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Licenses to retail Liquor

Licensing to retail Liquor

Inland Revenue Branch
10th January 1898

A LICENCE in the form prescribed by "The Licensing Act" to retail Liquor for the period ending 31st day of December, 1898, (provided it be not forfeited before such date), has been granted to each of the under-mentioned individuals:-

Taken from the Hobart Town Gazette
Indexed by David J Bryce

Author of "Pubs in Hobart from 1807",
published date 1997, ISBN 0 646 301470.

ABBOTT, Henry C. Royal Oak Hotel Brisbane street Launceston
ABBOTT, Samuel City of Hobart Hotel Harrington street Hobart
AINSLIE, Joseph Raymond Globe Hotel Antill street Hobart
ALCOCK, C. Berridale Inn Berridale Glenorchy
ALEXANDER, George Waratah Hotel Waratah Emu Bay
ALLAN, John Mt. Lyell Hotel Gormanston Macquarie
ALLEN, Richard The Apsley Hotel Apsley Bothwell
ANDERSON, Alfred Commercial Hotel Queenstown Macquarie
ANDERSON, James The Traveller's Rest Muddy Plains Launceston
ANDREWS, Edward E. Railway Hotel Bridgewater Brighton
ANTHON, Christian Theodor Neptune Hotel Penguin West Devon
ARCHER, John T.R.C. Hotel Patterson street Launceston
ATWELL, George Eardley Arms Melbourne street Hobart
BAILEY, Ferdinand James Bailey's Hotel Oatlands Oatlands
BAILEY, William Henry New Inn Hamilton Hamilton
BARBER, Annie, Alma Hobart Hotel Macquarie street Hobart
BASHFIELD, James Federal Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
BASS, Alfred York Hotel South Bridgewater Glenorchy
BATCHELOR, James Daniel Rear Admiral Hornby Hotel Salamanca Place Hobart
BAYLEY, Mrs. J.M. Prince of Wales Hotel Broadmarsh Brighton
BEAUMONT, Charlotte V. Holyrood House Murray street Hobart
BECK, Charles Rainbow Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
BENNET, Alexander Royal Tasmanian Hotel Patterson street Launceston
BENNETT, Richard Flemington Hotel Argyle street Hobart
BILLINGHURST, James White Pheasant Hotel Goulburn street Hobart
BLACKLEY, Joseph Clarendon Hotel Sandy Bay Hobart
BLACKWELL, William Blackwell's Hotel Melton Mowbray Green Ponds
BOHMANN, Robert E. Parattah Hotel Paratta Oatlands
BOLAND, David Canterbury Inn Elizabeth street Hobart
BOOTON, Thomas British Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
BORRADALE, Edward J. Commercial Hotel Stanley Horton
BOSSWARD, Joseph William The Retreat Hotel Invermay Launceston
BOTTCHER, Oscar Telegraph Hotel Mathinna Fingal
BOUTCHARD, James A. Australasian Hotel Kingston Kingborough
BOWDEN, William The Castle Hotel Bothwell Bothwell
BOWEN, Henry B. York Hotel York street Launceston
BOYLE, George Cornwall Hotel Argyle street Hobart
BRAMICH, James Thomas Royal Hotel Latrobe Latrobe
BREHENY, Patrick Union Hotel Stanley Horton
BROAD, B. Racecourse Hotel Glenorchy Glenorchy
BROWN, R.D. Bellerive Hotel Bellerive Clarence
BROWN, Sydney F. Telegraph Hotel Morrison street Hobart
BUDGEON, Thomas Denison Hotel Macquarie street Hobart
BULLER, Edward James Esplanade Hotel Inveresk Launceston
BURNETT, Claud Tasmanian Inn Campbell street Hobart
BURNS, Davis Bridge Inn Pontville Brighton
BURNS, Felix Ringville Hotel Ringville Zeehan
BURRELL, Alfred Bridge Hotel Richmond Richmond
BURRILL, James jnr. Oatlands Hotel Oatlands Oatlands
BYRNE, Ellen Forest Hotel Tunnack Oatlands
BYRNE, James Star and Garter New Norfolk New Norfolk
CAMM, Richard Mt. Lyell Exchange Hotel Gormanston Macquarie
CANNAN, George Rosegarland Inn Macquarie Plains New Norfolk
CARROLL, Hester Mount Lyell Hotel Wynyard Emu Bay
CARTER, Henry John Cascade Inn Cascade road Hobart
