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1868 Post Office Directory Calliope

Alders, Mrs., dairy, diggings

Compayne, A.C., manager, Bermendo
Cruscuy, E., gardener, diggings
Cruscey, Mrs., gardener

Daly, John, stockman Riverstone
Dea, Samuel, gardener
Dunn, R., engineer, diggings
Dunn, Mrs., resident, diggings

Hepham, David, stockman, Milton

Kelly, William, stockman, Milton

Lloyd, Nowell, stockman, Milton
Lommrich, T., baker, diggings
Lyons, Thomas, carter, diggings

Mance, W. F., dairy, diggings
Mann, Mrs., dairy, diggings
McDonnell, A., laborer, Bain River
McGregor, William, blacksmith
McKenly, John, laborer, Barmedo
McKenly, Mrs., resident, Barmedo
Meyers, F. E., stockman, Barmedo
Meyers, Thomas, stockman, Barmedo
Morricey, thos., stockman, Barmedo

Nickles, Richard, butcher, diggings
Nicolus, Frank, butcher, diggings
Nott, George, stockman, Milton
Nott, William, manager, Milton

O’Connell, C. P., squatter
Owens, Robert, stockman, Milton

Rooles, E., timber-cutter, Bain River
Rowles, Jasen, stockman, Riverstone

Sparkes, M., stockman, Riverstone
Sparkes, W., resident, Riverstone

Turner, E., hotel-keeper, Milton
Turner, Mrs., hotel-keeper, Milton
Turick, Charles, manager, Milton
Turick, Mrs., visitor, Riverstone

Wallace, M., timber-cutter, Bain River
Wallace, Mrs., visitor, Bain River
Wallace, M. T., timber-cutter, Bain River
Walker,   , dairy, diggings
Walker, M, dairy, diggings
Walsh, John, stockman, Milton
West, J., timber-cutter, Bain River
West, John J., laborer, diggings
Whitley, Thomas, carter, diggings
Williamson, R., stockman, Milton
Williamson, Jane, visitor, Milton
Williamson, Miss, visitor, Riverstone


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