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Spring Grove Hospital Center

aka Spring Grove State Hospital, Captain Yellott's Retreat, Hospital for Strangers and Mariners, Hospital for Seamen and Mariners, Public Hospital of Baltimore, The Maryland Hospital.

Catonsville, Maryland

Found 1797, still in operation.

Spring Grove maintains a
museum on its site. Click here
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Located in Maryland, east of Baltimore, and not far from Springfield Hospital Center near Sykesville, this state hospital has a long and rich history of over two centuries and is still in operation.

Started as "Captain Yellott's Retreat" for ailing mariners in 1794, this institution was expanded into a state hospital by the Maryland legislature in 1797, at the time the first such hospital in Maryland.

The institution continued expanding during the 19th century (1800s). At mid-century, it moved from the now-crowded urban Baltimore environment to Catonsville, 5 miles southwest of the city. In 1852, construction was started on a now-demolished Kirkbride-plan building designed by J. Crawford Neilson. Construction continued for many years: delay reasons included the Civil War.

Still operated by the State of Maryland, the Center provides inpatient and residential psychiatric services to adult patients.

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