CHAFFEY, Henry Frederick Woodpecker Inn Harrington street Hobart
CHERRY, Ellen Rosa Fern Tree Inn Ferntree Hobart
CHERRY, Henry Carlton Club Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
CHIDGEY, Arthur Prince Alfred Hotel Macquarie street Hobart
CLARK, Edmund Albert Traveller's Rest Sandy Bay Hobart
CLARKE, E.G. Zeehan Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
CLARKE, Lilian Queenstown Hotel Queenstown Macquarie
CLAYTON, Mary Elizabeth Victoria Hotel Devonport, East Mersey
CLEAR, J. H. Clear's Family Hotel Queenstown Macquarie
CLEAVER, Edwin Don Hotel Don Mersey
CLELAND, Jessie Glen Clyde Hotel Hamilton Hamilton
COCHRANE, William Dorset Hotel Derby Ringarooma
COGNER, Francois Marius Blenheim Hotel Longford Longford
COKER, Margaret Duke of Edinburgh Beaconsfield Beaconsfield
COLGRAVE, Robert Exchange Hotel Beaconsfield Beaconsfield
CONNOLLY, T.J. Rosebery Hotel Rosebery Zeehan
CONTENSIN, John Steam Hammer Hotel Macquarie street Hobart
COOK, E.S. Blue Tier Hotel Blue Tier Portland
COOLEY, C.M. Cooley's Hotel Moonah Glenorchy
COONEY, Edward Francis Rose and Crown Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
COOPER, George Criterion Hotel St. John street Launceston
CORDELL, Joseph G. Macquarie Harbour Hotel East Strahan Macquarie
CORNELIUS, Mary Jane Exeter Hotel Exeter Launceston
COWARD, Mary Ann Traveller's Rest Mt. Direction George Town
COWBURN, William Bush Hotel New Norfolk New Norfolk
CRANE, John Baldock Queen's Head Hotel Perth Longford
CRAWFORD, J.M. Royal Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
CROSS, John Phoenix Hotel Old Wharf Hobart
CROSS, John Edward Lord Rodney Hotel Salamanca Place Hobart
CULLEN, Joseph James Sir John Franklin Murray street Hobart
CULLENAN, Michael St. Mary's Hotel St. Mary's Fingal
CUNNINGHAM, George Federal Hotel Derby Ringarooma
CUTHBERT, Richard Marine Hotel Murray street Hobart
DANCE, James Alabama Hotel Shipwrights' Point Franklin
DAVERN, John All Nation's Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
DAVIES, John Morris Ship Hotel Lwr. George street Launceston
DAVIS, George Dallas Arms Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
DAVIS, James Michael Alabama Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
DAVIS, Margaret Sydney Hotel Elizabeth street Launceston
DAWSON, Alexander British Hotel Wellington street Launceston
DELEUSE, Auguste Brisbane Hotel Brisbane street Launceston
DENEHEY, Philip Hercules Hotel Deep Lead,(Williamsford) Zeehan
DENEHY, John Morning Star Margate Kingborough
DENHOLM, Alexander Commercial Hotel Richmond Richmond
DEVEREUX, Philip Huon Hotel Lovett, Port Cygnet Franklin
DICKINSON, W. All Nations Hotel Weldborough Portland
DIGGES, Richard Longley Hotel Longley Kingborough
DIXON, Bessie Royal Hotel Queenstown Macquarie
DOBBIE, Richard Prince Napoleon Hotel Hampden road Hobart
DOLAN, A.J. Club Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
DOLAN, Thomas Woodbanks Hotel Woodbanks Oatlands
DONOVAN, Thomas Shelverton Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
DOOLAN, John L. Star Hotel Charles street Launceston
DORMAN, Alfred Dunalley Hotel Dunalley Sorell
DOVE, Samuel Tattersall's Hotel Murray street Hobart
DOWLIN, James T. Club Hotel Beaconsfield Beaconsfield
DUNNE, Charles F. Sportsman Hall Hotel Charles street Launceston
DYNAN, Margaret Steam Packet Hotel Lwr. George street Launceston
EADY, William George Federal Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
EARL, Robert Royal Mail Hotel Lefroy George Town
EARL, Robert jnr. Marine Hotel Esplanade, Wharf Launceston
