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Upper Ulam

 For quite a few years now ex Ulam resident, Mrs Marjorie Bostock has been persevering with her efforts to rejuvenate and preserve a part of Central Queensland's history - the first settlers of Upper Ulam, just south of Rockhampton.

On 3rd May 1981, the chance reunion with three of her friends she had not seen for fifty years enticed Mrs Bostock into endless and painstaking hours of research, coupled with considerable  cost. The reason for her dedication to the project stemmed from her belief that as Australians we had  let too much of our history slip quietly into oblivion.  "You know if it's let go too long it's very difficult to retrieve". Age had not been considered a barrier by Mrs Bostock in her efforts to trace the sometimes well-hidden past.  Mrs Bostock is in her eighties.

 In 1915 Mrs Bostock. nee Lilley, arrived in the Upper Ulam area with her parents, William and Lucie, but left when she married in 1930. She said her ancestry still lay with the area and her decision to trace the first settlers was part of her giving something back to the place she loved. Thousands of records. titles, land applications and pages of archival interest has kept Mrs Bostock busy.  She said there were a number of records which were not kept in Rockhampton but she was not deterred and made frequent trips to Brisbane, where she trudged the streets and searched titles and stamps offices. 

Mrs Bostock now has almost all the material and information she required, but she would like to hear from others whose ancestors were original settlers in the area.  In particular Mrs Bostock would like to talk to descendants of Patrick McGinley.  She is also interested in the emigration of the Upper Ulam residents - where they came from, on which ships and where they disembarked.  Her address is P.O. Box 1021, Atherton, Queensland 4883.

The following is a list of early Upper Ulam residents:-

     ARCHER, Brothers 
     ALEXANDER William Leslie 
     ARMSTRONG James 
     ASHTON Alfred 
     ASHTON Ralph 
     ARROWSMITH Patrick Egan 
     AXE William Frederick 
     BARRETT John 
     BIRCHLEY William 
     BRISBANE James 
     CUNNINGHAM James 
     CARROL Lloyd 
     CARROL Edmund 
     CROSS Henry 
     CROSS Edward 
     COOK Thomas Henry 
     CHATTERTON Victor 
     CHILDS George William 
     CORRIE James 
     DOLDING K. 
     DOLDING John 
     DWYER Patrick 
     DWYER Michael 
     EGAN Patrick 
     EFFEAMY George 
     FRY William Thomas 
     FLETCHER N.A. (others?) 
     GLASCOW John 
     GALVIN Patrick 
     GOODALL Alfred 
     GOODALL Ada Mary 
     GORMAN Thomas 
     HIGSON W.H 
     HALL Richard W 
     HANSEN Edward 
     HANSEN Halvor 
     HILL Albert 
     HILL Agnes 
     HINCHCLIFFE Percival 
     HINCHCLIFFE Frederick William 
     HOLFORD Waiter 
     HOLFORD Albert 
     HOURIGAN Bridget 
     INGRAM Samuel Alston 
     JONES R.R. 
     KELLY Edward 
     LOYD F.J.A. 
     McGINLEY Patrick 
     McKENNA Phillip 
     McLEAN Frank 
     McLEAN Louisa Annie 
     MURLAY Charles 
     MAHONEY Jeremiah 
     MAHONEY Patrick 
     MARSHALL William, F, and C.F. 
     MURPHY A.A.1H.A. 
     NAGLE James Alfred 
     NORTH Rodney 
     O'NEIL Patrick 
     O'MAHONEY Patrick 
     PH ILLIPS Louis 
     PHILLIPS Oliver 
     PRICHARDT Edward De Grave 
     PLATEN Joseph 
     PLATEN John 
     PEARCE Cecil Alexander 
     RAMM Daniel 
     RAMM William Henry 
     ROSS Hugh Victor 
     SMYTH Patrick 
     SEERY James 
     *SHORLEY Ezra Thomas 
     SCOTT H.A. & E.M. 
     SPYVE John 
     TARNETSKI Marcus 
     WATERS Edward Gregory 
     WILSON James Austin 

     Ezra Thomas Shodey is the ancestor of member, Denise Frankel.

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