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Alberton Residents

taken from Post Office Directory of Tasmania 1910, hard copy.
70 miles from Launceston; rail to Scottsdale, then coach daily 23 miles.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh , May 2000

BRAISTOW, J.J. Cyanide works
BECKER, Godfrey Alberton Hotel
BECKER, Percy Farmer
BECKER, Philip Miner
BIRCHALL, John Miner
BROWN, Thomas M. Mine manager
CLARK, William Farmer
FENNER, John B. Miner
HAMPTON, George Farmer
HAYES, Edward Engine driver
JANS, Frederick Miner
LOWE, Henry Miner
McCAUL, H. Miner
McCAUL, W. Miner
MAY, John Miner
MAYNARD, George  
MERRICK, Thomas Miner
NELSON, Andrew Miner
POPE, J.W. Cyanide works
REECE, Arthur Miner
REECE, Charles Miner
SINGLINE, Frank Miner
SOWELL, John A. Miner
STINGEL, Charles Mine manager
STINGEL, Ernest Miner
STYLES, Mrs Johanna A. Farmer
SWIFT, Mrs E.J. Farmer
VINEY, Edwin Miner
WILLIAMS, James Miner
WILSON, S. Farmer
WILSON, Thomas Farmer
WILSON, William Farmer
WOODS, John Farmer
WOODS, R. Miner

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