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Casino & District Family History Group Inc.

Committee 2016

From Committee Members 2017


  President  Barbara Hollis  66625051


  Vice President. Cherryl Mison


  Correspondence Sec.  Joanne Griffiths 0408709393 or Home email -  


   Minutes Secretary  Robyn Nesbitt  66622460                        


  Treasurer  Joanne Griffiths 0408709393                        


  Memberships Kaylene Morris  0490550647


   Resource Officer  Sharon Gill 66623591


   Newsletter Editor  David  Peterson 0427031076.


   Research Officer   Kaylene Morris   0490550647


   Librarian  Mavis Goodlad  0428564897        


   Publicity Officer   Sharon Gill 66623591            


  Roster Cordinator  Marge Cole  66625267


  Web Page Editor  Barbara Hollis 66625051                


  Committee member  Helen Elford  66622849   


  Comittee Member Gary McAteer 6662 6614


   Comittee Member Patricia McDonald  66631372





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The first committee consisted of Bronwyn Sims, Margaret Patternson, Judy Reynolds, Julie Clifford, Barbara Wilkes, Shirley Schulz, Helen Trustum, Joyce Smith and Nerilyn Cowen. At their first meeting there was over 40 people in attendance. After 4 months there were 56 members and over 30 people attending the meetings. The group had listed for their resources 20 books, 5 microfiche groups and several newspapers.

The “Crossing Place” magazine got its name, where Clay and Stapleton set up their camp. It became the crossing place for settlers, mail deliveries and travellers to cross the river.

September 24th 1987 saw the groups first major project get off the ground. This was to transcribe the West St Cemetery.