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Bruton Jessie Mable see Hort


Cronan Mary Ann 1837 - 1921

Mary Ann Cronan, Born 1837 Tipperary lreland. Daughter of Patrick Mundy - Mary Mc Kenny Married John Cronan 10 January 1857 Jamberoo. Parents John Cronan and Mary Brady aka Corner for many years lived on the South Coast about Albion Park and further down towards Bega. From there they came to Casino. They were farmers and a cheese factory at Nungo Fairyhill Via

Casino. Mary and John had 14 Children:

1. Mary Ann Married Michael Maher

2. Alicia Born 1859 died 1861.

3. Margaret Mary Married Daniel Tindall 4. Patrick Married Mary Wilson 5. John 1863 - 1868 6. Ellen Married Frederick G Robotham 7. Daniel

8. Thomas 1868-1875

9. Hannah Married Andrew Holmes 10. Isabella 1872 - 1875

11. Bridget Married Sebastian Saville (My Grandmother)

12. Agnes Married William Kunkler

13. William Married Elsie Macklyn Mackland. 14. David Married Hannah Hartley.

John and Mary had about 70 Grand children. John died 6 July 1893 Nungo Fairy Hill. Buried Casino. The family then moved to Casino. Mary Ann moved into her daughter's home. She died 2 January 1921 Buried Mullumbimby.

Submitted By Marg Cole.


Crowther Charlotte 1858 - 1918

My great grandmother :CHARLOTTE CROWTHER was born on 23 November 1858 at Hinton, NSW to Samuel CROWTHER and Sarah ROSS. The Crowther family moved to Grafton and it was here that Charlotte married John Pierce LLEWELLYN on 26 December 1876. They had a family of  ten children- one child died in infancy and son, Frank was killed in France in World War 1. The family moved to Wooroowoolgen near Casino, later to Mongogarie and then to Casino to retire. Charlotte died on 13 November 1918 and is buried in Casino West Cemetery.

Contact: R Nesbitt, 7 Acacia Ave, CASINO NSW 2470

Ford Laura Bell see Munt

Francke/Francks Clarence Keith 1914 - 1963

My grandfather : Clarence Keith FRANCKE (NX 7180) was born on July 8th 1914, at the Royal Hospital for Women at Paddington.  His mother, Evelyn Frances Ashe nee FRANCKE was 33 years old when Clarence was born. Clarence was Evelyn’s fourth child, and he was born illegitimately about a year after her marriage to Ernest Ashe had dissolved during 1913. The identity of Clarence’s father is uncertain, but on her hospital discharge papers, Evelyn names one Jack Dawson as Clarence’s father. Things between the couple appear not to have gone well, as Jack had already deserted Evelyn before Clarence was born. (This is my brick wall –(Who was Jack Dawson?)

         My Grandfather and his older half brother spent some time living with their mother at Foveaux Street Surry Hills, until she was forced by financial and other pressures to surrender Clarence for adoption when he was 3 years and 4 months old. Clarence was ‘boarded out’ into the care of Mrs. Louisa M. Cameron, in a private residence called “Locheil” in Fitzroy St. Burwood.  Clarence also spent some of his early childhood in the care of Mrs. Walsh at Willoughby, and also with Emily Chisholm at Frederick Street, St. Peters. Finally in 1920 at the age of 6 years Clarence was adopted by Mrs. Ivy Johnson. Mrs. Johnson was living at Bourke St. Moore Park, and later lived in Clarence St. East Hills. I believe that Clarence spent his childhood and growing up years living in around central Sydney.

         Clarence eventually gets work on the Railways and ends up in Dungog where he eventually meets and later marries my grandmother, Angela Agnes Guiren/Smith on the 5th December 1937 in Newcastle. She was 18 and he was 23.  My grandparents were quick off the mark, and they had time to conceive two children before Clarence signed up to join the Army on 30th October 1939 at Dungog in NSW.

