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Clarence Residents

Indexed by Rose Murtagh
Taken from Tasmania Directory 1866 Hard Copy

ABBOTT, Edward Warden Bellerive
ALLOMES, George Farmer South Arm
ALLOMES, John Farmer South Arm
ALLENDER, Henry Kangaroo Point
ARNOTT, Richard Cambridge Road
ATKINS, Charles Kangaroo Point
BELBIN, James Farmer Cambridge
BENTLEY, Richard Farmer South Arm
BEARD, William Bellerive
BEAUVAIS, Mrs. M. Farmer Muddy Plains
BELLETTE, W.J. Superintendent of police Bellerive
BIGNELL, W. & G.  
BLATHERWICK, Mrs. Farmer South Arm
BOWDEN, J. Farmer Muddy Plains
BRISCOE, Charles Muddy Plains
BROCK, John Bellerive
BROOKS, G. Bellerive
BRITTON, W. Cambridge
BURTON, John Bellerive
BUCHANAN, Peter Farmer Cambridge
BUCK, William Clarence Plains
CAMPBELL, Edward Cambridge
CAMPBELL, J. Bellerive
CARTER, Thomas Farmer Bellerive
CARTER, Abraham Bellerive
CALVERT, Christopher Farmer South Arm
CALVERT, William Farmer South Arm
CASH, Michael Framer Cambridge
CHIPMAN, Charles Farmer Clarence Plains
CHIPMAN, Joseph Farmer Clarence Plains
CHIPMAN, John Farmer Droughty Plains
CHISHOLM, Duncan Schoolmaster Clarence Plains
CHISHOLM, James Bellerive
CLARKE, Josph Farmer South Arm
COHEN, Isaac Kangaroo Point
COHEN, Moses Bellerive
COWLEY, Robert Muddy Plains
COTTER, J. Farmer Muddy Plains
CORRIGAN, J. Horse & Jockey Rokeby
CRACKNELL, John Farmer Cambridge
CROCKER, A.D. Bellerive
CROSS, John Farmer Muddy Plains
DANIELS, Richard Farmer Cambridge
DAWSON, Joseph Bellerive
DAWSON, H. Bellerive Hotel Bellerive
DAVIE, John Kangaroo Point
DIXON, Thomas Farmer Muddy Plains
DILLON, Charles Bellerive
DUNBABIN, John Farmer Cambridge
EVANS, Sam Farmer Sunnyside, Cambridge
EVANS, Frederick Farmer Cambridge
EVANS, William Cambridge Road
EVANS, John Kangaroo Point
EVANS, Charles Bellerive
FARMAN, W. Coroner & medical practitioner Rokeby
FARREN, Mrs. A. Postmistress Rokeby
FLASHMAN, Charles Farmer Howrah, Clarence
FORSTER, Thomas Clarence Plains
FORSTER, George Rokeby
FORSTER, H. Flour mills Brabin
FORSTER, John Bellerive
FARMAN, Mrs. Farm South Arm
FRASER, Robert A. Farmer Cambridge
FREE, William Farmer Clarence Plains
FREE, Thomas Clarence Plains
FREEMAN, Thomas Cambridge
GARLICK, William Cambridge
GARLICK, John Farmer Cambridge
GARLICK, David Farmer Cambridge
GELLIBRAND, W.S.P. Bellerive
GELLIBRAND, G.H.B. Farmer South Arm
GELLIE, A. Bellerive
GEORGE, Thomas Bellerive
GORRINGE, Charles Farmer Muddy Plains
GREEN, Joseph Clarence Plains
GRAVES, J. & C. Farmers Muddy Plins
GRAVES, George Bellerive
HANSLOW, James Farmer Cambridge
HANSLOW, R. Farmer Cambridge
HANNON, Thomas Cambridge
HAYNES, William Farmer Muddy Plains
HEYHO, samuel Kangaroo Point
HEBBLEWHITE, William Bellerive
HICKLING, George Muddy Plains
HITCHCOCK, George Farmer South Arm
HOLMES, William Farmer Clarence Plains
HOBDEN, L. Cambridge
HUME, James Rokeby
HUXLEY, William Farmer Muddy Plains
JACQUES, William South Arm
JOHNSTON, Thomas Farmer Cambridge
JOHNSTON, Sampson Farmer Cambridge
JOSEPH, James E. Clarence Plains
JOSEPH, william Clarence Plains
JOSEPH, George Farmer Clarence Plains
JOSEPH, Samuel Clarence Plains
JOSEPH, Benjamin Clarence Plains
JONES, William Bellerive
KING, John & D. Cambridge
KISSOCK, A. Bellerive
