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Residents of Launceston

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Taken from Tasmania Directory 1866 Hard Copy.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh March 2000

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EARLE, Thomas Labourer Brisbane Lane
EARDLEY, John William Street East
EAST, William Glenelg Street
EASTHER, Frederick Coachbuilder Charles Street
EASTWOOD, John George Street
EBBES, William Brisbane Street
EDDIE, John Canning Street
EDDIE, John Alexander York Street
EDINGTON, Thomas General dealer Wellington Street
EDMUNDS, William Balfour Street
EDWARDS, John Stonemason Charles Street
EDWARDS, Edward Shipsmith Lower George Street
EDWARDS, William Victoria Street
EDWARDS, George Cumberland Street
EDWARDS, John Cumberland Street
EDWARDS Labourer Cleveland Street
EDWARDS, Henry North Street
EDWARDS, George Wild Cleveland Street
EDWARDS, Martin Welman Street
EDWARDS, Charles Arthur Street
ELDRED, George Augustus Brisbane Street
ELLIS, John Timber yard Charles Street
ELLIS, George George Street
ELLIS, Robert Mulgrave Street
ELLIOTT, William Upton Street
ELLIOTT, William Leather warehouse Charles Street
ELVERY, W.H. Accountant Tamar Street
EMMERTON, Joseph Fruiterer St. John Street
EUSTON, Thomas Labourer Cleveland Street
EUROPEAN LIFE ASSUR. Agent, W.K. O'Keefe St. John Street
EVANS, Francis Manager, Bank of Tasmania Cameron Street
EVANS, Henry Licensed victualler Paterson Street
EVANS, Robert George Town Road
EVANS, John Brisbane Street
EVANS, William H. Tamar Street
EVERLEY, John Paterson Street
EWER, Robert George Street
EWING, Rev Robert K. Residence Canning Street
EXAMINER NEWSPAPER H. Button, Proprietor Paterson Street
FAIRTHORNE, Landon Chemist & druggist Charles Street
FAIRMAN, George Photographer Charles Street
FARRELLY BROS. Clothiers &c. Brisbane Street
FARRELL, John Wellington Street
FARRELL, Samuel Butcher Wellington Street
FAWNS, John Brewer William Street
FENTON, Michael Dealer Wellington Street
FENTON, William Cimitiere Street
FENTHILL, William Anne Street
FERGUSON, Samuel Elizabeth Street
FERGUSON, John Frederick Street
FERGUSON, John jun. Frederick Street
FERGUSON, John Cooper Elizabeth Street
FIELD, William Brisbane Street
FINDLEY, Alexander St. John Street
FISH, James Boot & shoemaker Brisbane Street
FISH, Charles William Street
FISHER, John Charles Tamar Street
FITZGERALD & CO. Tailors & clothiers Brisbane Street
FITZGERALD, John Residence York Street
FLANIGAN, Thomas Cab proprietor Elizabeth Street
FLEMING, Alexander Residence George Street
FLETCHER Residence Welman Street
FLEXMAN, James Residence St. John Street
FLEXMAN, Thomas Henry Accountant George Street
FLEXMAN, William Produce merchant Cimitiere Street
FLUDE, Thomas Licensed victualler William Street
FOLEY, Henry Confectioner Elizabeth Street
FOLEY, Jeremiah Licensed victualler Elizabeth street
FOLEY, James Residence Balfour Street
FOOTE. Pearson Residence Outram Street
FOOTE, John Waggoner William Street
FORD, W.S. Residence Brisbane Street
FOSTER, George Bootmaker York Street
FOSTER, George Pilot William Street
FOWLER, Alfred Carpenter Margaret Street
FRASER,Hugh Residence York Street
FRASER, James Residence Charles Street
FRANKEL, Simeon Residence Charles Street
FRANCIS, John Builder Paterson Street
FRANK, George Residence Melbourne Street
FRANK, Emanuel Residence Glenelg Street
FRASER, James Gardener Charles Street
