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Lilydale Residents

21 miles rail from Launceston
Taken from "Wises Post Office Directory 1910" "Hard Copy"
Indexed by Rose Murtagh April 2000

ABEL, John R. Farmer
AMBLER, Harry Splitter
ARNOLD, George Cycle agent
ARNOLD, George sen. Farmer
ARNOLD, Isaac Farmer
ARNOLD, John Farmer
ARNOLD, Mrs. George  
ARNOLD, Mrs. I. Storekeeper
ARNOLD, Robert F. Threshing machine prop.
ARNOLD, William J. Sawmills
AULD, George D. Store
BARDENHAGEN, Amelia R. Store
BARDENHAGEN, Ludwig Farmer & butter factory
BIRD, Charles Farmer
BIRD, George Farmer
BIRD, John C.  
BIRD, Mrs. Private school
BOON, Leonard Labourer
BOSTOCK, Daniel W. Fruit grower
BOULTBEE, Herbert Farmer
BREWER, C.E. Farmer
BROOKE, H. Labourer
BROOKS, Andrew Farmer
BROOKS, Charles Farmer
BROOKS, James Farmer
BROOKS, Richard Farmer
BROOKS, Robert A. Farmer
BROOKS, William E. Farmer
BROWN, Alfred E. Farmer
BROWN, Ernest Farmer
BROWN, George Farmer
BROWN, GEORGE jun. Farmer
BROWN, Percy Farmer
CAMPBELL, Angus Farmer
CAMPBELL, Rev. Robert (Pres.)  
CHICK, Edwin Farmer
CLIFTON, Mrs. A. Farmer
CONLAN, Peter Farmer
CONLAN, William Labourer
DOAK, James Farmer
DOAK, William Farmer
DOLBEY, Albert E. Farmer
DOLBEY, Arthur J. Farmer
DOLBEY, Edgar A. Farmer
DOLBEY, Ernest E. Farmer
DORNAUF, Peter Farmer & fruiterer
DORNAUF, William Butcher
DOWNIE, Alexander Farmer
DOWNIE, Douglas Farmer
ERB, Christian Platelayer
EWANS, George Farmer
EWANS, Robert W. Farmer
FOLEY, Charles P. Constable
FOX, John Platelayer
FRANKLIN, Henry Labourer
GERZALIA, George Bootmaker
GIBBONS, William Farmer
GRANDFIELD, Charles H. Farmer
GRANDFIELD, William J. Farmer
GREEN, Charles Farmer
HAAS, Charles Contractor
HAAS, Henry Farmer
HAAS, W.  
HARRIS, John Farmer
HOWARD, Lorenzo Lay reader
HUDSON, John Farmer
HUDSON, John jun. Labourer
JOHNSTON, Christopher H. Sawmills
JOHNSTON, James R. Labourer
KELP, Frederick Labourer
KELP, George Sawmills
KIRKHAM, C.H. Farmer
KOWARZIK, Frederick F. Farmer
LARNER, Mrs. E. Farmer
LARNER, William Farmer
LOWE, C.H. & L. Engineers
LOWE, Annie Farmer
MACKAY, Henry Baker
MACLAINE, H.D. Fruiterer & farmer
McLENNAN, Donald Farmer
MAHNKEN, F.H. Farmer
MAHNKEN, Mrs. Henry J. Farmer
MAHNKEN, John L. Farmer
MARKEY, J.L. Porter
MILLER, Arthur Labourer
MILLER, Jacob J. Farmer
MITCHELL, Edward H. Baker
MITCHELL, William Farmer
MULLINS, Thomas Labourer
MUNDY, Henry Farmer
MUNDY, Mary Farmer
MUNDY, William Carpenter
OFFER, Adam Farmer
PEARCE, Albert Labourer
PECK, Leonard Station & postmaster
POLLARD, Samuel L.  
POOLE, Thomas Farmer
POWER, Edward Hawker
POWER, John Council clerk
POWER, Richard J. Labourer
POWER, William J. Farmer
PROCTOR, Frederick Blacksmith
ROWE, Rev. George (Eng.)  
RYAN, Thomas Labourer
SHEPHARD, C.M. Assistant & postmaster
SOMERVILLE, Mrs. M. Registrar births, etc.
STOUBI, William Farmer
SULZBERGER, Gottfriett C. Farmer
SULZBERGER, Gottlib K. Farmer
SULZBERGER, William C. Farmer
THOMAS, Harry Labourer
TURNER, Nicol Farmer
TURNER, William Labourer
WADE, Frederick Farmer
WALKER, Henry Farmer
WALKER, William Farmer
WEST, Joseph Labourer
WHITE, William E. Ganger
WHITING, James  
WILSON, James Farmer
WILSON, John H. Farmer
WILSON, Mrs. Archibald Farmer
WILSON, William  


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