EAST, James East's Hotel Railton Mersey
EAVES, George Bird-in-Hand Hotel Argyle street Hobart
EDWARDS, Aubry All Nations Hotel Lefroy George Town
EDWARDS, Robert Volunteer Hotel Brisbane street Launceston
ELKIN, William John Terminus Hotel Deep Lead,(Williamsford) Zeehan
ELLIOT, James Queen River Hotel Lynchford Macquarie
ELMER, William John Wheatsheaf Hotel New Norfolk New Norfolk
EMERY, Hannah Enfield Hotel Bracknell Westbury
ENWRIGHT, Thomas James Montpelier Retreat Hotel Montpelier street Hobart
ERLES, Emily Nile Hotel Lymington (Nile) Evandale
ESSEN, William Wheatsheaf Hotel Macquarie street Hobart
ESWORTHY, William Thos. Popular Hotel Melville street Hobart
EVANS, John Crescent Hotel Burnett street Hobart
EVANS, Sarah Freemasons' Arms Murray street Hobart
FAHEY,Sarah Cornwall Hotel Cameron street Launceston
FAIRCLOUGH, Charles Carnarvon Hotel Carnarvon Carnarvon
FARRELL, Thomas Farrell's Family Hotel Burnie Emu Bay
FINDLAY, John A. Tasmanian Hotel Fingal Fingal
FINN, Patrick Victoria Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
FINNIGAN, Denis Shamrock Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
FISHER, Grace Ringwood Hotel Cressy Longford
FITZGERALD, John Junction Hotel Leslie Junction Zeehan
FITZPATRICK, Francis Henry Commercial Inn Longford Longford
FITZPATRICK, William G. British Hotel Deloraine Deloraine
FLANAGAN, John Matthew Tramway Hotel Macquarie street Hobart
FLEMING, Charles Half-way House Antill Ponds Oatlands
FOLEY, William Henry Hope and Anchor Hotel Macquarie street Hobart
FORD, Abraham Prince of Wales Hotel Hampden road Hobart
FORTUNATE, Louis Park Hotel Letitia street Hobart
FOSTER, Annie Stowell Arms Elizabeth street Hobart
FOSTER, C.W. Union Inn Avoca Fingal
FOSTER, Charles Waggon and Horses Argyle street Hobart
FREEMAN, John J. Royal Standard Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
GAFFNEY, Ellen F. Bay View Hotel East Strahan Macquarie
GAFFNEY, James J. Palace Hotel West Strahan Macquarie
GALLOWAY, James Gladstone Hotel Gladstone Ringarooma
GARD, Samuel Pembroke Hotel Sorell Sorell
GARDINER, Alexander Bridge Hotel Hamilton-on-Forth Mersey
GAULT, Robert Hickson Racecourse Hotel Mowbray Launceston
GEARY, Robert Salutation Inn Liverpool street Hobart
GHERKIE, Frederick Crown Inn Pontville Brighton
GILHAM, G.C. Gilham's Family Hotel Lefroy George Town
GOODRIDGE, John Bush Inn Alverston Deloraine
GOSLIN, John Frederick Sea View Hotel Devonport, West Mersey
GREEN, Elizabeth Jane Rob Roy Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
GREEN, Francis Hibernia Hotel Brisbane street Launceston
GREEN, Henry William Liverpool Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
GREEN, Matthew Swan Inn King's Meadows Launceston
GRINING, Chas. Snr. Royal Exchange Hotel East Strahan Macquarie
GUY, George Talbot Arms Hotel Fingal Fingal
HADLEY, Howard Henry Orient Hotel Murray street Hobart
HAINES, Joseph Turf Hotel Kempton Green Ponds
HAMILTON, Robert All the Year Round Wellington road Launceston
HANDS, William Robert Star Inn Goulburn street Hobart
HANSON, Joseph Enterprise Hotel Brighton Junction Brighton
HARRIS, Isaac Victoria Inn Tunbridge Oatlands
HARRIS, John Walter Bright Smile Hotel Molle street Hobart
HARRISON, John Cornish Mount Hotel Barrack street Hobart
HARRISON, John Pioneer Hotel Pioneer Ringarooma
HARRISON, Thomas Heidelberg Hotel Harford Latrobe
HART, Henry Old Commodore Hotel Brisbane street Hobart
HART, Richard Union Hotel Ringville Zeehan
HARVEY, Emily Louisa Royal Exchange Hotel Campbell street Hobart
HARVEY, Frank Harvey's Hotel Queenstown Macquarie
