Try these books-“The Handbook for Genealogists” by Everton

Publishers and also “The Source Book-a Guidebook of American Genealogy”

Good luck!!

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