         Grandfather now becomes NX 7180 and a member of the 2/2 Battalion AIF. Clarence was among the first troops to leave Australia for the Middle East, he along with many others embarked on H.M.T. “Ontranto” bound for the Middle East on the 9th January 1940.  Grandfather was now in the Middle East and served as a Group III Medical Orderly at 1 AGH at Gaza Ridge, he also took part in battles in Syria and Greece and was one of the “Rats of Tobruk”. Clarence had an outstanding career in the Army and was promoted through the ranks eventually reaching the rank of “Acting Sergeant” during early 1942.

        Early in 1943 Clarence was detached to 6AGH and returned to Australia. Unfortunately Clarence was by this time, in very poor physical and emotional health and he was eventually discharged medically unfit for further military service in April 1944. He was granted a 15% disability pension, and he was 29 years old.

 My information becomes sketchy again after Clarence’s return, but I know that he did not reconcile with his wife and two children. In fact his 2 children had believed for many years that Clarence had died in the war. What a shock it was to us all when early research by other family members revealed that Clarence had actually returned from service and had lived in and around Sydney until his sad and lonely death in 1963.

         It would appear that Clarence, like many others who have served in a theatre of war, was never able to recover from the trauma he had experienced during his 4 years of service in military hospitals in the Middle East. Clarence found it hard to fit back in and pick up his old life again after coming back to Australia. Although he married two more times, and was able to hold down labouring jobs, his mental and physical health continued to decline. Clarence began to suffer more and more from severe anxiety attacks and he was continually depressed.  Medical records reveal that Clarence quite often became overwhelmed and dropped to the ground and began shaking violently at unexpected loud noises and back- firing cars, the months and months of continual bombing in Greece were impossible to forget.

        To cope, Grandfather began to drink heavily, he found it harder and harder to maintain stable relationships, both his physical and mental health continued to decline and Clarence found himself constantly in and out of various hospitals, jails and mental institutions. Grandfather Clarence slowly declined into an ever deepening depression until his apparent suicide, as an inmate of Callan Park Hospital in December 1963. Clarence NX 7180 is buried in a war service grave in the Field of Mars Cemetery.

Although I never was able to meet this Grandfather, in the course of my research I have come to love, honour, and admire my once lost Grandfather Clarence Keith FRANCKE/FRANCKS NX7180. Vale and thank you Clarence Keith Francks, we will forever remember you, with love and pride.                 

Contributed by Judy BOAG nee FRANCKS

Gorrie Charlotte see Lynch

Hort Charles Isaac 1887-1948 & Jessie Mable Bruton 1889-1977

Charles Isaac Hort, known as ‘Charlie’ was born at Labertouche near Longwarry in Victoria on the 17th January 1887 the son of John Hort and Jane Jane Knight. He married Jessie Mable Bruton on 29th December 1909 at Longwarry Victoria.

    Jessie Mable Bruton was born on the 14th September 1889 at Brandy Creek, Buln Buln in the shire of Warragul Victoria, the daughter of Thomas Allan Bruton and Emma Maria Menz.

    Charlie and Jessie had a family of three.  Hazel Marrion 1910, Arol Charles 1912 & Vernon Edward 1914. Sometime between 1910 and 1912 they with their youngest child moved to the  Warburton area of the Yarra Valley. Charlie had work at the Mississippi saw mill. It seems as though Charlie and Jessie and Charlie's parents John and Jane Hort may have all moved to the Upper Yarra area about the same time. They lived in mill house at the Mississippi Stables a house built entirely of sawn timber, even the roof. The inside walls were lined with Hessian covered with paper and the chimney built big so the house wouldn't catch fire.

    Charlie was innovative in building a timber water race, from a natural spring above the home channelling water down to their house. Storage of water was achieved by using old oil drums. A fire was lit in the drum to burn out any oil residue. He worked in the mill before having a team of horses used for pulling tram loads of timber from the Mississippi mills to Big Pats Creek. The trucks ran on tramlines built of timber. Three teams of four horses were used to pull the trucks to and from the two Mississippi Mills each team doing several loads a day. Three fresh teams of horses were used for the trip from the Mississippi to Big Pats Creek and back. One section of the tramline was so steep it was called "The Takeoff".

    After having spent many years in the mill settlement in the bush Charlie and Jessie lived out their later lives living at Yarra Junction. Their sons went on to be bushmen and working in timber mills. Son  Arol "Pud" becoming a mill owner.


