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25 miles rail from Launceston
Taken from Hard Copy of Tasmania Post Office Directory 1910
Indexed by Rose Murtagh

ARMSTRONG, Alexander Farmer
BAILEY, Joseph Overseer
BEAMES, Edward Constable
BELBIN, Samuel Farmer
BEVERIDGE, Stewart Farmer
BLACKWELL, Mrs Susan  
BOSWORTH, Alfred Threshing machine owner
BROOKS, Daniel Farmer
CAMPBELL, Alexander Farmer
CONN, John Farmer
CROSS, Alfred Farmer
EDWARDS, Mrs Adeline  
FIELD, William V. Farmer
FLEMING, john Station master
GRIFFITHS, Thomas Blacksmith
HALL, Alexander A. Overseer
HALL, Henry Farmer
HALL, John Farmer
HARDMAN, E & W Farmers
HARDMAN, Edward Overseer
HOPKINS, Joseph Selwood Station
LAWSON, Henry Farmer
LING, Elijah Farmer
LING, Henry Farmer
LYONS, Mrs Hannah Teacher
McBAIN, James Farmer
McBAIN, William Farmer
McQUEEN, Alexander Farmer
McQUEEN, George Farmer
McQUEEN, John Farmer
MAHAR, George  
MAHAR, Mrs Kate  
MARKBY, Amy D. Post mistress
MASTERS, William Farmer
MURFET, David Farmer
MURFET, Harold I. Store
MURFET, Henry Farmer
MURFET, Robert Farmer
PARSONS, George Farmer
PATTERSON, Robert & John Farmers
PETRIE, Henry Ganger
RITCHIE, Charlotte  
RUDD, William Farmer
SEYMOUR, George Farmer
SHEPPARD, Miss H. Private school
SHIPP, Ernest A. Farmer
SHIPP, William Farmer
SMITH, Frederick Horse trainer
SMITH, John Farmer
SPENCER, George Farmer
TERRY, R. Farmer
YOUNG, Arthur Farmer

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