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Welcome to the Northern Territory GenWeb Project

The Northern Territory is a federal territory of Australia. The capital city is Darwin; the other two sizable settlements are Alice Springs (in the desert interior, 1,500 kilometres to the south) and Katherine (near the base of the Top End). Residents of the Northern Territory are known simply as 'Territorians'.

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Northern Territory, Australia   

Hi, I'm Colleen, your new Territory Coordinator.  Though the basic layout of the site will remain as is, I'll be doing some work in the background and you may occasionally come upon a broken link.  Please excuse the dust and return later to see if your desired page is repaired.  NOTE: I don't live in Australia, so I won't be able to do any local research.

NT Coat of Arms

NT Flag

Northern Territory Coat of Arms
The Coat of Arms was granted by Queen Elizabeth in 1978.  It features a shield containing two aboriginal designs associated with Arnhem Land, a female aboriginal figure and two carved motifs.  On either side of the shield is a sprig of Sturt's Desert Rose.  The shield is supported by two red kangaroos holding shells.  At the crest is a wedge-tailed eagle, with wings splayed, on a rock.  Beneath the rock is a helmet.  This is the only Australian Coat of Arms to contain all the bird, animal and floral emblems for that state/territory.  (Source: Aussie Info)

Northern Territory Flag
The current state flag of the Northern Territory was officially adopted by the Northern Territory, Australia in 1978. The Northern Territory has been in existence since 1911, but could not hoist its first flag until self-government in 1978. (read about the history of the Flag)

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