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Baptists started with seven, two brothers who were newspapermen - C. H. and W. H. Buzacott - pioneered the Baptist cause in Rockhampton. They started the first newspaper in the town. In February, 1862, Rev. B. G. Wilson visited the township and on June 25 a congregation was formed with seven members and services were held at W. H. Buzacott's home.

In 1864 Rev. J. T. Hinton came as first pastor and he was succeeded a year later by Rev. T. W. Person who ministered until 1881. From then to 1901 there were five ministers and then Rev. A. D. Shaw commenced a ministry which continued until 1916.

The first church was erected in Denison Street and opened on October 18,1864. In 1906 the old church was closed and the Tabernacle was opened in the same street, opposite the home of W. H. Buzacott. It was moved to its present location at the corner of Campbell and Fitzroy streets and reopened in January 1916.

As the town developed Baptist churches were opened at Lakes Creek, North Rockhampton, Park Avenue, Port Curtis Road, West Rockhampton and Depot Hill.

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