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Presidents Report


Presidentís Report MARCH-JUNE 2012

It doesnít seem like the year is half over but it is. Since our last newsletter we have had two roster personís information sessions. Many changes have been made and everyone who attended found these sessions very informative.

Kay and I attended the RAHS Conference in Lismore where we met the new CEO of RAHS.

Elders Rural Bank Casino has kindly allowed us to put a display in their shop front window for Anzac Day.

A display of ancestors who served in WW1 was put together by members and placed in the window. This was replaced by a Beef Week Display.

We had 39 past and present members attended a luncheon at the Anglican Hall Casino to celebrate our 25th Birthday. We all had a great day catching up with members we hadnít seen for a long time. Genie Awards were

given out as well as special awards to the members who joined in 1987 as part of our celebration. Shirley Shultz and Joan Newman cut a cake made and decorated by Lisa Caban. Thank you Lisa. A pictorial of the event is included in this newsletter.

Several of our members attended a Big Morning Tea at Clovass where we were asked to speak on our Group and the resources we hold and tell some stories of our families.

Thank you to all those who helped with the stall at the RV Village Market Day on Beef Week Sunday either by providing items to sell or manning the stall on the day.

Your committee has been working on making it easier to find books in our Library by re-categorising them.

For example if you are looking for books on either WW1 or WW2 you now can go the section called ĎArmed Forcesí and you will find all the books we have on the Armed Forces. We hope this will help everyone to locate

information more easily.

We are investigating the possibility of interviewing residents of the aged homes in Casino. If anyone is interested in being part of this please give me a ring or send an email. At this stage it is only under investigation but to make it work we will need people prepared to go to the Homes to do the interviews.

Until next time take care.