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Historical Society




The crest of the Society appears for the first time on the issue of the Bulletin Vol. 2 No. 2. April 1967. This crest was formally adopted by the members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting 13th March 1967. The following notation is extracted from the 1967 publication.

Much thought and work has gone into the design. We were seeking something that was distinctively Casino in origin and something that would portray symbolically the history of this area. We feel that we have achieved that by drawing together in graphic forms the major facets of Casino's history - the river, the great pastoral stations, the aborigines and timber. The pastoral age is represented by the station stock brands of five great stations in this area - Cassino (later Tomki), Wooroowoolgen, Dyraaba, Runnnymede and Fairymount (Kyogle). The large shield enclosing the crest is the brand of Dyraaba - a shield with a line through its centre. The brand of Wooroowoolgen was a D in diamond - the D came from Denison who was one of the early owners in partnership with Captain Hamilton. These two letters then give us the words District and Historical. Cassino was the first station on the Richmond River and was taken up by Clay and Stapleton. They later sold to Clark Irving but the brand remained C + S and these letters complete the name of our Society. The letter S also serves for the brand of Runnymede which was a pot-hook or S - after Ward Stephens one time owner of the Sydney Morning Herald and later owner of Runnymede. The large shield balances on the pint-pot brand of Fairymount. (the handles are omitted for the sake of design). In the top left hand segment there is an aboriginal motif in recognition of the days of pre-history. (European) In the lower right hand segment the symbol represents a tree - the earliest industry in the area. The mainstay of the town for decades was the cedar trade and timber getting. The shaded area running through the badge symbolises the river and its crossing place around which was established the town of Casino.