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    Historic Asylums

    Northampton State Hospital

    aka Northampton Lunatic Hospital

    Northampton, Massachusetts

    Established 1858, still standing

    Click here for the original plan

    Click here for the original drawing.

    Postcard views: (from the personal collection of Eric Erickson, Black River Falls, WI)

  • View of main (Kirkbride) building "We visited this institution its a wonderful place"
  • Closer view of main (Kirkbride) building
  • Another wide view of main building "These buildings can't beat.... Middletown"

    Note: Most of this page (and the history page) and its photos were created by Asaph Murfin (and some text by Mark Cybulski),, and is "mirrored" here by permission.

    Northampton State Hospital




    Partial Ariel View

    Exterior Views


    History of Northampton State Hospital


    Please also see "Northampton State Hospital" at Smith college.
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