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1868 Post Office Directory Crocodile Creek

It unfortunately it does not contain the names of any of the miners

Cooper, A. H., chemist

Deiphen, Andrew, blacksmith
Doyle & Madden, ,bakers

Gransden, Edwin, post office store

Heinricks & Co, ,Butchers
Higgin, McDermott & Co, storekeepers
Hoult, James, publican, Hector Reef

Johnstone, Francis, tobacconist

Long, Edward, publican
Loo, You, chinese storekeeper
Love, John, Dairyman
Lynch, Michael, boot & shoemaker

May, George Henry, publican

O’Grady, Dr
O’Rouke, John, publican

Page, Thomas, baker
Price, William, storekeeper

Qwong, On, chinese storekeeper

Reynold, Matthew, storekeeper
Rollison, Joseph, slaughterman
Rutherford, James, storekeeper

San Quong, Long, chinese storekeeper
Schatzel, Peter, baker
Schardon & Co, , lemonade manuf

Tonging, Tong, chinese doctor
Travis, George, butcher

Webb, William, storekeeper
Wier, Hugh,publican

Yong, Sing, chinese publican 


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