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The arrival of the Hopkins Family around 1865, brought the first Quakers, or Society of Friends, to the Central Queensland district. The main theme of their religion was the care and concern of their fellow human beings. Felicia Hopkins, who had been a member of the Benevolent Society since 1867, operated a very primitive children's home, caring for neglected and orphaned children.

Francis and William Hopkins were foundation members of the YMCA which was formed in Rockhampton in October 1868 with Samuel Savage as its Chairman.

Felicia Hopkins founded the YWCA in Rockhampton in 1888 then helped to re-establish the Brisbane and Townsville branches. She was also instrumental in establishing new branches in the Central Western District.

The Hopkins Family were very strong in their religious beliefs, holding Quaker Bible Classes every Sunday. They were by no means narrow minded and were actively involved in other church and community affairs that assisted the working class families of the area.

In 1868 two members of the Society of Friends arrived in Rockhampton from England to interview members of the sect. They usually met in private homes or hired halls until a Friends Meeting House was built in 1880 in Bridge Street, North Rockhampton. The meeting house was finally moved to Kent Street where it was also used by the Lutherans as their place of worship. Another sect known as the Brethren also opened activities in the hall in the early days.

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