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1868 Post Office Directory St Lawrence

Anderson, G. T., mas, “Sacramento”
Antill, E. S., suprt., Cardowan
Armstrong, William, saddler
Armstrong, W. D., sqtr., Tooloombah
Armstrong, Mrs., Tooloombah

Baker, Daniel, stockman, Clair View
Barton, Dunbar, H., stockman
Bell, ----, storekeeper, Cardowan
Bernstein, L., physician, Waverley
Butler, William, mgr., Lotus Creek
Burkitt, H., C.P.S. & Customs officer
Burkitt, Mrs., resident

Campbell, W. S. Cardowan
Chalmers, George, carrier
Chidguy, ----, stockman, Collaroy
Christian, Wm, sqtr., Williagbi
Christian, Mrs., sqtr., Williagbi
Charles, Joseph,     , Yatton
Conlen, F., squatter, Tierswomba
Colly--, B. M., squater, Yatton
Cooley, Richard, carrier
Cooley, Joseph, carrier
Cooley, Mrs., resident

Duggan, James, mailman

Evans, A, H., O-rdowan

Fitzsimmons, C., sqtr., Lotus Creek

Galway, Daniel, sergent of police
Galway, Mrs., resident
Gates, Ann, servant
Goodman, G., master “Ben Bolt”
Gibbs, Ronald & Burnett, sqtr., Yatton
Gillhams, T. W., squatter, Rookwood
Gray, John, carrier
Gray, Mrs., resident

Hatfield, ----, carrier
Hert, H, resident Tooloombah
Hepburn, T. B., sqtr., Mary Downs
Hobday, Alexander, carpenter
Hodgsen, ----, Leichkardt Downs
Hutchinson, Joshua, constable

Jack, David, carrier

Kennedy, W. J., sqtr., Tierwoomba
Kennedy, Miss., resident, Tierwoomba
King, ----, Commissioner Crown Lands, Leickhardt Downs

Lacey, Lawrie, mailman
Lawlar, Edward, stockman, May Downs

Macartney, J. A. sqtr., Waverley
Maloney, Margaret, servant, Waverley
Marsh, T. F., overseer, Clair View
Marsh, Henry, sqtr., Boyle Park
Mayne, Henry, sqtr, Waverley
Moses, A, hawker, Tooloombah
McGusty, R. D, storekeeper, Waverley
McGregor, A. R., sqtr, Leichhardt Downs

Nesling, William, carrier
Nesling, Charles, carrier

O’Brien, Wm, custom’s boatman

Penny, ----, storekeeper., Leichhardt Downs
Price, ----, carrier

Randall, John, stockman, Willinghi

Searth, George. S., stockman, Cardowan
Silver, C. A., stockman, Lotus Creek
Schewk, John, comtracter
Sheily, Thomas, Leichhardt Downs
Sheridan & Fitzsimmons, sqtr, Lotus Creek
Sheridan, B. G., sqtr., Lotus Creek
Sheridan, Mrs., resident, Lotus Creek
Sheridan, James, Leichhardt Downs
Smith, George, carrier
Smith, E. H., pilot
Smith, John, custom’s boatman
Smith, Thomas, stockman, Waverley

Tagg, Thomas F., merchant
Forkington, John, blacksmith
Trotter, WalterLeichhardt Downs

Walker & McGusty, storekeepers, Waverley
Wallace, J. F. J. publican, Waverley
Wallace, H. J. sawyer, Waverley
Watt, McHenry, & Wilson, squaters Leichhardt Downs
Webber, Alfred, storeman
Wickenhopes, Alex., wheelwright
Wilson, Wm., sqtr., Leichhardt Downs
Wilson R., sqtr., Leichhardt Downs
Wilson, E., sqtr., Leichhardt Downs
Wilson, F., sqtr., Leichhardt Downs
Woods, Frederick N., publican
Worch, H., Tierewoomba
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