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Winnebago State Hospital

aka Winnebago Mental Health Institute, Northern Asylum for the Insane< h2>Wisconsin

Established 1873
Architect: Stephen Vaughn Shipman

"On the west central shore of Lake Winnebago, just north of the city of Oshkosh, lies a promontory called Asylum Point. Its surrounding waters are identified as Asylum Bay. For 125 years, the Bay has sheltered the facility which has been known as the Northern Asylum for the Insane; the Winnebago State Hospital; and Winnebago Mental Health Institute. Although its waters have been by no means always tranquil, the Institute has, throughout its history, provided many troubled individuals with a sanctuary, a refuge, and a safe place to prepare for re-entry into a turbulent world."

from the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. Currently in operation, but the Kirkbride building is long gone.

Postcard Views:

  • Side view, 1906
  • Avenue leading to the asylum
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