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Our Publications:

The Association publishes a quarterly journal "The C.Q. Genealogist" which is issued free of charge to members. We invite members to advertise for information on their own family histories. And to submit articles free of charge in this journal. Unlike many other associations, we do not limit the number or frequency of these advertisements. The CQFHA exchanges journals with other genealogical Societies both in Australia and over-seas thus giving our members first hand information on the particular area they may be researching.

Publications For Sale:

Cemetery & Burial Records

Rockhampton Crematorium Index 1948 - March 1992
Price: $25.00 (+postage)

Picture of Book








550 grams

North Rockhampton Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions 
2 volumes
Price: $50.00 (+postage)

picture of fiche


Microfiche edition: $30.00

5 fiche 

North Rockhampton Cemetery Burial Records March 1879 - January 1998 
Price: $30.00 (Microfiche only)

picture of fiche

 5 fiche

Burials North Rockhampton Cemetery PLUS North Rockhampton Headstone Inscriptions
Price: $55.00 (Microfiche only)

Picture of microfiche

10 fiche 



Index Deaths / Funerals / Cremations from Rockhampton Morning Bulletin 1988 - 1997 
Price: $12.00 (Microfiche only)

Picture of Microfiche

2 fiche



Index Deaths/Funerals/Cremations from Rockhampton
Morning Bulletin 1988 - 1997
Price: $12.00 (Microfiche only)

Picture of microfiche

2 fiche 


Collinsville Cemetery Burial Register Index
Price: $15.00 (postage incl)

picture of book


Proserpine Burials & Cremations
Price: $20.00 (+ postage)

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450 grams  

Bowen Cemetery 15/9/1861 to 16/9/2005  
Price: $20.00 (+postage)

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Burials Rockhampton Cemetery (Southside) by N Woodhouse CD   
Price: $25.00 (Includes postage)

Picture of CD-ROM

Headstone Photographs - 18 Cemeteries of North Qld (DVD)
Price: $35.00 (Includes postage)

Picture of CD-ROM

Miriam Vale Cemetery CD   
Price: $10.00 (Includes postage)

Picture of CD-ROM

South Burnett Cemetery Headstones DVD   
Price: $50.00 (Includes postage)

Picture of CD-ROM

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