FREDERICKS, John Balfour Street
FREEMAN, William Residence St. John Street
FREEMAN, Daniel G. Residence St. John Street
FREEMAN, John Licensed victualler Wellington Road
FRENCH, James Oilman Brisbane Street
FREESTON, Joseph Wholesale fruiterer St. John Street
FRITH, M.A. Schoolmaster George Street
FROST, Edward Residence Paterson Street
FULLER, Thomas Tanner Elizabeth Street
FYSH, Frederick L. Residence York Street
FYSH, P.O. & CO. Warehouseman Quadrant
GABRIEL, Gustavus Surgical & mechanical dentist St. John Street
GAITSKILL, George Westcombe Street
GALLY, John Canning Street
GALVIN, Bartholomew Victoria Street
GALVIN, James Grocer Bathurst Street
GALVIN, John Bathurst Street
GALT, John Dealer St. John Street
GAMBLE, Thomas Wellington Street
GARDNER, Thomas York Street
GARDNER, Florence W. York Street
GARDNER, Thomas Bathurst Street
GARDNER, John Melbourne Street
GAUNT & CO. Merchants St. John Street
GAUNT, Matthias Cameron Street
GAUNTLETT, James General dealer Cameron Street
GEDDINS, Thomas Sawyer St. John Street
GEORGES, William Club Hotel Brisbane Street
GEORGE, Charles Labourer Balaclava Street
GIBSON, J.G. Tamar Street
GIBTON, Robert Clerk Elphin Road
GIBBINS, Richard Butcher Wellington Street
GIBBS, Richard Boarding house Wellington Street
GIBBS, William William Street
GILES, Patrick General store York Street
GIRLE, Samuel R. Laura Street
GLADMAN, George H. Residence High Street
GLADMAN, Thomas  
GLEADOW, John Ward Solicitor Frederick Street
GLEESON, Thomas Welman Street
GLENWRIGHT, George Brewer Elizabeth Street
GLOVER, John Cimitiere Street
GLYNN, John Margaret Street
GLYNN, Michael Canning Street
GOODWIN, Edwin Butcher Wellington & Brisbane Street
GOODWIN, Henry Residence High Street
GOODMAN, John King Street
GOOD, George Eardley Street
GOODLUCK, William Margaret Street
GOOCH, George Schoolmaster Bathurst Street
GOULD, Thomas Pastrycook St. John Street
GOVER, Henry York Street
GOW, James Balfour Street
GRANT, Henry Brisbane Street
GRANT, James Frederick Street
GRAY, Andrew Balaclava Street
GRAY, William Cumberland Street
GREEN & CO., Richard Commission & general merchants Cimitiere Street
GREEN, Alfred John Wilmot Arms Charles Street
GREEN, Alfred John Carpenter Charles Street
GREEN, Alfred Cimitiere Street
GREEN, Mrs. Hibernia Hotel Brisbane Street
GREEN, William F. Licensed victualler Wellington Road
GREEN, John W. Wellington Road
GREEN, John Wellington Road
GREENHATCH, Christopher Bathurst Street
GREENHAUGH, John Residence High Street
GREARY, Robert Bathurst Street
GREIG, Edward York Street
GRIFFITHS, George Residence King's Meadows
GRIFFITHS, George jun. Grain stores Wellington Street
GRIFFITHS, Henry Shipmaster Charles Street
GRIFFITHS, John Greengrocer Charles Street
GRIFFITHS, George Labourer Tamar Street
GRIFFITHS, Frederick Charles Street
GRICE, Edward Canning Street
GRICE, William French Street
GRIGGS, John Bedford Street
GRINDLEY, George Cimitiere Street
GROOM, Charles Brisbane Street
GRUBB, William D. Solicitor & notary public Paterson Street
GRUBB & TYSON Saw mills Brisbane Street
GUNN, Ronald T. General merchant Cimitiere Street
GUNN, R.C. Deputy recorder of titles Office, Public Buildings
GUNN, Henry Brisbane Street
GUNN, Alexander Victoria Street
GUNSDEN, John York Street
GURR, William Shipchandler Esplanade Row
GUY, Henry Quadrant
GUY, Andrew Cimitiere Street
GYMNASTIC CLUB Cornwall Assembly Rooms Cameron Street

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