Charlie died on the 23rd October 1948. He had ridden his motorbike to Warburton for a visit to the barbers and collapsed and died on the footpath out side the barbers shop. Jessie lived to be a great old age dying in her ninetieth year on the 19th May 1977. Charlie and Jessie are buried together at Wesburn Cemetery.   Contributed by Barbara Hollis


Judd  Ann b.1832 - d.1915

My great grandmother=  ANNE JUDD was born c 1832 at Arkesden, Essex to William JUDD and Ann CANNON. She married Henry WEDLOCK in St Marys Church, Arkesden, Essex on 7 April 1855, one week before they came to Sydney on the ship ‘Euphrates” arriving on 6 August 1855. Anne and Henry had a family of six children. They settled in the Macleay River area at Kempsey. It is thought that Anne may have been a midwife. She died on 15 October 1915 and is buried in East Kempsey Cemetery.

Contact: Mrs G Fisher 56 Canterbury St, CASINO NSW 2470.


James Lynch 1886-1965 & Charlotte Gorrie 1890-1947

James Lynch, known as `Jim' was born on the 13th May 1886 at Musk Creek in the Daylesford area of Victoria. He was the third child and eldest son of Edward and Matilda Lynch nee Hodgkinson. Jim spent many of his young years living with his family in the Gippsland area of Victoria where his father worked in the timber mills. It is unknown if James had a school education, or what his early employment had been. It is probable he worked in the Gippsland area before going back to Daylesford with his family when he was about 17years old. When exactly Jim moved to the Yarra Valley area of Victoria is not known but his marriage certificate in 1912 states he was living at Warburton at that time of his marriage. James Lynch married Charlotte Gorrie on 15th November 1912 at the Methodist Church Punt Road South Yarra Victoria.

Charlotte Gorrie, was born on the 29th of December 1890 at Heywood Victoria, the third child of James and Jane Gorrie nee Penberthy's famir Jane died suddenly in 1896 and she was practically reared by her fathers sister and her husband Edward and Mary Benbow. As a young girl she was a live-in housemaid for a family in Kensington, before moving to Warburton where she worked for the Story family.

 Jim & Lottie's married life began at Strom's Sawmill Settlement, their first two children were both born at Warburton, Dorothv (Dor) in 1913 and Thelma Maude (Maude) 1916. Dor told me her parents and her grandfather Edward Lynch had lived at a sawmill settlement called Strom's, when she and her sister Maude (my mother) were small children. The mill was owned and operated by John Homer and Mick Monett, it had been moved from Slaty Creek (later known as Gladysdale) in 1911 to south of the Strom's property at Big Pats Creek. In 1914 the mill was moved about a mile to the top a small ridge that divided Blackwood and Tin Mine Creeks and was closer to the logging area.                  

    In 1917 Jim's father died suddenly from injuries received in a train fall and his mother Matilda was left with young children still at home and an acreage planted in crop. Jim, Lotte and children packed up and moved to Musk Creek near Daylesford to give a helping hand. During the four years spent at Musk Jim work as a farmer and possibly in the timber industry. Their family grew with the births of three sons in this time David James (Sonny) 1917, twins Harold (H) and William (Bill) in 1921.

    Horseback from Daylesford to Warburton: Some time after 1921 Jim and Lottie and their five children, for whatever reason, moved back to the Warburton area. Jim rode from Daylesford to Warburton bringing the two horses loaded up with all their belongings. Can you imagine us today trying to pack the possessions of a family of five onto the backs of a couple of horses; we would need a truck to do the job. Jim's long and lonely journey would have taken him several weeks, giving him plenty of time to contemplate his family's future. Lottie traveled by train with the five children all under eight years of age to Melbourne. Then boarded a steam train for Warburton. Imagine her relief to be finally at their destination. It is unknown whether Jim had already arrived from Daylesford with all their goods and chattels or if his family had to be accommodated in Warburton while they waited for him.