HARVEY, Joseph Commercial Hotel Lovett, Port Cygnet Franklin
HAY, Henry Hay Elephant and Castle Wellington street Launceston
HEATHORN, Thomas Heathorn's Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
HENDERSON, George The Picnic Hotel Dilston Launceston
HILL, Charles J. Gordon Highlander Sorell Sorell
HOGAN, Thomas Conara Hotel Conara Campbell Town
HOLLOWAY, John William Globe Hotel George street Launceston
HOPE, George Metropolitan Hotel Murray street Hobart
HOUSTON, H. Union Hotel St Helen's Portland
HUGHES, Francis Ship Hotel Collins street Hobart
HURT, Frederick Sydney Hotel Bathurst street Hobart
HUSTON, Annie J. Launceston Hotel Brisbane street Launceston
HUTCHINS, Josaeph George and Dragon Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
INSTANCE, Richard George Greyhound Hotel Antill street Hobart
JAMES, Thomas Alfred Royal Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
JENSEN, Jens August Tasmania Hotel Beaconsfield Beaconsfield
JONES, Albert Edward Queen's Arms Harrington street Hobart
JONES, Richard William Branxholm Hotel Branxholm Ringarooma
JONES, Robert Henry Duke of Wellington Wellington road Launceston
JONES, Thomas A. Kentish Hotel Oatlands Oatlands
JONES, William Caledonian Hotel Campbell Town Campbell Town
KEARNEY, Arthur Harvest Home Hotel New Town Hobart
KELLY, John Huon Hotel Argyle street Hobart
KEMP, Charles Lord Nelson Hotel Salamanca Place Hobart
KENNEDY, Patrick Southport Hotel Hythe Franklin
KERR, Hugh Smith Sir George Arthur Campbell street Hobart
KERRIGAN, James Kerrigan's Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
KILLALEA, William J. Mersey Hotel Devonport, East Mersey
KIMBERLEY, Frederick Kimberley's Commercial & Family Devonport, West Mersey
KING, John Brewer Main Line Hotel Lawrence street Launceston
KIRKWOOD, Thomas Teepookana Hotel Teepookana Macquarie
KIRKWOOD, William Park Hotel Invermay road Launceston
KITCHIN, George Lachlan Hotel Ouse Hamilton
LANE, Mary Plough Inn Alverston Deloraine
LANE, Mary Palace Hotel Devonport, West Mersey
LANGDON, Eliza. Jane Franklin Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
LANGDON, William Old Hamilton Inn Hamilton Hamilton
LANGFORD, Catherine McLarens Hotel Collins street Hobart
LAVENDER, John Custom House Tavern Murray street Hobart
LAW, Joseph Ross Hotel Ross Ross
LAWLER, Elizabeth J. Victoria Hotel Elizabeth street Launceston
LAWSON, George Kean's Hotel Campbell Town Campbell Town
LAWSON, William A. Lawson's Hotel Wynyard Emu Bay
LAWTON, George Mathinna Hotel Mathinna Fingal
LAWTON, Mary Ann Rock Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
LEARY, James Retreat Hotel Latrobe Latrobe
LEATHAM, George Freemasons' Hotel New Norfolk New Norfolk
LEWIS, John Marquis of Hastings Hill street Hobart
LOONE, Thomas Shamrock Hotel Hill Top Deloraine
LORD, John Commercial Hotel Scottsdale Ringarooma
LOVE, Henry Terminus Hotel Collins street Hobart
LOWE, Robert Bishoff Hotel Waratah Emu Bay
LUCAS, Arthur P. City Hotel St. John street Launceston
LUCAS, Elizabeth Cooper Latrobe Hotel Latrobe Latrobe
LYNCH, Edward Palace Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
MADDOX, Frederick Caledonian Hotel Sheffield Mersey
MAHER, Thomas Talbot Hotel Mathinna Fingal
MALLOTT, George Mountain Retreat Hotel Macquarie street Hobart
MAPLEY, Joseph Daniel Retreat Inn Triabunna Spring Bay
MARKEY, Elsie Prince of Wales Hotel Evandale Evandale
MARTIN, Chas. Joseph Sir William Don Elizabeth street Hobart
MAYS, Adam Albion Hotel Ulverstone West Devon
McALLISTER, William Highfield Hotel Murray street Hobart
