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Branxholm Electors

List of Electors who voted at Branxholm.
Taken from Film of Tasmanian Electors Division of Bass 1903

AUTON Blanch Branxholm Domestic Duties
AUTON James Branxholm Miner
AUTON James Frederick Branxholm Miner
BAKER David Edward Branxholm Miner
BAKER Sarah Jane Branxholm Domestic Duties
BENNETT Emily Branxholm Domestic Duties
BIRCH Alfred Michael Branxholm Miner
BIRCH Mannitta Jane Branxholm Domestic Duties
BIRD Percy Ruby Flat Labourer
BONDRY Gustavus James Branxholm Mine Manager
BONSOR Edward Ruby Flat Labourer
BONSOR Frederick William Ruby Flat Labourer
BONSOR James Branxholm Miner
BONSOR Louisa Branxholm Domestic Duties
BROOKS Annie Branxholm Domestic Duties
BROOKS William Henry Branxholm Miner
BURR James Branxholm Miner
BURT Arthur New Hope Labourer
COLLINS John Alfred Branxholm Miner
CONNOLLY martin Branxholm Groom
COOPER Elizabeth Branxholm Domestic Duties
COOPER Thomas William Branxholm Farmer
COUNSELL Eveline Mary Branxholm Domestic Duties
COUNSELL Honorine Branxholm Domestic Duties
COUNSELL Mary Frances Branxholm Domestic Duties
COUNSELL Richard Winifred Branxholm Miner
DAVERN Edwin Branxholm Storekeeper
DAVERN Mary Branxholm Domestic Duties
DAVIS Annie Mary Branxholm Domestic Duties
DAVIS Henry Thomas Branxholm Miner
DAVIS James Arba Miner
DAVIS Sarah Ann Arba Domestic Duties
DEACON William Ruby Flat Labourer
DUNCANSON Malcol Warrentinna Miner
DUTTON Edwin Warrentinna Farmer
DUTTON Mary Warrentinna Domestic Duties
EAGER William Arba Miner
EDDY Annie Maria Arba Domestic Duties
EDDY William Arba Engine Driver
EDDY William Arba Miner
GUNTON Elizabeth Branxholm Housekeeper
HAAS Christian Junior New Hope Labourer
HARRINGTON Edward Arba Miner
HARVEY George Branxholm Miner
HOLMES Emily Branxholm Domestic Duties
HOLMES Esther Branxholm Domestic Duties
HOLMES Fred Branxholm Storekeeper
HOLMES Joseph Arba Shift Boss
JACKSON Frederick New Hope Labourer
JACKSON James Branxholm Miner
JAGO Francis Branxholm Farmer
JAGO Francis Edward Branxholm Labourer
JAGO Louisa Branxholm Domestic Duties
JOHNSON John August Arba Miner
KING Amy Branxholm Domestic Duties
KING Ernest Henry Branxholm Carter
LAUDR George Arba Miner
MADDERN Christina Ruby Flat Domestic Duties
MADDERN James Thomas Ruby Flat Labourer
MAHAR Andrew New Hope Labourer
McCORMACK James Warrentinna Hunter
McDANIEL Alice Branxholm Domestic Duties
McDANIEL William Andrew Branxholm Engine Driver
McIVOR Florence Eva Branxholm Domestic Duties
McIVOR William James Branxholm Carter
McKAY John Warrentinna Labourer
MONTGOMERY Mary Arba Domestic Duties
MONTGOMERY Robert Bertrm Arba Carpenter
MOORE Blanche Arba Domestic Duties
MOORE Hilda Grace Arba Domestic Duties
MOORE John Edward Arba Miner
MOORE Thomas Henry Arba Miner
MOY Ada Branxholm Farm Domestic Duties
MOY Albert Branxholm Farm Labourer
NAYLOR John James Arba Labourer
NAYLOR Rebecca Arba Domestic Duties
NEWMAN Maud Elizabeth Branxholm Domestic Duties
NEWMAN Robert Albert Branxholm Miner
NEWMAN Rosina Maria Branxholm Domestic Duties
NEWMAN Walter William Branxholm Miner
NICHOLLS Beatrice Mary Jane Branxholm Domestic Duties
NICHOLS Joshua Branxholm Miner
O'SHEA James Branxholm Engine Driver
PAGE Edward New Hope Labourer
PALMER James Alfred Branxholm Blacksmith
PALMER Martha Arba Domestic Duties
PENNINGTON Charlotte Norah Arba Domestic Duties
PENNINGTON John Joseph Arba Miner
PICKETT Thomas William Warrentinna Hunter
REEVE Emily Lavina Branxholm Domestic Duties
REEVE Frederick Branxholm Farmer
SAINTY Caroline Branxholm Domestic Duties
SAINTY David James Branxholm Contractor
SAINTY Emily Ann Branxholm Domestic Duties
SAINTY William Branxholm Miner
SCOTT Alexander Philip Arba Miner
SHARP Catherine Branxholm Domestic Duties
SHARP Robert Branxholm Miner
SHAW Charles George Branxholm Groom
SMITH Charles Arba Miner
SMITH James Ruby Flat Labourer
SMITH James Albert Ruby Flat Labourer
STEWART George Roland New Hope Miner
TAYLOR John Branxholm Licensed Victualler
TAYLOR Kate Branxholm Domestic Duties
THOMPSON Henry Arba Miner
TRIFFITT Arthur Branxholm Carter
TRIFFITT Emily Annie Branxholm School Teacher
TROWBRIDGE John Talbot Branxholm Farm Farmer
TROWBRIDGE Rose Harriett Branxholm Farm Domestic Duties
VERNON Sarah Arba Domestic Duties
VERNON Walter Arba Miner
VINEN Margaret Branxholm Lane Domestic Duties
VINEN William Henry Branxholm Lane Carter
WALSHE George Henry Arba Miner
WALSHE Helena Arba Domestic Duties
WALSHE Matilda Jane Branxholm Domestic Duties
WALSHE Michael Branxholm Miner
WALSHE Robert John Arba Miner
WALSHE William Arba Miner
WATSON William New Hope Miner
WATT Emma Louisa Arba Domestic Duties
WATT James Arba Engineer
WATT John Branxholm Miner
WESTENHALL Warwick New Hope Miner
WILLIAMS Annie Branxholm Domestic Duties
WILLIAMS John Henry Branxholm Miner
WILSON Charles Branxholm Farmer
WILSON Daniel Branxholm Farmer
WILSON Elizabeth Mary Branxholm Domestic Duties
WILSON Harriett Branxholm Domestic Duties
WILSON John Benjamin Arba Mine Manager
WILSON Madeline Kate Branxholm Domestic Duties
WILSON Thomas Branxholm Carter
WILSON Thomas Philip Branxholm Carter
WOODS George New Hope Miner

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