    Jim and Lottie and their brood of children went to live at the rebuilt Robinson's No.l sawmill, which was situated down off the Mount Donna Buang Road on William Pickersgill's property on Rocky Creek, two miles from Warburton. Jim worked on the breaking-down-bench, along with Alec Wilson the sawyer, Andy Melinyk and his father, John Ewing, Edgar Pullen, Petrocini, Frost,

McNamara, Spark and Croom. On leaving Robbie's mill Jim went to work for the Forestry Commission. Next they moved to a place at East Warburton where they had their last child Allan Edward in 1926. In about 1931 Jim was working at Downey's mill and whether it was prior to Downey's or after Jim and Hedley Morrish took on the operations of a charcoal kiln contract with Cumming Smith and Company. Jim and Hedley would go into the bush and cut timber into 6ft. lengths and bring it to the burner. Tons of wood would be stacked into the retort burner, set alight and closed up, when opened after considerable time the charcoal was brought out and bagged ready for transport and sale. It is not known how long this contract lasted. Jim then went to work at Richards mill at the seasoning works, and the family moved into a mill house. Jim was an all rounder and worked in several different areas of the milling process. It is also known that he worked in the stacking yards at the seasoning works.

Deaths: Charlotte 'Lottie' passed away on the 12th November 1947 at the young age of 56yrs and was buried in Grave No.D/8/1107 Presbyterian section of the Footscray cemetery. After the death of his beloved wife Charlotte, Jim continued to live in the same mill house, and work at Richards until he retired. The remainder of his life was spent living between between the homes of his two daughter. James Lynch passed away on the 21st November 1965, in his eightieth year. He was buried with Charlotte in the Footscray Cemetery.

Contributed by Barbara Hollis 20 High Street Casino NSW 2470


Margetts George Henry b.c.1829/30 - d.1906

My great grandfather= GEORGE HENRY MARGETTS was born c 1829-1830 in Norfolk, England. His father was Stephen MARGETTS. He married Catharine KEALY/KEELEY on 21 January 1864 at Glenelg, QLD. He settled first at Glenelg in Queensland and then moved to Inverell and Casino. He was a shopkeeper, then Caretaker of Casino School of Arts and Librarian. He and Catharine had a family of 11 children-some of the descendants still live in the Casino area. George died on 11 September 1906 at Casino and was buried on 12 September 1906 in the C of E Cemetery Casino.

Contact: P McDonald, P O Box 254, Casino NSW 2470.


Marshall Frank b.1879

The Grandfather I never knew: Frank Marshall was born on the 2nd August 1879 at Aldred Road Newington, Surry. To Thomas Thompson Marshall and Mary Maria nee Clark. Frank married Edith Alice Williams born the 1st January 1878, on the 1st October 1 899. He put his age p to 21 years. They had 7 children, 3 boys and 4 girls; the eldest boy was my father. He worked as a groomsman and later far a diary company delivering from a horse drawn cart. He was caught fiddling money and Edith had to find ₤12 to help him out of it. This could be why he joined the army and saw action in France. I was told he was mentioned in despatched. In March 1918 the last daughter was born and 2 weeks later he disappeared. After months of searching he was found in goal for stealing. He had committed bigamy the January of 1918. He was found guilty at the Old Bailey 1920 and sentenced to 9 months goal. His eldest son Frank, my father, was with his mother in court, it was the last time he was to see his father, he was 19. Submitted by Jose' McGovern (153) 


Munt Charles George & Laura Ford

Charles Munt was born 14 September 1866 Grafton

Laura Ford was born 21 November 1871 Carrs Creek;

Charles Died 1 November 1923 with Melancholia Hypostatic Pneumonia

Laura Died 3 August 1946   

Submitted  Judy Caban 1 Merrigan st Kyogle


Stiles Edward William b.1866

Born: 26 September 1866 Clifton Warwick

Died: 27 July 1955 Glen Innes

Lived: 62 Grey St Glen Innes

Married: Cousin Jane Stiles

Parents: George Stiles and Martha Patience Clapham

Edward had a lot to do with bullock teams in the Glen Innes area. It is said that he moved a whole house with his team.

Edward is my Great Grandfather.

Submitted  Judy Caban 1 Merrigan st Kyogle 2474