LASENBY, William Farmer South arm
LANGSTON, W. Cambridge Road
LANE, John Deputy registrar Bellerive
LEWIS, D. Bellerive
LEWIS, Neil Bellerive
LISTER, George Bellerive
LUDBEY, Thomas Cambridge Road
LUCKMAN, Henry Farmer Clarence Plains
LUCKMAN, Rheuben Farmer Clarence Plains
McARTHUR, D.D. Postmaster Bellerive
McARDELL, J.O.O. Cambridge
McLEOD, Alexander Farmer Muddy Plains
McRORIE, Charles Farmer Cambridge
MAUM, E. Clarence Plains
MAUM, William Farmer Clarence Plains
MAUM, E.G. Cambridge Road
MARTIN, William Plough Inn Bellerive
MEARS, Thomas Cambridge
MOGFORD, John Farmer Cambridge
MORRISON, Mrs. Schoolmistress Bellerive
MORRISON, J.A. Bellerive
MORRISON. William Farmer Clarence Plains
MORRISBY, J.R. Farmer Muddy Plains
MORRISBY, G.J. Farmer Muddy Plains
MORRISBY, Charles Rokeby
MORGAN, R. Farmer Cambridge
MURDOCH, R.B. Farmer Cambridge
MUSK, Edward Farmer South Arm
MYLER, David Cambridge
NASH, Charles Bellerive
NEALE, William Postmaster Cambridge
NEALE, William Horse Shoe Inn Rokeby
NICHOLS, E.C.A. Storekeeper Bellerive
NICHOLS, J. Bellerive
NICHOL, R.A. Cambridge
NUTHALL, John Farmer Rokeby
OMAY, Thomas Bellerive
OMAY, Tmomas jun. Bellerive
PATERSON, W. Bellerive
PARTRIDGE, Samuel Farmer South Arm
PEARSALL, Underhill Farmer Clarence Plains
PEARSALL, W.M. Farmer Muddy Plains
PEARSALL, B. Bellerive
PEARSALL, J.U. Bellerive
PEDDER, George Muddy Plains
PEDDER, Joseph Farmer Muddy Plains
PENDER, John Cambridge
PITFIELD, E. Kangaroo Point
PORTER, Peter Clarence Plains
PRICE, Mark Bellerive
PROCTOR, George Farmer Cambridge
PUNCH, John Clarence Plains
PURCELL, John Cambridge Road
RATCLIFFE, James Farmer  
RICHARDSON, William Muddy Plains
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth Muddy Plains
RICHARDSON, Henry Muddy Plains
RICHARDSON, Joseph Farmer Muddy Plains
RILEY, Thomas Bellerive
RILEY, John Farmer Cambridge
RICE, Elizabeth Muddy Plains
RIDER, Richard Cambridge
ROBE, Alexander Farmer Muddy Plains
RUMNEY, William Cambridge
SEXTON, Robert Lindisfarne Bay
SMITH, William Kangaroo Point
SMITH, James Bellerive
SMITH, Thomas Muddy Plains
SPARKS, Thomas Farmer Muddy Plains
STRACHAN, Richard Coroner Cambridge
STANFIELD, Charles Kangaroo Point
STANFIELD, Daniel Farmer Clarence Plains
STARKIE, John Bellerive
STOKELL, George Sheep run Cambridge
STURGES, John Bellerive
SUCKLING, George Clarence Plains
TAYLOR, James Rosny
THORNE, Robert Cambridge
THOMAS, J.W. Council clerk Bellerive
THOMAS, William Bellerive
THOMAS, Mrs. Clarence Plains
THORNBURY, W. Farmer Bellerive
TOLLARD, John Clarence
WATSON, John Farmer Muddy Plains
WATSON, Mrs. Clarence Plains
WALKER, William South Arm
WERE, George Clarence Plains
WESTBROOK, Thomas Bellerive
WESTAWAY, W. Bellerive
WELCH, D. Cambridge
WHYTE, James Risdon
WHEELER, George Bellerive
WITT, William Rokeby
WINSPEAR, M. South Arm
WINSPEAR, Martha Farm South Arm
WILSON, Henry Deputy registrar South Arm
WILSON, Thomas Farmer Muddy Plains
WILSON, Rev. Robert Church of England minister Rokeby
WRIGHT, Richard Farmer South Arm
WYRE, Chapman Farmer Clarence Plains Road
YOUNG, William Farmer Clarence Plains
YOUNG, Lewis Farmer Clarence Plains
YOUNG, Charles Farmer Clarence Plains

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