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Garden Island Creek

40 Miles by Steamer from Hobart
Taken from Hard Copy of Tasmania Post Office Directory 1914

BARRETT Headley Fruit Grower
BEECH Richard Bushman
BONES James Saw Mills
BONES James Senior Farmer
BONES W junior  
BRADY Frank Farmer
BRADY John Fruit Grower
BRITTAIN Edward Farmer
BRITTAIN James Farmer
BRITTAIN Richard Farmer
BRITTAIN S Mrs Fruit Grower
CLENNETT William L Saw Mill
COULSON George Farmer
CROSS Charles Farmer
DICKENSON Charles Farmer
DICKENSON William Fruit Grower
GREEN Charles Fruit Grower
HARRIS E Mrs Post Mistress
HARRIS James Justice Peace,Fruit Grower
HARRIS John C Farmer
HARRIS Tasman T Fruit Grower
HARRIS William T Farmer
LADE Cyrus Fruit Grower
MARSDEN Edward A Fruit Grower
MERCHANT Henry Sheep Farmer
MERCHANT Percy J Fruit Grower
MILLHOUSE Sydney Farmer
NICHOLLS Ken R Fruit Grower
WOOD C.H. Farmer

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