McGINNESS, George Kensington Inn Argyle street Hobart
McGINNISS, Louis Doctor Syntax Hotel Sandy Bay Hobart
McGOWAN, Robert W. Deloraine Hotel Deloraine Deloraine
McGRATH, Rosina Abigail Waratah Hotel Murray street Hobart
McLENNAN, D. Caledonian Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
McLENNAN, Murdoch Royal Exchange Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
McLeod, Donald Alpine Hotel Mangana Fingal
McMURRAY, Thomas Commercial Hotel Wynyard Emu Bay
MEAD, Herbert Angel Inn Argyle street Hobart
MEAD, James Man-o'-War Argyle street Hobart
MILLER, Samuel Prince of Wales Hotel Carrick Westbury
MILLER, Thomas Cressy Hotel Cressy Longford
MORRISON, Andrew Smelter's Hotel Argenton Zeehan
MORRISON, Ann Commercial and Railway Westbury Westbury
MORTON, Thomas Central Hotel Charles street Launceston
MULLANE, Margaret Caledonian Hotel York street Launceston
MURNAME, Edward Queen's Arm Hotel Longford Longford
MURPHY, Patrick Tynan's Hotel Tamar street Launceston
MYERS, Charles Duke of Wellington Barrack street Hobart
NICHOLS, Thomas L. Lefroy Hotel Lefroy George Town
NUGENT, John snr. Railway Hotel Deloraine Deloraine
O'BYRNE, Michael John Bath Arms Dry street Launceston
O'BYRNE, Thomas James Crown Hotel Elizabeth street Launceston
O'DOHERTY, Hugh West Coast Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
O'FARRELL, Mary Commercial Hotel George street Launceston
O'KEEFE, James Michael Inverness Hotel Scottsdale Ringarooma
O'MEARA, Jane O'Meara's Hotel Ulverstone West Devon
O'SHEA, Michael Oporto Wine Vaults Liverpool street Hobart
PAICE, James Mount Read Hotel Mount Read Zeehan
PANTON, Edward H. Enfield Hotel Charles street Launceston
PARER, Francis Smelter's Hotel Queenstown Macquarie
PARER, Michael Hotel Imperial Queenstown Macquarie
PARKER, David Shipwrights' Hotel Trumpeter street Hobart
PARSONS, James Cleveland Hotel Cleveland Campbell Town
PAUL, H.F. Clarence Hotel Bellerive Clarence
PAUL, Nicholas Caroll The Crown Hotel Bothwell Bothwell
PAYNE, John Volunteer Hotel Lefroy George Town
PERCY, Henry A. St. Leonard's Hotel St. Leonards Launceston
PERKINS, John Prince of Wales Hotel Longford Longford
PETRIE, Jean British Hotel George Town George Town
PICKET, Daniel Chudleigh Inn Chudleigh Deloraine
POLLEY, John Exchange Hotel George street Launceston
POWELL, Mary Francis Court House Hotel Patterson street Launceston
RAYNER, Edward William Gretna Green Hotel Macquarie Plains Hamilton
READ, John Man-at-the-Wheel Liverpool street Hobart
REEVE, Isaac Camp Hotel Ringarooma road Ringarooma
REID, William Henry Criterion Hotel Criterion street Hobart
REYNOLDS, John Formby Hotel Devonport, West Mersey
REYNOLDS, Margaret Beaconsfield Hotel Beaconsfield Beaconsfield
RICHARDS, William C. Derwent Hotel Bridgewater Brighton
RING, Thomas Queens Head Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
ROBERTS, John S. River View Hotel Brown's River road Hobart
RODDA, Richard Vale Bridge Hotel Ouse Hamilton
ROE, Elizabeth Hagley Hotel Hagley Westbury
ROLES, John Philip Role's Hotel Patterson street Launceston
ROSE, Sarah Agnes Albion Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
ROSEVEAR, Thomas Rose Hotel Rosevears Launceston
RUSSELL, George S. Racecource Hotel Longford Longford
RYAN, Michael J. Clarendon Hotel Evandale Evandale
SANDERS, Alexander Steam Packet Hotel Hunter street Hobart
SAUNDERS, Robert Deddington Inn Deddington Evandale
SCHAEDEL, Harriet Laurence Brisbane Hotel Brisbane street Hobart
SELBY, William Carrick Hotel Carrick Westbury
SEMPLE, William Talbot Inn New Town Hobart
