Visitors researching: $2.20 per hour $5.50 per day

Research Enquiries: (per Family name eg: Mr & Mrs Smith and children) $20 for initial enquiry using resources available at rooms with 10 photocopies included in initial fee. You will be advised of any additional information available over the fee with extra photocopies charged at 20 cents per page. Please supply basic information ie. BDM dates & parents if known. Inform research officer exactly what you are looking for and what you already know so time is not wasted doubling up on research. Research will not be undertaken until research fee is received. Please send with payment an A5 size self-addressed stamped envelope. Research may take 4-6 weeks depending on number of enquiries received and availability of the research team.
Please keep in mind our  research officer is a volunteer.

Photographs of headstones: Headstones of Kyogle & Casino Cemeteries. If the headstone is already on disk the cost will be $6 for a single photo onto a disk or printed. If not already on a disk cost is $10 for single photo copied to a disk or printed. Plus $3 for posting and handling. More than one photo onto a disk at the same time add extra charge of $2 (if photo is already on a disk file)

Members - Non Members

Computer & Internet use $2.20 per hour Computer printouts 20c each
Photocopier available. Copies 20c ea

Ancestry.Com World Delux Membership -  Available to members only.

ARK - Archives Resource Kit: Free to members & Public