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Bagdad Residents

taken from Post Office Directory of Tasmania 1910, hard copy.
21 miles north by rail from Hobart

Indexed by Rose Murtagh , May 2000

ANDERSON, Thomas & William Sheep farmers
BLAKE, Harold Fruit grower
BANTICK, Edgar A.M.  
BANTICK, Enos H. Farmer
BANTICK, Henry Sheep farmer
BANTICK, Thomas Blacksmith
BLACKLOW, Frederick H. Sheep farmer
BRIGGS, Samuel Fruit grower
CHALMERS, Robert H. Farmer
CHIVERS, Robert Farmer
CORAM, Herbert Traveller
CORNEY, Percy H.N. Fruit grower
EDDINGTON, Ernest A. Fruit grower
EDDINGTON, Thomas J. Farmer
EDDINGTON, William H. Fruit grower
ELLERTON, Alfred Store & butcher
ELLERTON, Edwin W.  
ELLERTON, Joseph Sheep farmer
GALE, George J. Fruit grower
GRAF, Adolphus Sheep farmer
HAYES, A. Teacher
HOARE, John Store
HUNTER, William  
HYLAND, David & Samuel Farmers
HYLAND, Charles Farmer
HYLAND, Henry  
ISON, Edward J.  
JARVIS, Charles Farmer
JEFFRIES, Jonas Labourer
JOHNSON, Frederick W.  
JOHNSON, G. Stephen Sheep farmer
JOHNSON, Joseph H. Line repairer
JOHNSON, Omar O. Sheep farmer
JOHNSON, Percy J. Farmer
JOHNSON, Thomas F. Farmer
LAMBERT, William G. Fruit grower
LING, John Drover
MASON, William  
MEADE, Chute F.  
MIZEN, Thomas Fruit grower
NEWMAN, William Farmer
OAKLEY, Percy Store
PALMER, John W. JP Sheep farmer
PORTER, John Sheep farmer
RAMSEY, Mrs Eliza Fruit grower
ROBERTSON, Charles  
SATTLER, John Storekeeper
SATTLER, Peter  
SHEARING, Edward Farm labourer
SINNETT, George Fruit grower
STUART, Mrs Jessie Fruit grower
SWAN, George Cameron JP Rosewood & Horfield stations
THORNE, Edward Farmer
THORNE, Edwin Farmer
THORNE, Joseph  
WAYN, Herbert E.  
WEBBERLEY, William R. Farmer
WILSON, David Fruit grower
YEOLAND, Frank Fruit grower

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