SHERWOOD, Annie Eaglehawk Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
SHERWOOD, W.F. Club Hotel Glenorchy Glenorchy
SIBLEY, Charles Ernest White Hart Hotel Bothwell Bothwell
SIMPSON James Ulverstone Hotel Ulverstone West Devon
SLATER, Charles Saddler's Arms Elizabeth Town Deloraine
SMILIE, Robert River View Hotel Charles street Launceston
SMITH, Alfred J. New Norfolk Hotel New Norfolk New Norfolk
SMITH, Arthur Alexander Old Bell Hotel Elizabeth street Hobart
SMITH, Arthur H. Franklin Hotel Franklin Franklin
SMITH, Bridget Mary Berridale Hotel Westbury Westbury
SMITH, Charles Edward Kingston Hotel Kingston Kingborough
SMITH, John Caledonian Inn Elizabeth street Hobart
SMITH, Mary Scottsdale Hotel Scottsdale Ringarooma
STEPHENS, F.R. Comet Hotel Dundas Zeehan
SULLIVAN, Daniel All Nations Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
SWEET, Lewis Zealandia Hotel Dundas Zeehan
TALBOT, Arthur John Howard's Family Hotel Argyle street Hobart
TAPPING, Caleb Pryor Freemasons' Hotel Harrington street Hobart
TAYLOR, James Maypole Inn New Town Hobart
TAYLOR, R.W. Montague Hotel Queenstown Macquarie
TENISWOOD, William Shelverton Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
THOMPSON, J.W. Telegraph Hotel St Helen's Portland
THURSTANS, John Miner's Arms Dundas Zeehan
TIERNEY, Michael Tamar Hotel William street Launceston
TILLACK, Charles Tunnel Hotel Rhyndaston Oatlands
TOWNSEND, Thomas Buckland Inn Buckland Spring Bay
TROWBRIDGE, J.T. Traveller's Rest Gould's Country Portland
TURNER, Francis Henry Commercial Hotel Zeehan Zeehan
TURNER, Robert Exchange Inn Kempton Green Ponds
TYNAN, John Terminus Hotel Tamar street Launceston
WAKEHAM, William Henry Argyle Hotel Argyle street Hobart
WALKER, Frank Criterion Hotel St. Mary's Fingal
WALKER, J.G. Scamander Hotel Scamander Portland
WALLACE, Hugh New Dover Hotel Folkstone, Esperence Franklin
WALSH, John Centennial Hotel Bathurst street Launceston
WALTERS, Emma Prince of Wales Hotel Wellington street Launceston
WARD, Harry Copping Hotel Copping Sorell
WARD, Sydney E. Albert Inn Forcett Sorell
WARE, George Horseshoe Inn Cambridge Clarence
WATERS, Michael Goulburn Inn Goulburn street Hobart
WATSON, Henry Lady Franklin Hotel Franklin Franklin
WATTS, Frank Family Hotel Latrobe Latrobe
WEBB, Hugh George Shakespeare Hotel St. John street Launceston
WEBB, William Henry Commercial Hotel Ringarooma road Ringarooma
WEBSTER, Lydia Jane Corinna Hotel Corinna Zeehan
WEIGHT, Henry Pier Hotel George Town George Town
WELLS, James L. Stanley Hotel Stanley Horton
WEST, David Palace Hotel Murray street Hobart
WEST, James Fire Brigade Hotel Brisbane street Launceston
WESTBROOK, Frank Ernest Victoria Tavern Murray street Hobart
WESTON, Charles Francis Picnic Hotel Huonville Franklin
WHITE, A.D. Pinafore Hotel Lefroy George Town
WHITE, John Campania Hotel Campania Richmond
WHITTLE, Charles W. New Stead Inn New Stead Launceston
WIGGINS, Robert Barter Ocean Child Hotel Argyle street Hobart
WILSON, Arthur Theatre Royal Hotel Campbell street Hobart
WILSON, John Thomas Sheffield Hotel Sheffield Mersey
WILSON, Thomas Derwent Hotel Murray street Hobart
WILSON, William Brunswick Hotel Liverpool street Hobart
WISEMAN, Harriet Burnie Hotel Burnie Emu Bay
WISEMAN, Thomas Bay View Hotel Burnie Emu Bay
WOOD, Alfred Elephant and Castle Bathurst street Hobart
WOOLLEY, A. Lottah Hotel Lotta Portland
WORLADGE, George Tasman Hotel Taranna Carnarvon
YOUNG, Adolphus Henry Railway Hotel Latrobe Latrobe

A. REID, Under Treasurer.

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