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Southeast Ohio State Hospital

aka Athens Mental Health and Retardation Center, The Ridges, Athens State Hospital

Athens State Hospital

Established 1874

"The Athens Mental Health Center opened on January 9, 1874 on land purchased from the Coate's farm. The Administration building housed offices of the Superintendent, assistant physicians, steward, and a general reception room for visitors. Two wings added to the building were used for patients. The second floor contained apartments of the medical superintendent. The third and fourth floors were used for administrative offices."

from the Ohio University web site, by permission

In recent years, the State Hospital campus last known as "The Ridges" has been absorbed into the Ohio University, Athens Ohio campus. The "old center" Kirkbride building has found new use as Lin Hall - Kennedy Museum of American Art. The institution now exists under the name of Southeast Psychiatric Hospital, and has entirely vacated the old Ridges grounds and buildings.

Other Images:

  • Modern map of Ohio University Ridges complex, courtesy of Ohio University.
  • Administration Building (photo from Eric Root)
  • Map (from Eric Root)
  • The spring (photo from Eric Root)
  • Hospital Lakes (from Eric Root)
  • flooding Hocking River with state hospital in background, 1873, from James Anastas collection.
  • Athens Medical Center, 1951
  • Dairy cow, 1918 (Athens County Historical Society and Museum)
  • Historic photo of dining room [SEORF]
  • Fountain, home to aligators in the 1950s [SEORF]
  • Front between 1874 and 1892 [SEORF]
  • Front view of main building down path, 1893 [SEORF]
  • Lakes in front of hospital, historic view [SEORF]
  • Historic view of dairy farm [SEORF]
  • Farm buildings as they stand today [SEORF]
  • Original plan for hospital and grounds [SEORF]
  • Graveyard, used until 1967 [SEORF]
  • Front hall, main building, 1960 [SEORF]
  • Piggery [SEORF]
  • Parlor in main building, destroyed 1930s [SEORF]
    Many of the above photos are from The Ridges: Southeast Psychiatric Hospital [SEORF]. Others are from "About the Ridges" [Ohio University] by Eric Root, and used with permission. Information and other photos courtesy of Ohio University.
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