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Research Request
PO Box 41
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72702-0041
Email: wcags@hotmail .com

Volunteers from the Washington County Arkansas Genealogical Society are willing to do local genealogical research for a reasonable fee. If you desire research help, down load this form and mail or email it to the addresses shown above. All fees are payable to Washington County Arkansas Genealogical Society

Family Surname ______________________________________________________
Family First Names ________________________________________
Location ____________________________________________
Time Span Requested _______________________________________
Any other known information such as birth dates, death dates, maiden names, marriage dates






Nature of Request: Please tell us what you are looking for and be specific. If you already have some records and documents, please let us know which ones so we won’t send you what you already have.



Do you want us to search the Internet or provide census information from the Internet? Yes __________ No _______

Do you want digital copies of tombstones from local cemeteries? Yes __________ No ________

Do you want us to offer opinions on other venues of research if we are unable to locate any information?

Yes _________ No ___________

Research Fees:

$15.00 per hour plus $0.10 per page for copies, except $0.15 per page for copies of records from the Washington County Archives. (Copy costs are what we pay for the copies and are not included in the hourly charge.)

If we are unable to locate any records of your family with one hour of research in our local venues we will notify you at no charge and will discontinue the search.

If we discover information on your family to be found elsewhere, such as the Arkansas History Commission or Arkansas Vital Records in Little Rock, we consider that as a successful search and a charge is applicable. We will provide forms and directions for you to contact the appropriate repository of the record.

Please remember, we are volunteers, and many of us hold full-time jobs. Please be patient.

We do not research live people or adoptions.

Your Information

Name __________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________________________

City ______________________________________________________ State _____________ Zip ________________

Email ___________________________________________________________________________________________

WCAGS member? Yes_____________ No ____________

On receipt of your request a volunteer will contact you regarding payments and to answer any questions which you may have.

Thank you for your interest,

Washington County Arkansas Genealogical Society.

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